New Smart Home Products, Features, and News!

it’s been a while since I updated you
guys on all of the new products that are coming out in the smart home industry so
strap in guys there are a ton of new smart home products to tell you about
today hello Automater’s thanks for tuning in again I’m Brian from automate
your life and today I’m going to take the frustration out of automation by
keeping you up to date in the smart home industry let’s start with the galaxy
unpacked event that happened on February 11 now I don’t normally cover a lot of
the mobile content but this was a bit different because the s20 came out and
there’s an S 20 and s 20 plus and an S20 ultra and the ultra has incredible
camera capabilities that I as a creator have to look seriously at despite owning
a pixel 4 at this point it’s it’s really impressive stuff now on top of
that the real reason to talk about it is it is the first sighting that we have of
the Galaxy Home Mini being available commercially to people now what happens is if you go and you do a pre-order here you will get a Galaxy Home Mini in some
cases so you can have a look at that this is in Korea only right now so
that’s where the release is happening initially but that’s our first sighting
of this product coming out the other thing to talk about here is the IR base
control with on within or on that galaxy home Mini so this is a new component
that we haven’t talked about a lot on the channel and it will have the ability
to control some of your televisions through our base control so be very
interesting to see what they’ll do and then how that will connect in with smart
things our overall platform now Philips hue has a ton of new product so I
actually have to read out a few of these but they’ve really moved outdoors and
then they’re also looking at some low voltage situations here so that you
don’t have a really complex installation and I think this is a really important
thing for a lot of people you can’t necessarily go and install lights all
over your home and you don’t necessarily have a hundred and twenty or 220 volt
we’re in your home so they have the up here the resonate the attract the day
low and then the nairo after that if you want to head to the low voltage
solutions you have the empress the lily and the e conic now you’ll see release
dates lots of them in europe well before north america and then you’ll also see
the pricing available for those on screen now a couple of updates for the
philips hue sync box now this is really interesting stuff number one you’re
going to be able to change hdmi inputs on the sync box using the voice
assistance so that’s amazon google and apples voice assistance will all be able
to change your inputs the other thing is if you have an IR based remote the hue
sync box is going to get an update right away here where you’re able to actually
change inputs on the hue sync box at the same time as you change it on your TV
now that’s really important because then it’s one remote you’re not having to
think about changing the HDMI signals on the hue sync box it’s all happening at
once and that was a big gap initially for a lot of people a couple of new
features to tell you about within the Google and the nest platform now ye Lite
is one of the first vendors to have local sdk capability now i’ve been able
to test this out a little bit and what i’ll tell you is it’s not quite there
just yet but it has sped up the response on a Wi-Fi set of lights that I have
here from ye light now I have a strip light and I have a basic color light and
both of those have been given the capability to go local control now
Google still heads out with their Google assistant to get this control done it’s
still happening so it’s still taking a little bit of processing time there but
as soon as that triggers or as soon as I command is back those Wi-Fi lights are
now as fast as Philips hue the ZigBee lights and the other z-wave and ZigBee
lights within my smart home turn off bedroom light the other new
feature to talk about is actually around the nest thermostats now this is very
interesting to me because Google’s been able to build a lot of data over time
and I think this is going to be highly accurate now what they’re able to do or
what they’re starting to roll out is actually the ability to diagnose
upcoming HVAC issues so this might be something that you see a notification
off of you’re going to be able to actually get those notifications and
then you’ll get recommendations for who to contact or how to get help or maybe
how long you have here with your existing HVAC but it’s going to warn you
before the issue happens and you’re left in the cold wise look to be having a
little bit of a struggle here with the launch of the wise lock but they managed
to get all their pre-ordered devices sent out and then they’re also sending
out some demo units we’re gonna get one up here sent up from the u.s. up to
Canada so it’s gonna be a bit of a delay for us to review that device but
probably by that time here or at least within February you’re going to see the
wise lock go on sale so that’s the expected time line it’s within this
February time frame the z-wave pavilion at CES 2020 was absolutely incredible
they had a ton of vendors and they had a ton of new products and things for us to
look at but they’re at a new conference right now as I record this video called
is e and they’re they’ve launched a few products or at least a few features as
well with different vendors now the first one maybe the biggest from z-wave
is this home center 3 from Sbarro and it looks to be another smart home hub and
what’s important to know about Favaro is that they’re actually part of a company
called the nice company or I think it’s called a nice group of companies and
there’s a few within that so all of the nice devices are going to work within
that fab ro we know has a great lineup of products especially if you’re in the
European Union there now that hub of course it’s going to have z-wave on it
but it also has ZigBee Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity capability so
very impressive there and the other thing
it’s kind of interesting about this is Kaspersky and that’s an antivirus I
don’t even know if I’m saying it right but that antivirus company or a security
company has actually worked with Baro and the nice group of companies here to
add some additional security measures into that hub I’ve been following the
roomie device from intelligence for a little while because I see a lot of
potential in this device and we’re talking with Intel of things about how
we would approach a review or how we would work with them here on automate
your life but right now what they’re actually doing at this conference is
they’ve rolled out some of their bigger and newer features so that’s the Tizen
4.0 Samsung watch upgrade so that means you don’t have to walk around with your
phone everywhere within your home but if you have your smart watch on with that
Tizen 4.0 OS or better then you’re going to be able to utilize rumi as per normal
now the other thing that they’ve actually released is the ability with
the voice assistants to know where people are in your home so if you had
multiple of these rumi devices in multiple rooms you could actually know
where someone is within your smart home you could ask your voice assistant for
their location you might be surprised to hear just how fast and how many new
products are coming out for apple homekit now Eve has a second-generation
smart home plug that they’ve put out it’s a $40 plug so it’s a little more
expensive which we’re kind of used to with most of the home kit products but
it now will fit to on kind of your standard plug and it also does energy
monitoring all through its Bluetooth connection it appears as though the Eero
and AeroPro rotor will both get integration into apple homekit and be
one of the first Wi-Fi routers with that integration now this was something that
Apple released or talked about back at WWDC their developer conference last
year actually so it’s been a little while that we’ve been waiting to see
some of these devices but it looks like Eros about to do that now had to grab my
phone again because I have to read just a ton of
new devices that acara basically let everyone know about without meaning to
hear basically in their application a ton of these have shown up now they have
a whole t1 series of new sensors so there’s a temperature humidity sensor
emotion sets are a contact sensor a light sensor and a water leak sensor now
they also have a 220 volt air conditioning controller smart plug so
it’s called the p3 rate now but none of these names are necessarily real the
smart camera called the g2 h2 new door locks from them and a curtain controller
or a end or a roller shade controller so a couple of different controllers there
for your for your blinds or your shades and none of this has been released
officially but it looks like there’s a whole new set coming and based on some
recent contact to us from acara I think a lot of this can be confirmed saint LED
here or saying older however we’re gonna say it today they had this old hub here
but they’re putting out a new version that’s going to be homekit compatible
now of course that’s ZigBee and that connects to their ZigBee lighting
systems now singlet also put out a 100 watt Wi-Fi connected smart bulb a Wi-Fi
connected light strip update so another one of those and a 1200 lumen floodlight
an outdoor flood like that again Wi-Fi connected so they have the ZigBee
products but they’re putting out a ton of Wi-Fi connected bulbs as well that’s
it for this week guys but there are as lots of smart home news that you’re
going to need to get caught up on we did Amazon Samsung in the last couple of
weeks and they have big updates going on right now especially with that Samsung
smartthings platform so go ahead watch the latest smart home news otherwise
guys thanks for watching and of course don’t hate automate

22 thoughts on “New Smart Home Products, Features, and News!

  1. The HDMI switching via IR remote update to the Hue Sync Box is welcome, but you have to say it should have been available at launch

  2. Phillips seem to have been accelerating the frequency of device releases over the last 12 months

  3. I really like the Fibaro devices, they're the most visually interesting of the established smarthome manufacturers in my opinion. They look in well well SmartThings too 👍

  4. Really hope the Intellithings video gets sorted, I'm deeply intrigued by what they're doing

  5. The Fibaro HC3 doesn't have Zigbee at launch, and some other issues as well. Furthermore, Kaspersky is a Russian company, do you really want them in your smart home…?

  6. Brian, I don't think this is a new product, but I have just discovered the Zwave based Zooz Zen 25 Double Plug. It is configured such that you can plug two of the double plugs into a single receptacle, allowing for four plugs in a conventional two receptacle space. The double plug unit allows for separate control of each plug or simultaneous control of both. There are LEDS that provide information about how much current is being used by the plug as well as a USB charging receptacle on the front. I am using two of them in my office at the moment with both Hubitat and Alexa based control and both have worked flawlessly since installation. I can't check it's compatibility with Smart Things, but I have no reason to think that it wouldn't work. Might be worth a look for review.

    Thanks for the constant string of information you provide about what's here and what's heading our way. My day is better when I receive a notification about a new "Automate Your Life" video.

  7. If the Samsung Galaxy Mini launches at £50 or thereabouts then I'll give it a go, anymore than that & I really think it's going to struggle to make inroads into the European & North American smart speaker markets

  8. Hello Brian, nice update on up and coming products, also appreciate news on the nest info.Im still running the old update before nest went to google, should i update the app to the current one, thanks in advance.

  9. How does Homekit work exactly? The few things in my home that are in it seem very fast when I use my IPhone. Kind of like it is controlled locally. I wish I knew about that new Sengled hub before getting mine last month. Not that invested in Apple, but it would have been nice to have it for a just in case. Really considering the Homepod.

  10. Another good one, Brian. Thanks for what you do. Personally, I love the fact that Samsung has seemed to once again be paying attention to this space. I just posted to Craig that when you can buy a SmartThings Hub for $57 in the US and their Zigbee leak detectors, for less than $20 you can really use it as a "part" of your smart home system even without making it the total solution. In my house my wife uses an iPhone and I use a Pixel 3 so Homekit doesn't get it for me and won't as long as they're iPhone-only, but others have different wants/needs, Keep up the good work, Brian. Spring is around the corner even in Alberta.

  11. Is anybody releasing a sensor that tells you when you buy too many of these way ONERPRICED pieces of crap that they're just absolutely unnecessary and used to sell data to vendors. This stuff reminds me of the days when they would sell stereo systems with more and more Chrome knobs and buttons just to impress your neighbors and now you can buy the whole thing for 10 bucks at a thrift store.

  12. Does the Google Mini can now act as a Home guardian when you are away? I mean if it hear a sudden sound it can warn you and you can remotely listen it everything is ok or not.

  13. How can you recommend Kaspersky when the U.S. Department of Homeland Security banned their products in 2017?

  14. Would be great if the Broadlink RM mini also supported HDMI input change integration with Google Home. Actually just had a look at the Philips Hue and it a piece of junk that sits between your system and is already outdated by the current tech specs. What I want is for any IR universal remote to be able to change inputs on my home theatre by using voice commands. you would think this would be easy as the IHC app can do it via "Scenes" and these scenes can be pushed to Google Home, but, alas GH doesn't understand the command when asked to change input 😒 I suppose I could configure it via openHAB but after spending 4 days programming it to get my A/C working really don;t want to go near it again. Once again I feel that home automation is really just a hobbyist plaything as companies are moving way too slow in new features and decent useful products.

  15. I’m glad that I discovered your channel. Great content. If I might make a suggestion, please display brand and product names on screen while you are speaking about them. Thanks!

  16. Awesome video, thanks for the information. Also you are looking fit, what is your exercise regiment.

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