New Super Duty Amber & White Truck Strobe Light Kit

How are you doing? This is George at Wicked Warnings, your number one source for truck strobe light kits. Here again with another new Super Duty build. This one’s even got some auxiliary lighting in the grille. Make sure you check out the description of this video for links to all these
products and more at our Wicked Warnings store. There’s also a link to buy this entire
package as a kit. Okay, what we’re looking at here on the front of this truck, on
the top of the grille is our LIN-6 in an amber-white configuration.
That’s a pair of those synchronized together. Underneath them in the fog
light bezel, we have our TIR-3 in white. In the grille, we have our grille
LED kit. Again, all of this will be linked right into the website so you can
purchase directly in the description below. We’re also featuring the Wicked
Warnings Mirror Mod Kit on the white LED spotlights of the mirrors, as well as our
Universal Park Flash Kit on the OEM roof lights. When you turn the strobe lights
off, you can see that the roof lights will go back to normal and work as they
did before the strobe and when you turn this switch back on, you can see now we
have an alternation between lights number two and four and one, three and
five on the roof. This truck also features our TIR-3 in white on the
back taillight side bezel, as well as our LED HAW DUO in the cargo and the
reverse. Out back here, you can see our LED HAW DUO in the HD version in amber,
as well as the HD version in white in the third brake light. We have amber in
the reverse and white in the third brake light. They are set to alternate with
each other. The third brake light is also synchronized to fire with the white TIR-3’s on the taillights, as well as all the white on the front of the truck. If
you can see by the reflection on the wall, we have synchronized the entire truck to
flash amber, white, amber, white as a whole. That way, you can get a better bigger
punch and honestly, just because it’s pretty cool and I wanted to do that. So
we have the whole truck alternating back and forth amber and white. This truck
also got some additional lighting that it was special order through Wicked
Warnings underneath the rear bumper and those were tied into the factory
reverse circuit. We also did some lighting in the tool box, as well as the
bed. This vehicle was not equipped with the Ford bed light system but we happened to have some lights here that will be on the website soon. And they’re just a
general flood light, flush mount, and we were able to put them in the factory
location and we also wired them into a switch with some customer supplied
lights that were already in his tool box here. So he had the lights and the
switch here from his toolbox from another truck and we piggybacked off
that, ran new power and were able to save those lights and that switch in the
toolbox and also add in a pair of lights here in the bed. You can see we’ve got
one on each side and let me just show you the brightness of these lights here
real quick with the shop lights off. Alright, so there we have it. With the shop
lights off, you can see the bed is fully illuminated and that’s what the strobe
looks like with the shop lights but more importantly, the white lights, definitely
sufficient to light the entire bed area at night and he should have no more
problems finding that missing tool. This particular system is all set up to run
off the factory auxiliary switches. Different switches run the various
functions of the system as per the customer’s request. Once again, thanks for watching Wicked Warnings. Give us a call and make sure you check out the vehicle
description for all of the links to all these particular products.

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