New tsunami warning system to be deployed

Coastal communities will now receive earlier
tsunami warnings thanks to a new monitoring
and detection system. A network of buoys
will provide rapid confirmation if a tsunami occurs. And as Eruera Rerekura reports, the new technology supplements
traditional knowledge around tsunamis. In traditional folklore, there are many stories
about tsunamis. You’ve spoken about tsunamis
that are well known about in Maori history, however, today we have
better technology that adds to that traditional
knowledge of our ancestors. He’s talking about new technology
that warns of tsunamis. And it means the public
will get quicker tsunami warnings. This is the new equipment
that will float on the ocean to give early warnings
if tsunami waves are coming. The reason behind
this kind of equipment is to safeguard and for the safety
of those living close to the shore, as well as the whole country. The Deputy Prime Minister has spoken
about its use in the Pacific Ocean, so it’s not just for New Zealand
but for all the Pacific Islands. Lest you be caught by a tsunami. Eruera Rerekura, Te Karere.

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