New White River at SHOT Show 2019 (KnifeCenter Coverage)

i’m matt from white river knife and tool
at the 2019 shot show and i want to show you some of our new stuff we have this
year so the fire craft series has always been very popular for us we got a gen 2
version handle here it’s nice and ergonomic and this year we’re releasing
new material for the handle it’s called tera-tough which is sort of
just being a canvas micarta like our standard original one this is actually a
polyester material so completely plastic type fabric in there with a polyester
resin as well extremely tough lightweight and it just feels really
good on the hand a nice grippy feel to it so that’s the new version of the fire
craft series all of our knives are shipped in these wooden packaging so it
has a sliding top there this is a fc 3.5 version here so that’s how all of our
our knives are shipping out one of our latest models that we’re releasing here
at the show is our new step-up fillet knife so as opposed to our traditional
fillet it has either a cork or micarta handle this one is actually a full tang
construction and we’re going to be offering it in g10 two different shades
or rich light type material so this is nice because it keeps your fingers off
of a cutting board and it also gives you a little bit of visibility in front of
your hand when you’re slicing through a fish so this is going to be available in
the second quarter and this goes for one hundred and fifty dollars the other
smaller item that we’re introducing is a new color combination so this is the ion
bond coated m1 pro so that comes in an orange or a black g10 textured handle
with black fasteners as well so that’s what’s new this year at the 2019 shot
show nineteen shot show from White River knife and tool
thank you

4 thoughts on “New White River at SHOT Show 2019 (KnifeCenter Coverage)

  1. Is there any reason why the handle is slightly smaller than the tang? Wouldn’t that make for hotspots in the fingers?

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