NEW Wicked Stick LED Light Bar Product Demo

Hi and thanks for watching. This is
George at Wicked Warnings, here to introduce our newest creation, the Wicked
Stick. This is our LED light stick that we are going to start using primarily in
most of our builds. We’re going to stock it and offer it in 2 head, 4 head, 6 head, 8
head, and the big monster 10 head, so we should have stock on all sizes of the
all-new Wicked Stick. Let me show you a little bit about this on the 2 head.
What we’ve got here is an all aluminum extrusion. We’ve got a nice fluted lens,
spreads the light all over. We’ve got 2 color illumination on every segment. This
is not an alternating one white, one amber, one white light. This is all amber and all white, all across the bar. We’ve got very easy wiring. With the power wire, each color is independently operated. So you can select an all amber warning, or an
all white warning, or an amber and white warning, depending on your switching and
how you connect the wires. As I said, the amber lights are operated by one wire,
the white lights are operated by another, and there is the ever-popular flood mode,
the steady white with the white wire here. Let me show you some of the flash
patterns on this light, but before I do that, let me show you the mounting it
comes with. Each light’s going to come with a bag of hardware. In that bag of hardware are your 2 end cap mounts. These will go on the end of the light and give you feet
if you want something like that, so you can mount it with the feet. You’re also
going to receive in there these t-nuts, and the way the t-nuts
work is on the back of the light extrusion you can see this channel, you
can slide the t-nut into that channel and bolt the light to anything right
here. So you take off this end cap, slide in the t-nut and then you can
anchor it to an L bracket or to a structure of the vehicle, whatever you
need to anchor it to. So let’s get on with it and see the flash patterns. The
yellow wire is what powers the amber LED. The purple wire is what powers the white
LED. The white wire is your steady burn, and the blue wire is pattern. Your big
red and big black are your power and ground. I’m going to cycle through all of
the patterns here and show you and there will be five bonus patterns not shown in
this video that we’ve added to the next run of lights. So these these few lights
here won’t be sent out, you’ll be getting the all new patterns as well, the
bonus patterns. So let’s cycle through the ambers here. That’s pattern 3. That’s pattern 4. 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 and then off. Now we’re back to the
single. So let’s go ahead and see the white patterns should be all the same. And you can see when we connect our
colored wires together, we have the option of picking another pattern with
both colors active. We’ve got some slower patterns and some faster patterns. Hopefully we’ve got something to meet every need. And of
course, you have a popular override for white flood. Works with or without
warning activated. The white flood will always override the warning. So I hope
you enjoyed the video. I hope the colors showed up well.
You’ll see this light stick and featured in a few of our videos and even more
coming up soon, and as I said, we have every size here, from our 2 head, to our
4 head, to our 6 head, to our 8 head, to our 10 head. Check the website
for descriptions on the measurements on all these sizes, make sure they fit your
application. Thanks again for watching Wicked Warnings and checking out our
all-new Wicked Stick. Available in amber and white only. This is an exclusive
Wicked Warnings product available only here and only in amber and white. More
colors may be coming soon, email in and let us know if you need a specific color
combo in this stick configuration and the quantity in which you’ll need them. Thanks again for watching Wicked Warnings.

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