Newport News and Hampton Home Depot Outreach

I think it’s outstanding that
you know our company, through our public relations and our other
other outreach areas has partnered with FEMA to bring FEMA into our stores give them
the opportunity to talk to our customers. Here in Newport News we’re kind of unique, we live
on a peninsula, so were surrounded with water, and talking about the mitigation assistance with
FEMA is real important for our customers Right now at Home Depot, we’re running a flood
insurance, and flood mitigation outreach program. We’re talking with people about
their flood insurance needs and mitigation flood mitigation
methods for their home Mitigation is essentially any
action that a person can take in advance of an event occurring to
protect themselves or their property from damage from a hazard and
overall health preservation. Having flood insurance is a way to help
people recover from a storm they also need to have
content insurance because flood insurance does
not the cover property contents so it’s important for them to
be insured properly based on what they could potentially
lose if they were to be flooded. We could have a storm here at any time. You know we experienced Hurricane
Isabell in ’84, I’m sorry in ’04 and then right after that we had Tropical
Storm Eduardo came through both of those had huge
tidal surges with them and most recently we had a Nor’Easter which
flooded the community of Seaford and Poquouson which is right on our borders People will be attuned especially after
the event that we had here where we had flooding on a
wide range of scales. They’re ready to listen
after a flooding event, so this is the kind of time we need to
come out and get our message out.

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