Nicholas Humphrey: Midwest Deluge & The Accumulation Of Effects

But my actual bachelor’s degrees from South Dakota State and it’s in interdisciplinary studies so I actually learned You know theoretical research Concepts into how to Take a complex multi causal problem and in and look at it through the eyes of different disciplines that tackle it and try to understand it from their own perspective and actually fuse those perspectives together into a new concept a new idea, you know what some refers to as a complex and multi causal explanation. Basically a Interdisciplinary model or theory of how things are functioning and climate change is really one of those things The causative agent of it is very clear. You know, it’s something that can be discussed from an atmospheric chemistry perspective but all the effects and all the feedbacks and everything that That encompass, you know abrupt climate change or disruption and the damage involved. That’s really a multidisciplinary thing and you know I take the approach of always trying to make sure that you know people understand You know, just how Damaging these events and acceleration of the events and why it’s accelerating You know what that actually means because you know like you know, like I saw in a Article or something written by the World Economic Forum talking about. Oh, there’s insect pollinators contribute 153 billion dollars a years of a global economy and crop production and but the diversity and in populations of insects are decreasing threatening Crop production. I was like well if you yeah, so okay you lose crops but what happens to the people that need the food? What happens to the people that produce the food what happens to the ability to to even have current agriculture when you have both pollinators decreasing and storms getting worse destroying areas that you need it to plant your food You know, this is more than you know It’s always this economic numbers game or its temperature changes or its soil you know, I’m not an expert on everything, but I can take what these experts are saying and try to put it together into something that’s more comprehensive to make people understand how Significant these things are because that’s really not being done. And so as a result of that knowing most average person really doesn’t get how bad it is and how bad it’s becoming a how fast it’s going a you know, I mean right now and when watching the Arctic undergo, what is basically a Non-ending heatwave like I can’t even call it a heatwave anymore It’s just it’s gotten very warm since about late February early March and it’s not cooling down and it’s losing catastrophically losing sea ice and in and the permafrost is melting Exponentially meaning it’s just getting worse worse worse worse every year compared to all previous times and nobody knows nobody really talks about no one knows what’s happening because nobody tells them and nobody really understands the implications of this you know the fact that climate change is going to accelerate continuing accelerating significantly in the coming years, and we’re gonna have to deal with more of these events and imagine Events like I mean, imagine events like the Midwest flooding we’re having now happening every couple of years I mean happening every couple of years not even every year more than once a year just every like two to five years I mean we already had the Missouri flood in 2011 It took forever for many places to recover and now we have this one in 2019. Imagine Even those events happening every couple of years or you go from this and maybe we go to a Huge drought that doesn’t end for four or five years and then we get hit with this another mega flood people don’t understand that that it’s about and that like I said early accumulation of effects and so we kind of most people just go walking around kind of Kind of just like Oh, everything’s fine. Oh, it was a Half-flood. Oh, you know, you know this has happened before and you know, there’s a lot of normalization, but you know, I don’t you know, I don’t have very good optimism for the next Four or five years in terms of what’s going to happen to this region. I mean, I’m worried about this summer I’m worried about it having this flood having Severe storms, even if the storms themselves aren’t particularly notable. We get more rain getting more flooding Events that exacerbate everything that’s happening and then maybe in the summer it just gets hot. It gets really hot and Crops that we’re able to get grown they have to deal with heat stress and impacts from an increasing drought I mean, I you know in the it gets harder to predict the Beyond the immediate future what’s going to happen when your climate is changing so rapidly that you can’t really depend on your traditional ways of of projecting the future Being a being reliable anymore and so, you know That’s the biggest danger people aren’t gonna really know what’s going to happen next and are able to prepare for it

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