Night Hawk Light As Seen On TV Reviews

Guess what they’re gonna get next time
this a their pantry pizza people welcome to Tony’s reviews have you ever had
anybody poop in your driveway or stab your swimming pool well guess what had
happened to me so I decided to do something about it so
I went out and got the a/c on TV Nighthawk security light and this
Nighthawk security light says it does not require any wiring it’s
battery-powered it’s got a sensor on it that says it detects up to 36 feet away
and it says that it’s got a brightness of 420 lumens whatever that means
sounds pretty bright just for a real short explanation came home poop in the
driveway hole in the pool water going everywhere toilet paper in the trees and
just a mess don’t know who our grated don’t have any idea did it call the
police they don’t have any idea I don’t think they’re looking anyway I got this
light hoping that it kicks on if somebody gets back up my driveway scares
them off a little bit who knows we’ll see aha got some instructions right here like I said earlier so that detects up
to 36 feet away and it says when it does come on it only states on for 20 seconds
so that’s a good thing knowing that it’ll click on every 20 seconds if
somebody still out there moving around or until they rip it off of the wall and
then poop on it too and also the instructions that says the bright LEDs
will cover up to a 675 foot square area well it looks like a Nighthawk doesn’t
it kind of looks like an Allen away got a zip tie in the plastic after you open
it it’s already getting points for security right so here’s the compartment
and I guess this is what stays mounted that says so we’re going to mount this
thing and then when you change the batteries you’ll to screw this thing off
the front there goes pops out like that and I’ve got some el cheapo batteries
here I’ve got some of the Sun beam batteries Three’s Company – I need one
more and yes the driveway poopers thing and
pull stabbing is a true story it happened but guess what they’re going to
get next time see how sensitive this thing is a little bit dark now and we’ll
see how sensitive this thing oh it came on almost immediately so it’s super
sensitive all right so let’s go mount this thing in the daylight and we’re
going to test it out in the dark it’s real quick I’ll show you this it says to
remove the base on this before we mount it but you have to turn this
counterclockwise it’s pretty stiff but I was able to get it turned we get this
base removed okay see those holes right there and you can see here just three
easy screws to put in and you can see very easily the light just locks into
place right here and right here’s my deck this is where the pool was at that
the intruder stabbed and right here’s the pavement in the driveway where the
intruders poked out as well you can see you know TV dancing tiki lights over
here going and I’m approaching the light now it’s a throne a pole you can’t see
it because it’s dark out here oh and it went off as soon as it got me yet so you
can see here how far I am from the garage right there’s the garage okay so
it got really noisy so I had to do some voiceover stuff here well anyway right
here we are at the light you can see it’s very very bright and we were
probably thirty six feet exactly away from it whenever it caught me and it
does stay on for exactly 20 seconds so we’re gonna let this stay on for 20
seconds and then I’m gonna show you again how sensitive this thing is
because it did go off again immediately whenever I started moving around again
so I’m being very still right now and I’m just waiting on the light to go off
there it went off so I’m just gonna stand around here for just a minute and
then I’m gonna move around here and you’re gonna see the light kick back on
here in just a second and this is when I move
so I just moved and a light kicked back on and I’m just gonna show you the
brightness here on the concrete and you can see it’s very bright down here it’s
about the size of like a half-court basketball that it’s lit up it’s
probably a little brighter than it looks like on camera but I’m very pleased with
how much brightness it put off and I think it might just be just enough to
scare somebody off possibly so at least I hope it does and then one more time
here real quick the light went out and I’m gonna move around and you’re gonna
see it just kick right back on and there it kicks right back on and you see it’s
bright again so I think it does a pretty good job okay so the asking on TV
Nighthawk turned out to be a pretty great item it does exactly what it says
it does on the box you get within thirty six feet of it it goes off and it shines
really bright I think this is really gonna be a boost for security here
around my house and I think it’s going to scare off some of those poopers
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