51 thoughts on “Nightcore – Euphoria | Lyrics

  1. We always see no views 234likes and here we see so many views but less likes NOT FARE

  2. Awesome vocals! I like this song and this drop is easy to listening to this song. I love it 😋

  3. me : *read the title *


    oof- :,D
    army? 💘

  4. Aaaaa!!!!!! ^w^
    Pense que era la de v pero no ; – ; pero aún asi esta chida

  5. Raios crei que era la de kookie :^ aunque esta esta muy buena!
    BTS FOREVER >:D xd

  6. Beautiful nightcore! And the backround is cute too👍👍👍👍💓💓🕳i havent got words

  7. Thanks, you were my inspiration for creating my named YouTube channel. Nightcore prism. I will never stop watching a video of you and always try to improve it so that someday I'll look good like you and create my own arts thanks amazing nightcore

  8. I think this song from TheFatRat because the title same😂

  9. Hey just so you know, dude named Lucifer kun on SoundCloud literally stealing your credit by reuploading mostly ALL ur vids. Just letting you know if you want to report that somehow he has a YouTube channel too

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