‘Nightmare’ in Indonesia 5 days after quake and tsunami

Over in quake-hit Indonesia. Rescuers are getting closer to the heart of
the disaster. But with the earthquake and tsunami having
caused the ground to liquefy, progress has been slow. Hong Yoo has the latest. Buildings reduced to rubble and dead bodies
lined up in the streets. Rescue efforts continue in the city of Palu,
Indonesia five days after it was hit by a magnitude 7.5 earthquake and a tsunami. It seems now the damage is worse than expected. Within Palu, the regency of Donggala, equivalent
to a county, was struck the hardest. Even the Indonesian government was unaware
of the damage because Donggala was cut off from electricity and communications. Its residents are desperately calling for
help. “Pay attention to Donggala, Mr. President. Pay attention to Donggala. There are still a lot of unattended villages
here, not only Palu. There are lots of villages in Donggala. 176 villages.” Thankfully, on Tuesday the International Red
Cross rescue team was able to reach the city. The volunteers described the scene as a nightmare. The number of deaths from the disaster had
already surpassed one thousand,… but that could go a lot higher once the deaths in Donggala
are counted. Among those waiting to be rescued could be
four South Korean nationals who’ve yet to be contacted. The South Korean Foreign Ministry is trying
to reach them, having verified the safety of five others. Among them is a man possibly trapped under
rubble of a hotel. That hotel is among the six locations that
the Indonesian government has given priority on its search. Meanwhile, South Korean Prime Minister Lee
Nak-yeon has asked the foreign ministry to look for ways to help Indonesia recover, such
as dispatching emergency relief troops, and sending medical aid. Hong Yoo, Arirang News.

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