NightSearcher Solaris Duo 14K – Portable Rechargeable Site Light

The Solaris range comes in 2 different styles,
you have the Solaris Lite, the most portable version, and the Solaris Duo. The Solaris
Duo has been intended and designed to completely replace generator powered lighting. The unit itself will completely replace a
2 or 3KVA generator (powering a twin 500 watt halogen generator light head). By replacing
your generator powered lighting with this type of unit, you will eliminate carbon emissions
– up to 3,000 tonnes in one year alone. The fuel savings that can be achieved are
significant, saving up to £2500 on fuel costs per unit that you replace. The durable, robust case houses two light
heads and two telescopic poles, along with the mains charger. Place the case flat and
pull the stability legs out into this position here. Next, open the lid and take out the
two telescopic poles and lock into position like so. Next, take the heads out and secure the heads
to the telescopic pole. Connect the leads to the battery base and raise the light to
the desired position. The light head does not generate any heat
as it is LED, eliminating health and safety aspects presented by halogen, such as hot
filaments. Once you have used the light, the whole unit can be fully collapsed and put
back inside the case for easy portability. The unit itself only weights 15 kilos.

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