Nightvision made simple with 48 IR LED light

good evening taking a quick test of our new 48
infrared LED light that we purchased from a gentleman in honolulu hawaii there’s a 12 volt security light really but he ingeniously soldered a
nine volt lug a 9-volt battery lug to the plug for this light he charges a little more than what these
lights go for normally but I think that’s well worth it this is the first time we’re trying this
is being shot with a gopro 4 black in 1080p narrow mode I changed the lens this is I believe a
six millimeter lens on the GoPro but this lens has no infrared cut filter on
it which is what makes this into a full-spectrum camera so hopefully I’m
not like getting blasted out of blowing out the highlights and everything
because this light is so powerful I don’t know I have not used it yet I’m currently using it it’s about three
and a half feet from me about three and a half feet so hopefully it looks pretty
good I really don’t know I won’t until i see
this if it looks like trash I probably will just delete this video
and you see it and I’ll have to reshoot with the
light moved somewhere else right now it’s right on top of the GoPro cage used a
little lug right into the mount of the infrared security light so hopefully it
looks good hopefully it sounds pretty good because
I’m not using a mic other than the built-in mic I have my GoPro in a aluminium as the
English say cage or as the English Americans say aluminum so hopefully it
looks good hopefully sounds okay have a great night bye for now O:nen ki’ wahi'(speaking Mohawk)

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