Nightvision with Infrared LED light lets you see in the dark

good evening tonight we’re going to take a look at
something a little on the cheesy side although it works out really well for
paranormal investigations what is it well that’s a surprise but
we’ll let you in on that anyway we have this little beastie here it’s the Albinar tripod pistol grip and a GoPro 4 hero black shoots 4k we’ve
changed the lens on this removing the infrared block filter or
infrared cut filter and then why you ask so that we can shoot full spectrum in
other words in complete darkness this on top is a 48 infrared LED light these are usually made for security
cameras just shooting security footage in the dark and it’s got a little power
supply that plugs in here so this little light ten to twenty dollars and the
person I bought it from had the bright idea to take the excuse me take the plug and attach a 9-volt
battery socket to it great idea it’s a 12 volt light nine
volts while not going to give it full power is
still going to power it quite a bit this should be a fair bit brighter then
our Solarforce L2 flashlight with infrared bulbs in it and that lights up
things pretty well so this should be even better I’m actually considering getting a
a bar across here and mounting 3 of these yes it will add some weight especially with 4 nine volt batteries to give us 36 volts three
of these 12 volts each 36 volts perfect not sure if I’ll do that but it sounds
like a good idea so anyway at some point in the future
because yes we are doing Paranormal investigations now with NYC Paranormal as well as the Brooklyn Ghost and Ghost Hunters meetup group and we are under the banner of Gravesend Paranormal that’s our other channel which shows
some of the mischief we’ve gotten into so this I bought from a gentleman in
Honolulu Hawaii I believe it was 21 dollars including shipping and handling
and it came really quick within a week which I was shocked coming from Honolulu so thumbs up to that gentleman so anyway we will try this and let you
know how it looks and of course we will make a video of it
it’s a horrifying 93 degrees right now in Brooklyn NY in the Gravesend
section stay cool have a great night bye for now O:nen ki’ wahi(Speaking Mohawk)

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