Nightwatch Presents: First Responders – Flash Flood Alley | A&E

78 thoughts on “Nightwatch Presents: First Responders – Flash Flood Alley | A&E

  1. I'd be getting in that car with Moses and he better be parting them seas.

  2. Yes…. I love me some Dan and Titus ❤️❤️ and I love watching their friendship get stronger 😭😭😭 so sweet ❤️

  3. I'm glad that 2 regular paramedics can now be on TV and have fun with their careers

  4. Brave men and women. I was in Hurricane Katrina and helped with search and rescue for about a month after. Change my life. makes me appreciate these people more than they will ever know.

  5. If they're not going to say it in the comments aren't going to say it I will!…

    Black men and water dont go together ! Lol! Ahhaha! Jk jk.

  6. Love the guys but moreso in new Orleans not on a show like this. Where's Holly??

  7. Yo, I know a few of those guys! I live in Travis County and I have seen them in action. They also come into the HEB that I work at♡

  8. These two are the dynamic duo! I’m glad they have a new show! I miss the original cast of night watch

  9. You don't belong being on tv a&e in the mornings at 8 am because i have a favorite tv show called dog the bounty hunter start showing dog the bounty hunter more instead of this

  10. Is there a height and weight requirement to be apart of the team? I think the water would blow me away.

  11. Just want to say thank you to our first responders! You people are heros!

  12. I love this but I don’t really like that they took them out the rigs. I loved the authenticity of nightwatch. This would have been a great addition to the nightwatch show but the way it’s produced seems more like a “reality” show. This is too Duck Commander-y for me.

  13. Some one having fun! 😂😂😇😇😇bless your heart

  14. It's weird seeing Titus and Dan out in the daytime 😃

  15. Literally the Titus and Dan show 😂🤣😂 I love it

  16. Wouldn’t the hoses be adding extra water to the already dangerously high waters?

  17. When Titus was in the car the guys didn't even try to save him as fast as they did to Dan.

  18. I love the fact that they're teaching with a bit of humor they both put the patients at ease in a serious conditions.

  19. I know a rescuer in Missouri who rescued the same woman 3 different times after she drove into flooding rivers…he said next time-she can get herself out-he is done.

  20. It doesn't look that scary watching it on a screen but I bet it really is terrifying to actually be in there!


  22. May God continue to bless paramedics as they continue to bless the lives of people they save everyday! 💗🤛🏼🙏💪🏽

  23. As someone from Houston, I am utterly terrified of flooding. If I know the weather will be bad, I call out.

  24. Titus needs to tone down the testosterone laden macho phobic routine. It's enough to make ya vomit listening to his bs

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