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Hey guys Roger here back with another
video, and this is the Magic Disk 4 which is a wireless charger made by a
company called Nillkin. Big thanks to Nillkin for sending out the product, let’s jump right into the video. The Magic Disk 4. You know, I really,
really like this wireless charger. I think it’s that LED light, it’s just
different to all of the other wireless chargers that are out there. It does
support fast charging so if you have a power adapter that’s powerful enough it
will fast charge, it can’t however fast charge an iPhone 8, 8 plus or an iPhone
X. Nillkin have told me though that they may release a newer version that can
fast charge an iPhone in the future, but right now this particular one doesn’t. So
in the box you’ll find a simple user guide, a USB cable, and the wireless
charger itself. There’s no power adapter included, but that is the case for most
wireless chargers around this sort of price. The top surface of the magic disk
is made of a clear plastic material, and on the back you’ll find a non-slip ring and plenty of venting to keep it cool. On the side there’s a single button to
control the LED feature and you’ll also find a micro USB port to connect your
power adapter. Compared to some other wireless chargers this one is definitely
a lot thicker. You can see here at the top there is a Spigen charger, in the
middle a Choetech and at the bottom is the Magic Disk. So yes it definitely is a
lot thicker than some of the other wireless chargers out there. Now I will
admit that with my other wireless chargers, I never really know if they’re
charging my phone or not. But with this Magic Disk if it’s blue, it’s charging. So
for me in everyday use it’s actually quite a useful feature. That blue light can’t
be changed while your device is charging. You can however turn it off so if you
want to use this in a dark room maybe by the side of your bed at night, something
like that you can turn the blue light off, but you can’t change it. When you’re
not actually using the charger you can sort of use this as a decoration piece I suppose, because you can have a white light or you can also cycle
through various different colours. As far as wireless charges go I really like it. So if you’re looking for something a little bit different, this really is
worth a look. I hope you enjoyed the video guys if you did, please give the
video a like and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel if you haven’t
already, and if you want more information or you would like to buy the Magic Disk
4, you’ll find a link to the product in the description below. I’m Roger with
Life of Tech, thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one.

22 thoughts on “Nillkin Magic Disk 4 (Fast Wireless Charger) Review | 4K

  1. Great work Roger! Really enjoyed the classy music, not the typical in most reviews! You did a good job of making a wireless charger interesting. I like that the LED's cycle through when not in use. I mean I kind of wish it would do the same when it was actually working but then there wouldn't be a clear indication of when it was or was not working, so I get why it is the way it is. Keep up the great work!

  2. Another great one Roger, nicely done!
    My wireless charger is one that I got for $5 at the grocery store in a box labeled $5 electronics.
    The only you reviewed is way better.. haha

  3. Your camera quality is superb I Pray For You to God k u have cuccess in the you tube quickly and .u r star bro for ur all subscribers . Like marks brownlee.????????????

  4. Fantastic video Roger! Love the Superman Pop figure. Nice addition.

  5. Thanks for the great video. And btw, the surface is made of tempered glass, not plastic material 😉

  6. Roger’s videos are always fun to watch.
    That sound in the background tho ??

  7. i love that LED light! looks very different than most wireless chargers

  8. Another Excellent Video Roger! Crispy Video—>>Magic Disk is the Perfect name for it! Love the LED

  9. Hey guys – I hope you enjoy the video of this awesome wireless charger. I must also point out that the top surface of the Magic Disk 4 is made of tempered glass and NOT plastic as I stated in the video. It's a great wireless charger though and well worth a look 🙂

  10. hei, i got this magic disk 4 for my iphone x…but it just increase 10% in 30 minutes!! its so slow and i got my iphone warm (almost hot) ,,do you have a same situation with me here? thanks

  11. Picked one of these only thing I don't like.When charging your phone and then take it off.The lighting set up ie white or colour cycle is reset and you need to press button again to set the way you like.Would of been nice if the colour could of been picked so it does not cycles as well.

  12. I've got the magic array version of this Nillikin one (they make this one, a magic array, and one they call Planet) and the thing they don't tell you is that the light display turns off every time you set the phone down to charge. meaning if you pick it up and you want the light display to be on, you have to turn it back on manually every time. It's the only downside to this product.

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