Nissan Rogue LED Headlights How To Install – 2nd Gen 2013+

What’s happening everyone, my name is Phil with and today we have a 2016 Nissan Rogue we’ll be showing you how to install LED headlights on. Now, as you can see, we’ve already installed here on the driver side. We’ll show you full replacement of the kit on the passenger side as well as the placement of our ballast here on the driver’s side. Now this installation is compatible with year models 2013 and up and that’s considered the second-generation model. Now we’re using here a PrecisionLED H11 style kit available on and that includes the two bulbs, the two ballasts, and some mounting pads for you to make the installation. So let’s go ahead and pop the hood and get started. We’re looking now here at the passenger side of our headlight housing. The first thing you want to do is assemble your bulb to the power ballast. You’re gonna do that by taking the two pieces here. There is an indentation on one side and arrows that show you which way these plug in. Push them all the way down til you’re putting pressure on the o-ring that’s in the middle here. And then you’re gonna screw the cap on and that prevents any dust or water from entering this connector. Now that it’s ready, we’ll set this off to the side. And you want to remove your old bulb. So you have some hand space here to go in. You’re going to first remove the connector. And you do that by lifting up on the two sides here and pulling it out. So, let’s see if I can use two hands here. There we go. It’s actually pinched down on them. You pinch down here to pull that out. You’re gonna turn this counterclockwise to remove. And that’s your old halogen bulb. We’re going to now drop our ballast down in here. And insert our LED bulb. Lock this in place. And then we’re going to go ahead and connect power and confirm that the system is working before anything else. So, we have our power connector here. Ok, that’s locked in place. Let’s go ahead and test the lights. See if those turn on. Alright, that’s on. And I’m just going to show you here. The light is very much on. It’s a really nice, pure white light. We can turn the lights off now. And now I’m going to show you, there’s a portion right here that you’re going to install your ballast against. Now the first thing you wanna do is clean off this surface here. So we have a cloth and some degreaser. And we’re gonna go ahead
and wipe this area down here. And then now we’re going to pull this ballast up so we can work with it … just a little bit. And, as you can see here, we’re going to want to put an LE … a 3M mounting pad on here. On this surface. Just like that. Pat that down. Remove the other side and then We’re gonna drop this down and attach it right here. There we go. Now we push. I’m gonna move this camera just you can see it a little bit better. And that’s where we have our ballast, right there. And you don’t need any extra cabling, the cables are short enough that they aren’t really going to go anywhere. But as you can see, our ballast is nice and snug. And we’re gonna go ahead and change the camera angle, show you where to place on the other side. Then we’ll be all set. Now here on the driver side, we already have our bulb in. So the space directly behind it, right here, is where we’re going to put our ballast. We’re just going to clean off the surface here. And let’s go ahead and put our 3M pad on here for the ballast. Make sure that’s nice and tight. And now this is gonna drop down right about here. There we go, that’s all set. Now, I’m gonna move the camera here, just to show you this right here is where you insert a Phillips-head screwdriver. And you’ll see there is this portion right here. This is what helps you to adjust your headlights. So, once you install the LED kit, you take the screwdriver, you insert here, and then you start twisting clockwise – or counterclockwise – and that moves the gear. And that either changes the angle up or down. And that’s how you adjust your headlights. And something you should always do once you install new headlights into any car is adjust them to make sure that they’re pointed appropriately. And that should be it. And that’s the end of the installation. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at [email protected] or you can reach us online and submit a support ticket at Please like or subscribe if you enjoyed the video or enjoy the process for what we do. It really does help us out when we make the next one knowing that there’s people out there watching the videos. Have a good one!

21 thoughts on “Nissan Rogue LED Headlights How To Install – 2nd Gen 2013+

  1. Did you install these in a projector housing or a reflector housing? You failed to mention that and there appears to be a lot of glare from the front end.

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  5. I disconnected the low beam and replaced it but the light is still not functioning any tips on what may be wrong or an easy way to fix electrical system?

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