Noah Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Russell Crowe, Emma Watson Movie HD

(Gasping) No What did he say? He’s going to destroy the world My father said that one day if man continued in his ways the creator would annihilate this world (Explosions) Can it not be reversed? He speaks to you You must trust that he speaks in a way that you can understand I saw water death by water that’s on your life A great flood is coming we build a vessel to survive the storm we build an ark mother yes, what? Them! What do you want? You don’t know your king. There isn’t anything for you here. I have men at my back and you stand alone and defy me? I’m not alone Dramatic music af it begins. When they come They’ll be desperate And there will be many TAKE THE ARK I see how hard this was for you Remember Noah! That he chose you for a reason Is this the end of everything? The beginning The beginning of everything (Dramatic Pause )

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