Muhaha, yeah here’s cold today. How do you sack somewhere. Oh, what can I do, so I have to get some
trees today and make some dwellings. Because I don’t know what can happen and I don’t
know where the hell I am, I have no idea. So here’s a couple of trees. And we will build some nice dwelling,
because it would not work without it. And I would probably otherwise froze here, because
there is really terrible cold outside, brrr! Where did I go again? Why did I go to some landscapes with snow?
Am I normal? Achjo what do I do? So I don’t know, I’ll need to cut down
the trees here, I know they’re trees. And today I need to
build a little house. Maybe then maybe I
can extract some clay. To make it worthwhile and to reinforce
the construction because of clay. Just as always the best
material, I don’t know .. I can mow the trees, I
can mow the field, but .. Clay is simply clay, it
always stays in my heart. And I don’t understand who’s got dirt,
it’s completely crazy, but like… Clay is simply the best
you say, but I’m right. When someone tells
me sometime .. Clay just wins, so
watch, I’m still here. I’ll take it, yeah wait,
I’ll take the seedlings here. That’s pretty good at wiping your
ass, but you probably understand. They’re good at the butt, so take
it, I think you just need to know. Okay, so I’m gonna
get here fast. Still these seedlings. Stupid sheep, what are
you eating in the snow ?! Or eat dirt, you eat dirt !? Or you! The block
disappeared here. You ate dirt ?! You
stupid sheep you got it! No such thing at all,
nothing will be… Still the sheep will
eat my clay no more? Like you think you can make fun
of me every day not? Silly sheep. You won’t eat clay. Okay, so moment, I’ll have some
suggestion here, so maybe .. This is how we do some sort of
column and maybe even think. Here’s the pillar. And I will have to solidify it with the
clay as I said, because without clay. I don’t know if I know it
would be a perfect look .. What I will be, clay
is simply the best. Okay, then, I’ll
take this seedling. And I’ll put it here somehow,
so I think it will be the best. This is going to be nice, now I have to do
some crafting. You what I got on my head? Never mind I’ll leave it
there, probably not shit. I don’t know, well,
now I’ll do this. We’ll make some shovel to be .. For the masters and we’ll
be mining the dirt around. We can even do a ditch
and like that, so .. Look at it, we’ll make such a ditch around
our house, it’ll be such a drainage. Make it worthwhile and keep the water
out of here because you watch it .. Nobody wants to wake
up in a pool of water. Your house or your bed, oh bed. Hmm beds, sheep !! You’re so stupid,
give me a wave. I said, so I have 3 waves,
I can finally make a bed, great. So far, 4 trees have fallen on our house,
we have to make it even better, so .. Look at it, I extract that
shovel with these messes. And here I have some weird
white matter, that’s about snow. Wait I get it then. Let it not bind here, because what
it would be like if it were here. Well, I’m gonna make a normal
door, probably just these. Although I do not understand how I can make
spruce oak doors, but I’m probably another pro. And now we’ll make a
bed, normal normal. So crib. And we’ll do other things, but
I don’t know exactly what… I have to do a good hardening,
so I’ll make it out of clay. The wall and I need
wood or something. And I think this could be a construction
that can withstand everything, look at it. Any more windows
would want that? I’ll make it out of the fence,
it’ll be the best stuff like that. That why should I deal with it
when I have so much material here. We’ll make beautiful sticks. And from the poles we make
beautiful fences, wow great. In theory, we can put even more
of these fences, like this. Stupid branch, what
is there not like? What a branch thinks about
itself is not possible. NO maybe this way and we can
do the rest from the wood. Suppose they are boards, I
don’t like it very much, but… It’s better than nothing
look around, so so. Hey I got some shit on my head, you
see that? I really have some shit. And I’m not kidding, it just seems to
me that there’s something like that. NO when I go down here. So we can theoretically
finish the roof properly. And I’d probably do it from
the woods, worthy of it. NO this way I don’t have to scratch it.
Yeah, yeah. Yeah yeah, that’s
exactly what we’ll do. They’re going, so he’s a pro. And if we do it all this way,
it will be the best, so .. Here’s the blocks,
here’s the blocks. And I think that’s how it will
be completely mega worth it nice. That’s exactly what I imagined. And I’m glad for that,
so yeah, look great. We have it beautifully lit,
the house looks pretty good… And to make it look better, I’ll
add those blocks, like that. And we’ll make a
beautiful path like this. Use those trees and it
will look just better. It will look like a
plantation or a farm. Noob Farm Hehe. Do you see it? That’s beautiful, isn’t it?
Such a beautiful house. Would you expect me to ever
build something so amazing? And we might even need to build
a chest of the raw materials. Even 3 chesties yeah?
Yeah, these are things. So we’re throwing it out and… Yeah, snowballs, I could cool some
of the tastes, maybe I don’t know. Let’s leave the crafting around
here for the snow, and .. It’s gonna be great, look at it. NO like this, now we
can put the fence here. I don’t even know what I would like
to finish here, I have some food. So better than nothing. We’ll have an apple and we’ll go look
out or so .. I don’t know if you .. I do not know how it looks here, the
sun will be driving away somehow .. So I do not know. I have to
theoretically have something else. To get some food,
I only have 1 apple. This is quite a few, is
it not really a little? Here in the woods I hear some weird wolves,
I am quite scared, I am not really sure .. If something happens
to be here or is it .. It’s crazy, I don’t
really know… And yeah, the sun
really fits, but so .. I can’t leave it that early. I have to find something. What
are we doing here? Sheep .. These little lambs are too poor, just
bone and skin, not even clay, so clay… The wave. These are my things yeah .. So I don’t know what
good I could do. Perhaps we could even camp
in the woods, maybe campfire. But there’s a terrible winter. Oh, my God, I’m really worried about
what’s going to happen because… Is there such a suspicious
silence, isn’t it? Hey, look at you yeah? Do you understand? Here’s a terrible silence. How before the storm, but the storm
can’t be here, there’s a frozen county. It somehow does not seem to me,
it really does not seem to me… And I’m not quite sure if I
should look for something or not. It would still want some torch
in your hand or something, but .. Wait, I’m still gonna
patrol around the house. And I have to come up with something, there has to be
something, it doesn’t really seem to me, it’s really weird. Hello? Is there anyone? I hear some
weird sounds. Halo halo. Hey, the mushrooms
are here, yummy. Yummy, mushroom, great. But not. What was there? I have no phobia, do I? What’s happening? It seems to me
that something was there somewhere. That’s the moon, watch it. Stupid sheep, you
scare me so much .. I don’t know what to think about
it, there are other mushrooms. Yeah, but it’s kind of weird. I don’t know, I just wouldn’t sleep if I
knew something was supposed to be here. I’m just not quite sure. But you know what, probably it is best to go to sleep, I really do
not know what could be found here and it is really awful dark .. Oh! What is this? I said it
wouldn’t be just here! I said it wasn’t just there,
there was a zombie, here it is .. Walking Cactus Goofy You Vado. Are you serious?
Stupid cactus, ha! I killed him good, wait where ..
Yeah here’s the monster. Au jau au! You vado au! What are you, uh nee! Uff, I was afraid that a piece of
the house would blow up, it’s clay! Great, I didn’t even expect that ..
I already have quite a few meals .. I would need a special red mushroom
to mix some special mushroom. But that’s probably
not growing here? So that’s pretty stupid. So
let’s leave it like this. And I’ll have to survive in
that house because you .. What is there? There are normally skeletons
in the distance, you’re kidding me. So yeah, it’ll probably
be best to go overnight. Whatever happens to us, because there’s
so much danger out there, that’s crazy. We barricade ourselves nicely. And we’re going to sleep because it’s crazy,
oh, I didn’t want to put that dirt here. So I’ll give it a semka. And for a moment I smell, rest.
Yeah that’s it .. But we have a wonderful
day, and what? What the hell is that?
What it should be? Oh, my God. What’s going on outside? It
destroys me here completely! Nee! What’s wrong with
the vado, that’s… Hey, do you understand
the situation outside? I woke up and
suddenly I see this. As what it means, please
I want to know what it is! Oh, my God, I’m afraid
what’s going on outside ..? You vado! Wait, there’s some kind of wood
breaking in here, no no no! WHAT? Are you doing pr ** l?
Help! What the hell?


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