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The Northern Rivers region sits at
the easternmost point of Australia. It’s the first part of the continent to
receive the morning light, and it’s way ahead of the curve
when it comes to Mother Nature’s gifts. The heart of the Northern Rivers, is Mt Warning. Wollumbin, as the local Bundjalung People know it, was created 23 million years ago when the
Tweed Volcano erupted and reshaped the land. It was an event which blessed the entire region
with incredibly fertile soils, deep forests, and a unique geology which many believe gives
the region its special energy, its magnetism. This is a place where travellers, families and soul seekers come, and sometimes,
stay forever. The Northern Rivers begins at Tweed Heads, just a stone’s throw from the
Gold Coast International Airport, and unrolls southwards
for over one hundred miles, taking in some of the purest beaches and
most laid-back coastal towns in the world. Hang out for a week or two, and simply enjoy the salt water and sunshine
of Kingscliff and Cabarita. Or soak up the soulful vibes
of Brunswick Heads, a port town created by cedar cutters
a century ago. Brunswick’s waves, sheltered coves
and sparkling river create a gentle magic
that makes it impossible not to slow down, and relax. Embrace your sense of wanderlust, and follow the beach south from
Brunswick Heads to Byron Bay, a place that’s considered one of the
spiritual centers of Australia, a place whose beauty and open-mindedness
has attracted surfers and free spirits since the 1960s. Byron Bay has grown up a lot since the
Age of Aquarius, and now attracts travellers
from across the globe, from backpackers to the rich and famous. But the ideals of the 60s are forever embedded
in The Bay’s DNA. Abundance is a word you’ll often hear in Byron, and it’s a word that could certainly apply
to its beaches. There’s over a dozen waiting for you, from the endless sands of Belongil and Main Beach, to the famous breaks of The Pass. The rolling swells of Wategos are ideal
for longboarders, while Cosy Corner is the perfect nook
for when the Northerlies blow. Then there’s Tallows Beach, which stretches
all the way to Broken Head, Kings Beach, and beyond. High above it all, on Australia’s easternmost point, stands Cape Byron Lighthouse, which by night, sends out her reassuring light
to passing ships, and by day, attracts over half a million lighthouse
lovers and whale watchers every year. Once Byron’s worked its spell on you, drift even further down the coast. Discover coastal towns like Lennox Head
with its famous right hand break, Ballina with its iconic Big Prawn, and the classic mouth-of-the-river
seaside town, Yamba. Should you ever tire of the perfect beaches, the inland towns of the Northern Rivers possess
a pace of life and sense of community that creates a different kind of magic. Mullumbimby is a place that values things
made by hand, where people have discovered that joy is found
not just in the destination, but in the doing. And of course, there’s Nimbin, which during the 1970s became the epicenter
of Australian counterculture, and the front line in the battle to save the
region’s forests from logging. Forty years on, Nimbin’s progressive politics, environmental ideals and alternative lifestyles
have made it a household name in Australia. So when you head into
the region’s wild places, like the Nightcap National Park, pause, and give thanks to the rainbow warriors, who stood between the bulldozers and the trees. From its forests, to its beaches, to every rolling hill in-between, this is one of the world’s special places, a place where the spirit of country touches,
heals, and enriches all who walk it. So come with us, and find yourself, in Australia’s Northern Rivers.

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  4. "First part of the continent to receive the morning light"; ummmm, no. In summer the sun rises earlier in Hobart, Melbourne and even Sydney.

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