Now 25% Smaller: Crouse-Hinds Champ LED Floodlight

Today we’re going to be featuring the new
generation Champ LED Floodlight. This is the second generation Champ Floodlight. It is
special because it is 25% smaller than it’s predecessor and roughly 10 pounds lighter
per fixture than the predecessor. We have models that range from 70 watt up to a 400
watt metal halide equivalent. And in the new generation, the lumens per watt have climbed
now to 117 lumens per watt. So we’ve got a much more efficient fixture and a much smaller
footprint than we did previously. Due to the fact that the fixture is smaller and lighter,
it’s going to be helping the contractor significantly on installation as well as when loads if it’s
used in an outdoor application. It carries Class 1 Div 2 rating. We also have an industrial
rated version that does not have the classification rating on it as well. Some of the vertical
markets that this would be applicable for would be mining, oil and gas, rail yards,
ship yards, loading docks, indoor/outdoor applications, food and beverage; it truly
covers a number of vertical market places that Graybar participates in. To learn more
about the Champ LED Floodlight by Eaton Crouse-Hinds, contact your local Graybar sales person or
go to

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