Nuevo sismo de 6 4 y réplica de magnitud 6 dejan graves daños en Puerto Rico | Noticias al Momento

new 6.4 earthquake and magnitude replica
6 leave serious damage in Puerto Rico on US geological service located the
epicenter just south of the island at a depth of 10 kilometers 8 people
were injured in the city of ponce near the epicenter of the earthquake an earthquake
of magnitude 6.4 hit Puerto Rico before from dawn on Tuesday followed three
hours later for a 6.0 replica they were the strongest earthquakes in several
days of seismic activity in the American territory and caused
great damage in some places eight people were injured in the city
of ponce near the epicenter of earthquake according to the Mayan mayor said
meléndez to the uam television for one of the main power plants of the
country near the epicenter suffered damage in the tremor as indicated on twitter the
electrical authority of the island authorities hoped to restore the
electricity supply throughout the day the geological service of the usa locates
the epicenter just south of the island to a depth of 10 kilometers
initially he estimated the magnitude of shaking at 4 o’clock in the morning in
6.6 but later adjusted the ever more later replicas of
magnitudes between 5.6 and 4.5 the replica of 6.0 occurred at 7 18 in the morning in
the same area people reported strong tremors and station staff
local announced live that he would abandon his building was initially issued
a tsunami alert for puerto rico and the US virgin islands that
it was canceled later albert rodriguez that lives in wine and that a locality
coastal in the southeast of the territory said the warning sirens of
tsunami that went out before the authorities canceled the alert and that
there was widespread damage in his neighborhood the street cracked in the middle and it
raised pointed the church in the square guayanilla principal collapsed
as he told the radio station notiuno the mayor of the town
Nelson Torres Victor Orphan Director from the seismic network of Puerto Rico told
the associated press that I didn’t have immediate reports of damages or victims
because the communications were cut in much of the island the
authorities in the southern city of ponce they had reported damage
widespread added we hope this is the biggest earthquake
for now pointed the aftershocks will continue for a while
the governor of puerto rico- wanda Vázquez told the radio station Isla Pop
before 6 in the morning there was reports of fatalities indicated that
government offices would close during the day and urged citizens
keep calm and wait for it daytime to check status
of their houses the quake of magnitude 5.8 Monday morning shot down five
housing in guánica and caused serious damage to dozens of houses too
caused small landslides and blackouts Monday’s earthquake destroyed a
rock formation on the coasts that they formed a known circular window
like window tip and it was a popular tourist destination of guayanilla al
southwest of the island is the first earthquake followed by minor earthquakes
intensity had caused fear among neighbors of the south of the island
who did not dare to return home for fear that another earthquake will bring down
the orphan buildings director of the seismic network of puerto rico indicated the
monday to society 3 that earthquakes superficial were happening at
along three faults located in the southeast region of lajas valley island
Punta Montalva and the Guayanilla Canyon explained that tremors usually
occur when the plate North American and the Caribbean plate
press in Puerto Rico Puerto Rico suffered one of its worst and most harmful
earthquakes in October of the year 1918 when an earthquake of magnitude 7.3 near
the northeast coast triggered a tsunami and killed 116 people this with
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