NWS Monterey, CA: Tsunami Basics – What to do?

Tsunami Basics – What to Do if there is
a Tsunami Tsunami Basics. What to do if there is a tsunami.
Brought to you by the National Weather Service located in Monterey California. A Distantly Generated Tsunami Has Occurred.
What do you do? Although time is of the essence don’t panic.
Depending on the location of the tsunami generating earthquake you could have up to 10 hours to
prepare. Listen for official messages from the NWS.
Is the message a Watch, Warning or an Advisory? Respond to these official messages and to
what your local emergency management officials are saying to do, being sure to heed their
recommendations. Be prepared for a natural disaster by having
a plan. Be sure to keep an earthquake/tsunami kit prepared. At the minimum this kit should
contain medications, a radio, batteries, cash, food, water and pet supplies. Know the tsunami
safe zones and evacuation routes. Be sure to have a meeting place in mind in case you
and your group become separated. Keep an eye out for tsunami hazard signs located
in tsunami ready communities. In the event of a tsunami follow these signs to safety.  The NWS issues four types of tsunami messages.
The initial message may be a Tsunami watch which means that an earthquake has occurred
that may result in a tsunami. Stay tuned for more information.
If a tsunami is generated and widespread inundation of land is imminent or occurring a Tsunami
warning will be issued. Please evacuate to higher ground.
A tsunami advisory is issued when a tsunami has been generated but little to no inundation
of the land is expected. However, strong currents are imminent or occurring. Please move away
from the shore, harbors and marinas. Finally the Tsunami information statement
is a heads up to let you know that a distant event has occurred and we are looking into
it. No action is required at this point An earthquake has occurred near your location
and has generated a tsunami. What do you do? In this case Mother Nature will provide you
with the tsunami warning. The first sign will be the vigorous shaking of the earthquake.
Protect yourself by crawling under a sturdy table or desk. Stay under this shelter holding
on until the shaking has ceased. Remain under cover for at least 20 seconds after the shaking
has ceased. If by the water look for a rapid withdraw
of water from the beach and listen to the ocean. You may hear the ocean rumbling louder
than usual. Respond. Walk or run quickly to higher ground.
Remember in most cases you only need to move 20 feet above sea level to find safety from
the tsunami. In summary if a distantly generated tsunami
occurs don’t panic, remain calm; although time is of the essence you have some time
to prepare. Listen for official messages from the national weather service. Listen to what
your local emergency management officials are saying and heed there recommendations.
Finally respond by listening to your local emergency officials and heed their recommendations
even if it means evacuation. Remember if a local tsunami is generated listen
to Mother Nature, the earthquake will be your first warning. Respond accordingly, walk quickly
or run to higher ground and remember that in most cases you only need to reach an elevation
of 20 feet above sea level to find safety. Here are some links to additional information
about tsunamis Special thanks to the California Emergency
Management Agency and the California Geological Survey For local weather and tsunami information
please visit us via the web, facebook, youtube and twitter. As always you can give us a call
at 831-656-1725

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