Ocoee River Whitewater Rafting with NOC

Southeastern Tennessee’s Ocoee River is
the most popular whitewater run in the United States. It is conveniently located
between Atlanta, Knoxville, and Chattanooga. The Ocoee offers an ideal
blend of continuous action, great scenery, and exciting class three/four rapids. The
Ocoee River gained fame by hosting the 1996 Olympic canoe/kayak/slalom
competitions the Ocoee is one river but there are two different rafting trips
available. The most popular trip is called the Middle Ocoee and features many
famous rapids that never stop challenging rafters. This is most
people’s idea of the perfect trip: exciting, splashy, warm, and a perfect
bonding experience. All together, rafters experience a full hour and a half of
exciting whitewater rapids. Ages 12 and up are welcome to enjoy the Middle Ocoee. The second rafting trip on the Ocoee is called combo trip. This trip
adds the 1996 Olympic course to the standard Middle Ocoee trip. The Olympic
course features bigger rapids than the Middle Ocoee packed into one frantic
mile. Running the Olympic course is an unforgettable experience. Ages 13 and up
are invited to take on the Ocoee combo trip. With constant rapids, waves, and
splashes, the Ocoee offers the continuous action that rafters are looking for.
The easiest way to book an Ocoee trip is to visit NOC.com and reserve your trip
online. To determine if the Ocoee is the best option for your group, and ask any other
questions call NOC at 800 232 7238 Call today, the Ocoee is one of the world’s best whitewater rivers.

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