Off Grid Cabin Lighting / Balance of Nature / Winter Blizzard / Cabin Life Ep 12

OK Jake, let’s go for walk, good boy, go for a walk hey folks welcome to another “Cabin Life”,
I’m Glenn, I’m Maureen, The Winter Wonderland [Music] Right after a fresh snowfall’s the best time to look for tracks. Not only do you see their definition very well, but you know that they’re fresh, so you can get an idea of the actual size of the tracks. Many people know that if the track gets left alone with the mild weather in the snow it can start to swell. It’s what they call “swelling”, the size of the track, everything stays almost the same definition, but the whole track gets bigger and bigger. So it can make a palm print look 30% larger than what it is. I’m sure a lot of photographers use that to their benefit. [laughter] This is called the crest, while we’re up at the crest, it gives you a good vantage point everywhere, I really like it really like it. Just see the white, the white roof no more green steel “woof” [Laughter] It’s cold out my lipsth urr freezin’ up. What do you expect
from a baby boomer? [laughter] Yeah, we’re boomers, baby boomers. They call us Mr. & Mrs. Boomer. Boomers at the cabin. Yep. “Boomer Fest” “Boomer Fest” [laughter] Kinda like Russ’ “Booxefest” “Boomer Fest” Yeah, Booxefest for Boomers We’re going to get the generator. We’re gonna move the generator down the hill down, to our house. Up here
we don’t need a generator for the winter. If the power goes out and and if for any reason, we need to, we can to come out to stay at the cabin, we’ve got the furnace to keep us warm and yeah we’ve got battery operated lights and everything so we’re off grid, we’re fine. It’s all good. So, these are our propane tanks for the for the furnace that we have. It’s a wall-mounted furnace, propane heater inside thermostatically-controlled it does not need electricity for the thermostat. We have four tanks hooked up. We use two tanks at a time on a regulator. When the two are empty and get low, it switches over to the other two. So, yeah Maureen was just asking me whether, are we going to get it Christmas tree. I’m not sure where we could find one, do you … anybody know where we might get a Christmas tree around here? Yeah I think we’ll be able to get a Christmas tree and yeah we’ll do that. I guess well, That’ll probably be our next video. Standby. Stay tuned. This is beautiful, winter is setting in and as you can see we’ve got let’s knee-deep snow in some places, about a foot and a half or so. And today we’re just going to, we’re gonna try to keep our fire pit clear. Yeah, we’re gonna keep the fire pit clear, we’re gonna try anyway. It’d be nice to come out you know for certain occasions and have a fire at the fire pit. At least we can uncover some of these rocks and stuff. Jake’s having a great time. Woo Hoo, Winter wonderland indeed, eh? Absolutely. It’s awesome. Very nice. So, What’s on your mind today? Well I thought I would bring out some of the lights that we use. Because people who are thinking of maybe not going off-grid, but want to reduce their hydro consumption like we’ve done, they could use these different lights. So I thought I’d show them Okay, while you’re getting those. Yeah, what we’re about here at the at the off-grid cabin and at our homestead. You know we can contend with pretty much anything that winter wants to throw at us. What our channel is about, is basically we’re Baby Boomers, and we’re we’re ready to enjoy this part of our lives. We’re not 20 years old anymore, so we have to take things in stride, and there’s some of the things that we’re gonna do around here that’s going to require the energy of a 20 year old. So that just means it’s going to take two of us put together, and maybe two or three times as long to do it, right? But we’ll get there. [laughter] I’m not a mechanic, and I’m not I’m not a builder, a carpenter, my skills are very limited when it comes to that end of the spectrum. I know my way around a little bit, we’ve built a few houses before, so it’s not like we’re completely green to to this area. We’ve lived out in the country for years and years. Yeah, started from square one. We’ve got lots of tools and lots of great great things now, that’s out on the market technology wise has come a long way in the last decade so. It has, so one of the great things for saving on power, and for convenience too – are all these different types of lights Starting off with my favorite, is Mr. Beams. B.E.A.M.S. This one here is a spot light. It’s a sensor We’re not being paid to mention these products or anything just wondering if I could trigger it. There it goes, I really like this one we have two of them, we have one at the stair at the front of the house in the cabin we had one in the cabin so it would turn on when we came in the cabin is dark out and we have one outside on the stairs that way light up when you’re coming up the laneway, So the other one that we liked was this one. I’m sorry, I don’t know the brand, but I can tell you where I got it. I’ll have to look it up. This is a much more powerful spotlight and you can have this one, we could switch it to stay on all the time, Ya, I think that’s 600 lumens, I think. And it will, um, You can have it so it’s motion sensored, Or, that it just stays on all the time And it’s a really good spotlight. These two are indoor/outdoor., you can leave them outside. This one’s an indoor. This is another “Mr. Beams” It’s good for in the cupboard, or something It just gives a nice ambient light, but again, this one’s motion sensored as well, so as soon as you stop, it turns off. And these ones, these are little mini lights, but they’re on a timer, and, Those are like what, “Dollar Store” lights or something? You can get them in “Dollar Stores”. You can get better quality at other stores as well. So, once you turn it on like if you turn it on at five o’clock today it’ll last for six hours. So, at 11 o’clock they’ll shut off. The next day they will turn on again at five o’clock. So once you turn them on they will always automatically turn on at the time that you first flicked the switch. And I think over four months we only change the batteries once. I think again it gives a nice little ambience, or you can spread out the strings and have the lights along a string. Yeah. So I was just out scouting for some tracks and you know I was thinking about the direction of our YouTube channel here “Cabin Life”. We’re going to try to bring you the real deal. Our trials and tribulations, our challenges, our great times, our victories, we want to share that stuff with you. That’s the reason why we’re making these videos. Just to share, and if you can get some enjoyment and entertainment maybe, and perhaps even some educational information from it, then that’s fantastic. Then I would say that we’ve achieved our goal if we can accomplish that. We really do like your comments we need to hear from you, so we know that the direction we’re going in is something that people enjoy watching. So, if you could leave a comment on the parts of the videos that you really enjoy that lets us know that, ok we’re showing the kind of content that you would like. So, we’re going to be real. We’re just going to video things as they happen. Bring you along for the ride. There’s so many people that are very very interested in cabin life these days, and that’s the other reason why we’re sharing it, there really seems to be an interest in, and a thirst for reconnecting with nature and there’s such a resurgence and interest in nature from the masses of people now. There are so many channels, YouTube channels, and different sites that you can get information about nature learn about it. There are so many for instance up there’s a lot of hiking and outdoor sites and YouTube videos. The hunting, fishing, all your outdoors activities. Bushcrafting is another one that’s a real a real growth industry really is what it’s become. Where there’s bush crafters go out into the into the bush and they practice their survival skills with minimum tools. It’s just amazing what a good bushcrafter can do. It crossed my mind that with the thousands of channels that are out there finding a little niche in the middle of the bush, and practicing the bush crafting or going out hiking and camping out in the middle of the wilderness which is just fantastic to be connected like that. But I it makes me wonder what the impact is. I mean if there’s 10,000 bushcrafter sites, and another 10,000 outdoors hikers sites, and camping in the wild sites, and and everything else. And and if those people got out, let’s just say, half a dozen times in the summer, through this season, let alone the winter. There’s a lot of it going on in the winter as well. But I mean just half a dozen times per person, six times in the season, and you know you multiply that by a hundred thousand sites. A hundred thousand people that are doing it, and that’s six hundred thousand visits into the into the wilderness. And I’m sure there’s a lot more than that. Many, many, many more than that per year. So, it just makes me wonder what the impact of nature is. So it makes me wonder if the very act of the masses of people going out to enjoy nature, whether that’s having a detrimental impact. Whether we’re doing a disservice to nature simply by trying to appreciate it. So, I think it’s very important the way that we appreciate nature how we approach going out to appreciate nature how we connect. There are so many people that are interested in getting outdoors and reconnecting. It’s wonderful, but we have to be very careful and mindful. Let’s preserve nature, my Moto is that Nature should be appreciated, shared and respected. It should be preserved, cared for and protected for future generations. So let’s go out and enjoy nature. Let’s try not to impact it. Leave the area cleaner than when you found it. If you’re at a campsite and if you’re in the middle of pristine bush, when you go in choose your spot wisely. And, I find it very admirable to a lot of people that are going out camping in the woods or the bush crafters. They set up their shelter, make a fire pit, and they make their camp. But when they break camp, they literally dismantle all of their shelter, and they give it back to the bush, and bury up there their fire pit and there’s no trace that anybody was even there. I find that very admirable, and commendable that they would take the time to do that, so it looks as if nobody has been there and the impact is much less. Well, it’s time to … we should go in and get ourselves some warm soup, or something like that. And we shall see you next time on “Cabin Life”, I’m Glenn. I’m Maureen. Over and out, Take care. Please like, subscribe, share and comment [Music]

9 thoughts on “Off Grid Cabin Lighting / Balance of Nature / Winter Blizzard / Cabin Life Ep 12

  1. So much snow already, loved how you guys were totally covered in snow at the end.

  2. Snow is so beautiful . We get a dusting here and there. It’s so lovely where you both are.

  3. Beautiful.  Semi retired I am now looking at building a cabin in the woods. I  have some logging, fishing, camping  videos on my channel,  P.S. I support the paying it forward rage where a content provider like you and me subscribes to each another's channel. This way everybody gets more subscribers. Thanks Ray

  4. I think that when the masses start bush crafting and cutting down trees then we are doing a disservice. Having the masses interested in nature and using trails raises awareness and the big corporations get noticed and gets public pressure if and when they do environmental damage.

  5. One thing about dismantling their shelter… If they used the trees from the area to build a shelter then I say leave it up. Another person will use it. If it gets taken down then the next person has to cut more trees to build another one. I do a fair amount of canoeing in the wilderness. Even thou not many people use the favourite camp sites there is a lot of wood that was cut for fires and debris shelters over time. No it's not a crazy clear cut or even very destructive but if the masses do this in popular camping areas then over time there is a fair amount of trees cut.

  6. I just discovered your channel…I like it! Honest and friendly. I live off-grid in Ontario so I can relate to what you say and do very well. Thanks

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