12 thoughts on “Officer Impersonator Arrested For Using Illegal Lights On Off-Duty Detective In Rancho Cucamonga

  1. Hahaha a cheap Benz with police lights…Yeaa real common lol! Wtf did this dude think he was in Germany smh

  2. I noticed that impersonating a cop is just way to much bad luck and bad karma always always when I hear about these story's the impersonator always pulls over a real cop lol fuck that I'm good on that lol

  3. This is just under shooting a cop. People put their trust in the police.. Unbelievable !!!

  4. Can't say i am surprised by this, the guy probably just wanted to steal some drug money, do drugs, shoot and choke some black people, Rape some random crackheads, and get blacked out drunk in the middle of an intersection, while on duty, so that he would get sent on a paid vacation lol, i am kind of impressed actually lol. Btw all the stuff that i described, has actually already been done by real cops just fyi.

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