[OFFICIAL] SONIC X Ep18 – The Dam Scam

-(upbeat music) -(jet zooms) -This place is amazing. All the wildlife here
really is wild. Let’s land
and take a closer look. -Mmm-hmm. -(shouts) Tails, check the radar.
Mayday! -(spaceship whirs) -(suspense music) -We caught them by surprise. Quick, fire now!
-Both: Roger! -(action music) -Huh, time for some fun. -What are you gonna do, Sonic?
-Ha. You’ll see. -(upbeat music) -No, no! -Quick, fire!
-Too late. -(explosion) -Oh, no.
-Both: We are going to crash! -All right! -(explosion) -Uh-oh. -(jet zooms) -The wing.
-Look out. -♪ Go, go, go, go, go,
go, go, gotta go fast ♪ ♪ Gotta go fast ♪ ♪ Gotta go faster, faster,
faster, faster, faster ♪ ♪ Movin’ at speed of sound ♪
-♪ Make tracks ♪ -♪ Quickest hedgehog around ♪ ♪ Got ourselves a situation ♪ ♪ Stuck in a new location ♪ ♪ Without any explanation ♪ ♪ No time for relaxation ♪ ♪ Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t,
don’t blink, don’t think ♪ ♪ Just go, go, go, go,
g-g-g-g-go, go ♪ ♪ Sonic, he’s on the run ♪ ♪ Sonic, he’s number one ♪ ♪ Sonic, he’s comin’ next,
so watch out for “Sonic X” ♪ -♪ Gotta go fast,
gotta go fast ♪
-♪ Sonic! Sonic! ♪ -♪ Gotta go faster, faster,
faster, faster, faster! ♪ ♪ Go, go, go, go,
go, go, go, go, go! Sonic! ♪
-♪ Sonic! “Sonic X”! ♪ -♪ Gotta go faster!
Gotta go fast! ♪ ♪ Gotta go faster, faster,
faster, faster, “Sonic X”! ♪ -(playful music) -(repair tools creaking) -I fixed it! -Chris: But, Tails,
the wing is still broken. -You’re right.
This machine can’t fly, so we’ll walk. -I forgot
the X Tornado can walk. (coughing) Still needs work. -(laughing) -Can I do something to help?
-No, thanks. I can handle this myself. -Oh, ho-hum, ha. It sure is quiet around here. Uh, hmm. -(beeps) -Chris: I don’t even have
any phone service here. (sighs) (sighs) (yawn) -You can take a nap
if you want, Chris. It’s gonna take some time
to do these repairs. -Okay.
-I’ll wake you when I’m done. -Oh, thanks.
You know, Tails, there’s something
about this place that’s really different
from home. -Really?
-Yeah. Time seems to move slower here
than in the city. Don’t you feel it’s different? -No, this place feels familiar
in a certain way. It’s like being back home. -You must really miss it there. -I missed it really bad
at first, but now
I also like Station Square. Someday I wanna start
an engineering company there and build bots and machines. -That’s cool. When it comes
to building machines, you’re the best there is,
Tails. -Thanks. So what do you think
you wanna do when you’re older? -Well, I– I really wanna study Zoology.
I think. Grandpa and my dad want me
to like building machines just like they do. But since I met you guys, I figured out
I’m more interested in animals than machines. I don’t mean that you guys
are just animals, you know. -Great, I’m done! And this time, I’m sure
it really is fixed, Chris. Let’s go and look for Sonic. -Right. -(coughing) Blast that hedgehog!
Huh? -(crocodile growls) -(gasps) -(suspense music) -(robot gorilla growls) -Oh, E65 is going ape. Stop monkeying around.
We have a mission to complete. -(robot gorilla roars) -Bocoe: Time to go. Dr. Eggman,
we will contact you when we find Sonic. -Don’t fail me. -Decoe: Yes, Doctor.
Take off, E65. -(Sonic zooms) -Hah! I love it here ’cause there’s plenty of room
to run around! (exclaiming) -(upbeat music) -Tails and Chris
must’ve landed the X Tornado somewhere around here.
Huh. Wow! You’re pretty fast
for a kitty cat. -(cheetah snarls) -So, you wanna race, huh? Well, you are pretty speedy compared to all
the other animals on this slow pokey planet. But on the raceway,
I’m a real tiger. See? -(cheetah whimpers) -(Sonic laughs) -(upbeat music) -I wonder
what they’re building here. -Isn’t this a nature preserve? -Man 1: Get it moving there. Hurry.
We have deadline to meet with. -Boris, we need
to get this done quick and get out of here. -Ah, sir, could you tell us
what you’re building? -How did you get here? This is restricted area.
It’s dangerous. Can’t you see
we are building a dam. -A dam?
-What’s a dam? -Chris:
It’s something you build when you wanna hold back
the water from a river or a lake. -But Chris, I– I don’t see
any water around here. -Chris: Yeah. How come
you’re building a dam here, sir? -Man 1: You are being like
that elephant over there, too nosey. It’s none of your business
what we are doing. -(Tails gasps) But if you guys thought about what will happen
to the wildlife around here after you’re done building
this thing. -Who cares about wildlife. Ivan, come here and introduce yourself
to these pests. -(Ivan laughing) -Now, go get lost or I’ll send Ivan here
to find you. Let’s go. -Listen up, you losers! You’re just a bunch of wimps!
You deserve to lose your home. -You, okay? -(whimpers) Sorry, it’s just… Back in the world
I came from… No, no, please don’t!
Leave it alone, guys. No, keep away! -(clatters) -(sobs) -(sniffs) -Whoa! That guy is cool. I wonder where he’s going? Wow!
This plane looks pretty fast. But I bet
I can make it even faster. -Sonic: What do you think
you’re doing? -Sorry.
But when I see a machine, I can’t help myself. I hope you don’t mind I changed
the engine to make it faster. -Hmm, I like what you did
with the color too. -Ha-ha.
Come and see what else I did. -So, you’ve been following me
around all morning to check out my airplane or is there something else
you want. -Well, you see, I like to build
and repair stuff, so they all make fun of me. You looked cool,
so I followed you and when I found your plane, I figured I’d fix it up
and we could be friends. If you want to. -Well, what’s your name, pal?
-Miles Prowler. But my friends call me Tails. -My name’s Sonic. Nice job, Tails. I could use a mechanic
and a friend. -You mean that? -You bet! -(melancholy music) -Everybody picked on me. If somebody doesn’t
stop these bullies, they’ll wreck this place. And I won’t let that happen. -(truck whirs) -You two take your bulldozers
and get out! -This little furball is really
starting to get on my nerves. -(groans) -If you don’t stop, those animals
will lose their home. You better close
this construction site now or I’ll close it myself! -(suspense music) -(screams) -Uh-oh. Whoa. -Next time you bother with us,
we dig hole and drop you in. -You know, Tails, we’re gonna
need some help to stop this dam
from getting built. -But who? Okay! -Chris: Listen up, everybody.
We have to work together. -We have to fight
to protect the nature preserve and stop that dam! -(people chattering) -(people chanting) -But we build this dam
to generate power for your homes to run blenders
and other electric devices. -(people chanting) -Da, okay. -So those two
brought this mob here. -Man 1: This is restricted area.
You must all leave here at once! -(people shouting) -Yeah.
-Okay. -(laughing) -Have no fear, Boris. The dam will be finished
and we will be rich. -But without water here,
how can dam make power? -It’s dry now. But pouring this gas on plants
and setting it on fire will cause a natural disaster. When plants burn up, rain water
will have no where to flow. Soon, whole land will flood and people will beg us
to finish dam. And we will make them to pay. -Sergei, I am loving this plan. -(footsteps) -A monkey monster! -We have intruded
its territory! We are sorry! -They are not Sonic. -Neither of them
bears a resemblance to a blue hedgehog. Like that, you see. -(laughs) -But that really is Sonic! -Move it, E65!
Go catch Sonic now! -(robot gorilla grunts) -Pound on Sonic, not us. -That’s enough! -Wanna challenge me, chimp? -(Sonic zooms) -Hey, you artificial ape.
I’m right here. -Sergei, please.
Let’s forget the dam. -No way. -Grab the gasoline cans.
-Okay. -(panting) -Hah! Lost it! That big ape moves more
like a slug, huh? (gasps) That big slug just slugged me. Oh. Huh. Argh. Uggh. -You will pour gas on trees.
I light fire. -Yes, Sergei. -I beg your pardon. -Huh? -Did either of you gents see
a blue hedgehog run by here? -Another crazy weirdo. -So I’m a crazy weirdo, am I? Well, I have news for you,
Mr. Big shot. I’m going to cut
you down to size. (shouts) -Forget them?
-We go home now? -(laughs) That’s right, keep running. You’re just like
that lily-livered Sonic. Hah. Speak of the daredevil. -Eggman built this robot
with camouflage ability. How can I defeat somethin’
I can’t even see? (moans) -(Dr. Eggman laughing) You’ve met your match.
-Eggman. -E65 strikes without warning! -Uggh. Whoa. Uggh. Uggh. -(laughing) E65 will make a monkey
out of Sonic. -Where’s that robot? I can’t see that thing,
so I’ll have to hear it. -(tree branch creaks) -(screams) -(buzzing) -(moans) -Get back here, Sonic.
You coward. -No, come and get me, Eggman. -Don’t just lie there,
follow that hedgehog. -(Sonic zooms) -Leave us alone! -Tails: Now that everything
is okay here, Chris and I are gonna
go back home. -Chris: We’re really glad
that your preserve
is safe again. -Let’s go look for Sonic now. -Sonic!
-Ha-ha, hey! -Hi! What have you guys
been up to today? -We stopped these guys
from building a huge dam and saved a nature preserve! -There’s Sonic! Hurry! -Oh, no! What do we do now?
-I can take care of this. -Get him, now! -I think I just spotted
its weak spot! -Oh, no, E65 camouflages itself when you see it next
to plants and rocks. But not
when it’s up against metal. I must get rid
of everything metal. (laughs) Soon E65 will be able
to turn invisible again. -Huh? -There won’t be a scrap
of metal left here. -We got no dam, no equipment,
no nothing. -Sonic is whopping us big time. -We better get out of here
quick. This gorilla is a goner. -Sonic! -Let’s end this now. -(upbeat music) -Bye-bye. -Go Sonic!
-Go Sonic! -Okay, Sonic.
Now it’s just you and me. -Ready when you are, Eggman. -Ready.
-Me too. -(Dr. Eggman screaming) I’ll be back! -(Bokkun laughing) I have a message for you, here. It’s from Dr. Eggman, of course. -You think you’ve defeated me,
but I’m still in command here. -Hmmm. -And to prove it, I’m going to have Bokkun here
perform a little tap dance. -(whining) (whimpering) How embarrassing. (cries) -You stopped those creeps. -Yeah.
-Yeah. But Eggman helped.
If he hadn’t made us crash, we never would have been here
to save the animals. -You’re right. -(both laughing) -(Sonic laughs) -♪ Go, go, go, go,
go, go, go, go, go, go ♪ ♪ Gotta go faster, faster,
faster, faster, faster ♪ ♪ Movin’ at speed of sound
-♪ Make tracks ♪ -♪ Quickest hedgehog around ♪ ♪ Got ourselves a situation ♪ ♪ Stuck in a new location ♪ ♪ Sonic, he’s on the run ♪ ♪ Sonic, he’s comin’ next ♪ ♪ So watch out for “Sonic X” ♪ ♪ “Sonic X” ♪
-♪ Sonic, Sonic ♪ ♪ Gotta go faster!
Gotta go fast! ♪ ♪ Gotta go faster, faster,
faster, faster, “Sonic X”! ♪

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