7 thoughts on “Officials: Huntington Beach Tsunami Alerts, Sirens Were False Alarm

  1. How strange. There are false alerts of all types going off all over the country. In one area, people got an emergency alert to evacuate thier homes immediately but did not say what or why. They walked outside and nothing was going on. These systems are going off falsely. How can we rely on them to work if something did happen?

  2. IhIts INEVITABLE..that the REAL thing WILL HAPPEN in California..and we all know that. This will only cause people to blow off the REAL ALERT when it comes..ANY DAY NOW.

  3. Take ppl from,wondering how a blue tail section, turns to black,on way to Phoenix. Where is the blue tail section? And,the other casualties? W/all due respect, to them,and truth.

  4. My friends heard it, I didn’t but I was scared when I heard that it (almost) happened

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