Ohio River clean up

REGISTERED — MORE PEOPLE — THAN THEY EXPECTED. 3 “This is just one of our efforts as we move forward, we’re just trying to launch out, create an atmosphere where people are getting excited and motivated about voting.”BRANDON– VOTER TURNOUT IN — VANDERBURGH COUNTY — WAS REPORTED AT — JUST ABOVE — 6-PERCENT — FOR THE — MAY PRIMARIES — THIS YEAR. 3 3 BRANDON– SEVERAL VOLUNTEERS — SPENT THEIR — SATURDAY MORNING — HELPING TO — CLEAN UP — OVER — 100 SITES — ALONG THE — OHIO RIVER. 3 THE ANNUAL — CLEAN-UP — TAKES PLACE — EVERY — THIRD SATURDAY — IN JUNE.IT STRETCHES — ALL THE WAY FROM — PENNSYLVANIA — TO ILLINOIS — WITH THOUSANDS — OF VOLUNTEERS — PICKING UP — TRASH — ALONG THE WAY. TODAY IN EVANSVILLE — VOLUNTEERS — FOCUSED ON AREAS — AROUND — DRESS PLAZA AND — PIGEON CREEK. PROJECT ORGANIZERS SAY — OVER — 100 VOLUNTEERS — HELPED — IN THE EVANSVILLE AREA.(Carl Gist, CSO Manager of EWSU)”It just makes me feel so proud to know that we have such a great community that shows that they care, and they won’t hesitate to come out and spend some hours out of their weekend, everyone’s busy now-a-days, and it just shows hey I’m going ot give a little bit of my time to show that I want to keep the rivers clean.”BRANDON– THE EVENT — FIRST TOOK PLACE — IN 19-89. 3 3

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