Oittm Treatlife smart wifi dimmer light switch review and alexa setup

okay so I just received the Treatlife
DS01 smart dimmer switch from Oittm for testing so in this video review I’ll
show you how to install this dimmable smart switch in place of an existing
switch and see how it works with Amazon Alexa so first let’s start by unboxing
the smart switch and seeing what features are on the outside so to start
off on the bottom of the box here it indicates that it will work with Google
Assistant if this then that for custom programming and Amazon Alexa made of
fire-retardant material always good brightness adjustments are included and
it has some sort of memory function and on the back here we have the name smart
dimmer switch model DS01 rated at 120 volts at 60 Hertz with 400 watt
power rating and works on 2.4 ghz it will not work on 5 ghz so
something to be aware of and we’ll work on centered B G or N Wi-Fi supported
operating systems are Android 4.1 or iOS Aidan above it will control a max output
of a 400 watt incandescent bulb or 150 watt CFL or LED bulbs there does not
appear to be any kind of underwriter UL or ETL certifications on this switch
which can be an important safety consideration so now opening up the box we have a card thinking us for our
purchase we have a nice white faceplate and we didn’t switch itself protected
from scratches and shipping with a plastic film back we have some warnings
that this could be a shock hazard if not installed carefully also included are
four wire nuts and screws a nice touch here are the included wire labels so
that when you remove your old switch you can mark what you have existing so that
it’s not so confusing when you install the new smart switch here we have our
instruction manual let’s take a look at the back of the Smart Switch take off
four warning label the color-coded wires are nicely labeled here on the metal
plate load for the red line for the backplate for neutral and green
for ground and most smart switches do require this neutral wire so my test
setup here would be similar to what most people would have inside their walls
once they removed their existing switch and disconnected the wires these wires
on the left side here are what would be coming from the breaker panel and this
is what would be going to your light which I have up here in my lamp holder so
now we’re get started by connecting the wire nuts
so I’m gonna start by connecting the ground which are going to be these bare
copper wires combined with the green wire from the smart dimmer switch next
we’ll do the neutrals here which in my case are labeled as white wires but
every house is different and you should never go by color alone if you have any
questions you should contact an electrician remember when you’re wiring
up switches like this to make sure power is off at the breakers and you should
always double check with a multimeter or volt tester before playing with live
wires and now this black wire that’s traveling to the light itself is going
to get the red wire which is labeled as load and now this black line wire from
the smart switch will get joined up at the black wire coming from your breaker
panel so now at this point we have our green ground white neutral we have a red
to black for the load and our black to black for the line so now let’s gently
tuck our wires into the junction box and now’s a good time to make sure you have
this pointed in the right direction and then once you have the switch lined up
use the included machine screws securely attached to the junction box so now it’s
time to flip on the breaker and now that the switch has power I can download the
smart life application onto my iPhone and pair it with the switch so now in
the Apple AppStore we’ll go look for a smart life so I’ll get that now
okay next sign into the smart life app and then enable the item tree life smart
dimmer switches pairing mode by holding down on the rocker switch until the LED
begins to flash red then start pairing a new switch in the smart life app and the
treatlife dimmer switch was added successfully so let’s click on completed
ok I’ll push on the light bulb icon here to turn the dimmer light on nice warm
glow adjust the brightness and that works that’s pretty cool so the switch itself has a nice tactile
feel here it’s a slider control touch sensitive feels slick but not too slick
it’s almost like a satin pushing the bottom button turns it off all the way
so that’s pretty slick I like that now let’s pair this with Alexa okay so once
in the Alexa app you’ll go over to skills and games and then search for the
smart life app push on that then push on unable to use
that skill will enable but to do so you’ll need to sign into your account
and then it will let you know that you’ve successfully linked it to smart
life and then you can authorize Alexa to control your light first you need to
discover devices Alexa will go out to your network and look for all your smart
devices here they’ve all been discovered and I can pull down and select a dimmer
light switch but I can use the app to control the brightness settings and also
issue voice commands Alexa set the dimmer switch to fifty percent okay
Alexa set the dimmer switch to a hundred percent okay Alexa set the dimmer switch
to two percent okay Alexa turn off the dimmer switch okay so I would recommend
you consider this treat life smart switch if you are looking for a Wi-Fi
light dimmer for your smart home based on the price features and ease of
installation as well as the pairing with Alexa so please consider subscribing to
my channel for more smart home device reviews and let me know in the comments
section if you have any questions thanks for watching

5 thoughts on “Oittm Treatlife smart wifi dimmer light switch review and alexa setup

  1. Fine video, and all went well until I tried to have Alexa discover the Smart Dimmer Switch. 20 tries, no luck.

  2. Thank you for your informative review and unboxing. Just bought one and wanted to see an unboxing before I received mine. Currently have a Wemo dimmer switch and it's a nightmare. If anyone is reading this… stay away from Wemo. Im looking forward to uninstalling the app and throwing the dimmer in the trash.

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