[Old Video]Dam Bi and Kwang Soo never will have a love line in Runningman Ep. 405(EngSub)

We invited four guests
who will be with you… – here today.
– Really? Look, the color is pink. – It’s a heart.
– Who will be today’s guests? – What?
– What’s going on? Look. What’s that? (Who’s the first special guest?) – It’s Son Dam Bi.
– Dam Bi. – It’s Dam Bi.
– Who is it? – It’s Son Dam Bi.
– Son Dam Bi? – It’s really Dam Bi.
– Is it Dam Bi? – Dam Bi is here.
– I can’t believe it. – Hello.
– She pretends to be bubbly. – Dam Bi.
– She’s pretty. – Hello.
– Dam Bi. – Hello.
– I saw you at Nam Mountain. – That was the second episode.
– Right. – Long time no see.
– Hello. – She’s still pretty.
– As Kwang Soo mentioned, Dam Bi looked expressionless
when she was waiting. But when she got out of the tent… She pretended to be all bubbly. – It looked mechanical.
– Seriously. It’s been so long since
I saw someone spin like this. – Goodness.
– She’s been on TV for 10 years now. – Yes, it’s been over a decade.
– We filmed a movie together. – Dam Bi…
– They filmed a movie together. – filmed a movie with Kwang Soo.
– My gosh. – Yes, I did.
– “The Accidental Detective 2”? – We also filmed “Rose of Betrayal”.
– That’s right. – Our two movies will be out.
– They’ll be out in June and August. – Really?
– I see. Do you play his love interest? No way. (She’s appalled.) (You didn’t have to say it
like that.) – I shouldn’t have said that.
– Was that necessary? – Did you not see her?
– She’s offended. We have to sympathize
if they’re a couple in the film. – But we can’t sympathize at all.
– Let me just put it simply. – You’re just friends, right?
– I see. – He’s just an acquaintance.
– Yes. I’m just a passer-by. (He has given up.) – That’s the perfect role.
– Now, I get it, Kwang Soo. – Right.
– He just passes by. She was greatly loved
with her song, “Saturday Night”. – That’s right.
– She’s here on a Sunday night now. – This is great.
– Thank you. – Saturday night
– Saturday night I’m sorry, but you don’t have
a Saturday show now. (I’m sorry, but you don’t have
a Saturday show now.) – Hey.
– You keep mentioning Saturday. That won’t last forever though. – But you don’t have work.
– Right. – Goodness.
– You should give… – other people a chance.
– We won’t be on a break forever. – Haha is lowering his head.
– My goodness. Gosh, Haha. He still hasn’t
gotten over the shock. (He does a sudden gesture.) (Choking up) You were doing a palm blast, right? – Wave motion fist.
– Wave motion fist. (They does their Saturday
wave motion fist all they want.) (You haven’t forgotten about us,
right?) – That’s a palm blast, right?
– It’s a wave motion fist now. – Should I leave my Thursdays open?
– What? – Wave motion fist.
– Wave motion fist. – You guys are hilarious.
– All right. By the way, compared to
that time eight years ago, she started mumbling
more than before. – Really.
– I’m getting old. – But I prefer this.
– Is that so? She keeps saying,
“That’s ridiculous. Look at him.” – It’s been eight years.
– Before, she’d be quiet. – She didn’t do much.
– I followed my agency’s advice. She didn’t even talk much
when I asked her questions. And the sound of her laugh changed. She chuckles like a man. (The sound of her laugh changed.
She chuckles like a man.) – A man? Really, Seok Jin?
– See? Did you hear that? – It sounds like that a bit.
– A man. – It’s very…
– I’m a single woman. How could you? – We like it.
– I just meant that we liked that. You seem very easy-to-earth. I’m sorry, – what does, “easy-to-earth” mean?
– What? – Easy-to-earth.
– Did you mean, “down-to-earth”? – Down-to-earth.
– She’s down-to-earth and easygoing. Down-to-earth and easygoing. I jumbled up two expressions.

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  1. Wow dam bi…its been a while since she guess in fo and running man 8 years ago

  2. Wow DamBi is so charming now! Totally different characters back in WGM days! Love it 👍♥👏

  3. I watching this clip because remember so dam bi hillarious moments in village survival season 2

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