[Old Video]Dam Bi so mad at Kwang Soo in Runningman Ep. 405(EngSub)

– Rock-paper-scissors
– Rock-paper-scissors (Eun Su wins dramatically.) She won. (Screaming in happiness) – She won.
– What will Dam Bi do? You can do it. That’s good. That’s good. (Stretching) (She easily succeeds.) She can go further. She sat down. She sat down. – She is so flexible.
– She is so cool. I am so impressed. She is a hero. – Rock-paper-scissors
– Rock-paper-scissors (At this critical moment,
Eun Su wins again.) (Something is not right.) She managed it. Hold on. (Moving) (Dam Bi moves her foot.) – Her foot moved.
– Hold on. – How far did it move?
– It used to be here. (Let go!) It was here before. No, it wasn’t. – It was here.
– Hold on. It wasn’t there! – Hold on.
– It was there. – What are you doing?
– It was there. – Dam Bi, calm down.
– We have to obey the rules. – Calm down.
– It wasn’t there. – Dam Bi has to win this time.
– Then you can be the winner. Dam Bi has to win this time. Rock-paper… (Dam Bi couldn’t stretch
any further.) You can do this. You can be the winner. (The result depends on
this rock-paper-scissors.) (Who will be the winner?) Scissors (Eun Su wins.) – She threw it late.
– No, I didn’t! (Complaining) – She threw it late.
– She threw it late. I didn’t! Hey! She didn’t. – Calm down.
– She was on time. – Hold on.
– Please review the video. – Okay.
– Please review the video. – Haha, talk to her.
– She is right. – Talk to Dam Bi.
– She is right. – This is unfair.
– Dam Bi threw it high, – and Eun Su threw it low.
– No. She… – Jong Kook.
– Okay. (Jong Kook) Gosh. Okay. Okay, Dam Bi. (Nice job, Dam Bi.) Let’s do it again. – Rock-paper-scissors
– Rock-paper-scissors (Eun Su wins.) Okay. (Dam Bi moves her foot again.) – It’s over.
– You shouldn’t move your foot. It should be here. Eun Su wins! Good job. We win. Good job.

15 thoughts on “[Old Video]Dam Bi so mad at Kwang Soo in Runningman Ep. 405(EngSub)

  1. Dam bi have been appearing in TV a lot off lately…and currently with SBS village 8 with jae suk, Jennie blackpink and etc..

  2. I wish4 kwang soo get taekwondo kick like from Bomi or Muay Thai kick…!! It will be awesome to watch….

  3. At first i dont like dam bi at all bcuz she seems like an ignorance person.. But after watching her on village survival i started to like her a lot.. Shes freaking hilarious

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