[Old Video]Dam Bi’s original version of “Crazy” in Runningman Ep. 405(EngSub)

Who’s next? (Dancing Machine Gook Ju is next.) – That’s amazing.
– Someone else goes. – She’s amazing.
– Gook Ju is good at it. Can you swing your leg around? (Can you swing your leg
above the chair?) Can you swing your leg over it? Shall I help you? Leave her alone. You’re great. (She reenacts the dance perfectly.) She’s good. (She has to swing her leg around.) (What’s going on?) (She’s about to fall off the chair.) Gook Ju. (She hits him.) (She hits him in the face.) (Gosh, I’m so sorry.) The chair sank. (What’s more serious is
the sinking chair.) (The chair sinks to the ground.) – I’m sorry.
– What happened? Pull it out. (They struggle to pull it out.) This is unbelievable. (She leaves the scene.) – It wasn’t me.
– This is unbelievable. (The chair finally comes out.) My goodness. – Did the chair bend?
– What? Come on. (The legs got bent.) – The chair got bent.
– Stop joking. Did it bend? It got bent. – Hey.
– The chair went right in. We might find petroleum here. – What?
– Did she bore a hole? – It really got bent.
– That was good. (She’s embarrassed.) Gook Ju. – Gook Ju.
– Yes? – That was great.
– What? I’m not done yet. I love situations like this. I still want to dance. It’s over. Everyone laughed. Gosh, what happened? That was amazing. It’s been a long time. Next is Dam Bi. I’ve only seen it on TV. – This is real.
– It’s real. It’s been eight years. I want to watch her from here. That’s great. – That’s amazing.
– I want to watch her. Her legs look sexy. (The song starts to play.) (She doesn’t move at all.) – You’re supposed to hold here.
– You aren’t supposed to move. You shouldn’t move yet. It isn’t time to be silly. This was it. Her shoulders are still. You weren’t supposed to dance. (She holds completely still
in the beginning.) So Min danced silly from here. I’ve wanted to see you in real life. (The real is finally here.) (She waits for the right timing.) (She moves at the right beat.) (She’s as beautiful as she was
10 years ago.) (She swings her leg easily.) (The real dancer is here.) This is it. (That’s exactly it.) (The original dancing queen
finishes warming up.) – She’s different.
– She really is. The original is different. – Her dancing is different.
– That’s real. (She moves her head.) (This is the real dance to “Crazy”.) – It’s different.
– That’s right. – Right, this is it.
– It’s different. – More, more.
– It’s different. It’s really different. (Here comes the famous
dog legs dance.) Here it is. (She moves her legs like dog legs.) (The original dancing queen) (She dances perfectly
to the song “Crazy”.)

65 thoughts on “[Old Video]Dam Bi’s original version of “Crazy” in Runningman Ep. 405(EngSub)

  1. I remember that star king episode where Jun Ga Eun danced to this song and surprised KJK by sitting on his lap

  2. Oh my God great editing from GookJu disaster dance to DamBi original dance herself ???

  3. Pertama kali liat so dam bi. Gue kira uee. Mirip nggak sih sekilas ?

  4. But its so sweet when everyone thought she'll fall and run to her immediately ?

  5. dipojok ditulis setiap hari minggu,
    tp kok ngk subindo ya..?

  6. I was about to mention good on Kwang Soo for saving her dignity by catching her at 0:30, but that fool had to point out that the chair sunk into the ground xD

  7. dam that fat girl literally murdered the grass. i hope the chair is okay and that it didnt die.
    i really really hope its okay.

  8. Son Dam bi is still as beautiful as ever. Watching all these 2nd gen idols today gives me nostalgia. I can still remember getting into kpop 2009 while watching a clip of 4minute. How time flies.

  9. I don't know if people remember, but Son Dambi used to be the female version of Rain. She was a monster in the dancefloor. She used to be the biggest solo female idol.

  10. Technically Gookju romed her hands over Jae Suk's body @0:35 . I m only one who noticed it??

  11. I know it's not good mentioning other TV show here, but after I see Heechul done the Crazy dance by Dam Bi I just can't watch this anymore ?

  12. The first time I watched this episode, I really thought Dam Bi was Uee.

  13. Dambi in runningman with dambi in michuri is 360 degrees different lmao. She's my spirit animal when it comes to michuri

  14. I wish to read the religion of Islam the religion of truth

  15. Dambi looks so girly in here while on the Village Survival she looks like a gangster

  16. it looks funny (the way she almost fall) but that could be dangerous for a person like gokjoo

  17. Son dam bi = uee = wendy red velvet. They are very close similar. Aren't they?

  18. I know they are saying the chair got bent to be funny but it still was a bit harsh towards her
    She may feel embarassed like a lot afterwards

  19. I didn't know that dambi can dance i feel shock because she was so different in michuri

  20. Gooksu might be chubby but she made a lot of dance cover and she really nailed it

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