[Old Video]What happened to Dam Bi during the 8 years? Runningman Ep. 405(EngSub)

Eun Su is stretching. It really is Eun Su’s first time
on a variety show… because she doesn’t know
whether she should participate. (Glancing around) – She asked me…
– She took off her shoes already. if she can participate. She kept asking me that. (Embarrassed) Can anyone participate? – Anyone can participate.
– Really? (Glancing around) (She looks around as the rules
are being explained.) She reminds me a bit of Lee Da Hee. The others should watch out. Eun Su and Da Hee are
a bit different. She is already taking off her shoes. Go out there. – Go out there.
– Eun Su, come on. – Her shoes…
– Eun Su, come on. All right. – From the start…
– She took off her shoes. It’s been eight years since
Dam Bi came out on a variety show. Eun Su visited a variety show
for the first time. Let’s get the match started.
Play rock-paper-scissors. – Dam Bae learned pilates for years.
– Listen. – What?
– Stop talking about pilates. (She becomes annoyed.) Stop it. Also, watch
how you pronounce her name. – What did I do?
– Her name is Dam Bi. You called me Dam Bae, “Cigarette”,
didn’t you? (She becomes annoyed again.) – I made a mistake!
– He did it earlier too. – For goodness’ sake.
– I heard it. She might avoid variety shows again
because of you. Make sure you open your mouth
and enunciate. Don’t call her Dam Bae. It was Dam Bi’s nickname
from her school days. – Right?
– “Alcohol and Cigarette”? (“Alcohol and Cigarette”?) – “Alcohol and Cigarette”?
– Was that your nickname? Son Dam Bi does sound like
“Alcohol and Cigarette”. I got that nickname
because of my name. – She talked about it on a show.
– You know, the generation gap
just became apparent. Seok Jin heard the nickname
as “Sol Cigarette”. (Seok Jin heard the nickname
as “Sol Cigarette”.) Sol Cigarette was popular
back in our days. Sol Cigarette was popular
back in our days. – Sol Cigarette.
– Sol Cigarette was popular. That’s right. – It was popular back then.
– He is an old man. Let’s get started. I am really inflexible. It’s annoying if the person
who says so is flexible. (It’s annoying if the person
who says so is flexible.) Dam Bi changed a lot. – What is wrong with her?
– Your talk… – improved.
– She wasn’t like that before. – Her tone changed.
– What happened in the eight years? She wasn’t like that before. She wasn’t like that
in “Family Outing”. She is the feistiest woman I know. (She is the feistiest woman I know.) – She is the feistiest woman.
– Seriously. I guess it’s true that
she disciplined the junior singers. (Jong Kook frames her.) That’s not true.
I was a solo artist. Get ready. – Rock-paper-scissors
– Rock-paper-scissors (The loser must split her legs.) (Dam Bi wins.) (Dam Bi takes a step back.) It’s okay. That’s it. Can I switch my feet? – No.
– Really? You have to stick to the foot
you chose. – Rock-paper-scissors
– Rock-paper-scissors (Dam Bi wins again.) (Eun Su splits her legs further.) – That’s good. Come on.
– Okay. She is good at rock-paper-scissors. It’s okay. You can win this time. That’s good. Come on. – Rock-paper-scissors
– Rock-paper-scissors (Eun Su wins.) You just need to win this time.
Okay! (Being good at rock-paper-scissors
can change the result of the game.) Like this? You just need to win
rock-paper-scissors. – You just need to win.
– That’s how it works. – Rock-paper-scissors
– Rock-paper-scissors (Eun Su wins again.) – Okay.
– That’s good. – It’s okay.
– Rock-paper-scissors Finish her. Win one more time. My goodness. (Dam Bi has to win the next round.) – It’s almost over.
– This round is important. Win one more round. – Win one more round.
– Rock-paper-scissors (Dam Bi wins.) – Okay.
– Okay, okay. Eun Su, split your legs. (Eun Su must split her legs
as Dam Bi has.) (Can Eun Su succeed?) – Okay!
– You did it. That hurts! I have a cramp! (The split comes with a cost.) – I have a cramp!
– She is good. – I have a cramp!
– She really has a cramp. – She really has a cramp.
– She has a cramp. – She has a cramp.
– She has a cramp. (Eun Su has a cramp.) – Are you okay?
– You need to stretch the muscle. – Are you okay?
– Pull her foot back. (Pulling) Don’t do that. – Stretch the muscle.
– She has a cramp. – Pull her foot back.
– My goodness. She has a cramp. Do you have a cramp? – Eun Su, are you okay?
– Yes.

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