Oldsmobile Car Found 26′ Underwater in River Scuba Diving!

– If you want to see us get
a car out of the river today, I’d say you picked a good
day to hang out with us. (upbeat music) I called Sam yesterday, I said “Sam, Sam, I found five
cars in this hole.” He said, “When are we doing it?” I said, “Tomorrow morning.” He said– – I’m here. – Four cars, four days is
what I said I was gonna to do. I got an Astro minivan out. We have a Chrysler we’re
gonna pull out today. We have to be very, very quick about this because the tide’s gonna start going out. So we need to get this car floating drug over about 200, 300 feet there. We also have a motorcycle
we’re going for today. – Heck yeah. – So this little Honda 80 is what it is. But that one, I’m actually going to release
that video before this one. So if you’re not seeing the
Honda 80 after this video, you better go check that one out. That means you need to subscribe because we’re always getting
cars out of the rivers here. On that note, in the water we go. Audio Check– Audio Check, lets take a reading of the direction. There I’m line based. Whoa, slightly two. A little, pretty much East. All right. I don’t think it was down
this far in the hole. So we’re gonna try and go. Upstream a little bit. Some sardines for ya. Let’s go up a minute. We gotta go that way, quite a ways. – Oh there we go. We the found it finally. Whoa. That took awhile. Yep, that’s the one we
found the other day. Woo, finally. So here is the car. A four door sedan with
a spoiler of some sort. Sighted it the other day. Verified that there were no bodies. At least not in the driver’s side. Trunk. That could be another story. Oh look there’s Sam. Sam found it too Cheers we found the Oldsmobile. We even got the local PD showed up to see what it is we are doing. I sure did like this better
when we had boat support. Its who swimming thing is, woo. This will wear you out. (breathes heavily) All right, Sam where you at? Okay. There’s Sam. – Yeah right here. There’s that one. Still in there? So wat we’re doing, we are not worrying
about flipping this car. just because we have
timing issues on this one. So that’s why we are strategically inflating three
bags on one tank on this one. That way we can get the car floating. Oh, you know what? Forgot to focus on that rope there. There we go. We’re floatin’, we should be floating woo! Yeah! Look at that. We got ourselves a car Shelly. It’s floating, 500 pounds
of pressure exactly which is kind of like your
cut off as to your safety for when you should get out of the water. I’d say we’re doing pretty good. Sam by the way–
– Sam Sam, good job! – is recording his own YouTube show. Sam Sam the adventure man or something like that Sam Ginn right now. Anyway, I’ll leave a link
in the description below. Go follow this guy out, or go
follow this guy on YouTube. He’s incredible, like
tugboat Captain or retriever. What are you exactly? – Yeah, I’m a 50 ton inland master. – [Shelly] Hey Captain. – Anyway, go follow him on YouTube. I need, you brought your flippers right? – Yeah. – Okay, do we call ’em flippers or fins? I always get confused. – I think a flipper is
like what a seal has. – All right, in the
comment section down below, define would you call them, do you call them flippers
or do you call them fins? I can pull an entire car with my teeth. See that? It’s moving. Look at it, yeah? – [Shelly] What do you gonna pull it with? – Oh, I used Jared’s teeth to pull it. My teeth the two pretty. – Next scene you’ll see
will be the tow truck. Alright, so we got Elite
Towing is back today. I’m sure some of you are
getting tired seeing Elite. But I am not because
these guys are out here on their own time and their own dime. With that if you’re anywhere
in the Portland metro area, or Vancouver, make sure that
you use the code YouTube, they’re gonna get you 10% off and take really good care of you guys. And you know they’re good guys because they’re out here like I said, on their own time and dime. I got out of my clothes. So I’m gonna make a– – Make me do the work? – Sam Sam the adventure
man do all the work. – That’s all right. I like it. – I have two big chains. I left ’em on the side of the freeway. – [Jared] We need some chains today, see where we need to go? – Yeah, but the big J
hooks, the hooks that we’ve normally been using, I left her on a tow on the
side of the freeway yesterday. I never went back to get them so. I have extra chains just in case. (chains bang) – Oh Jared we got her man. – [Jared] Sam you know what we need? We need some yellow boats like that. That’s Clackamas Fire and Rescue. – Fire and Rescue? – [Jared] Yeah. All right. We good. Or is it like this. Is it like this or is it like this? – In.
– Now’s the time to start– – [Jared] All right take it in. – [Brandyn] What do you
have it attached to? The frame. Okay (motor revs) – [Jared] You know we can load
this upside down if you want. Or do you wanna flip it? – Doesn’t matter to me. – [Jared] All right. We just need to make
sure we get in the trunk. – All right, you know what
I want to trying doing? – [Jared] Well, we wanna
take the bags off now. – Yeah take the bags off, get all your chains, grab the
back and try and flip it over. – Bags off. – [Jared] You wanna try that? – Yeah why not? – [Jared] All right try it. – Get it from the back. – [Tow Truck Driver] Yeah. – Back yeah. Its gonna be loud. And nasty.
– Gotta try it. Clackamas Fire and
Rescue incredible people. They, unfortunately they
don’t have their own dive team so it’s up to us, Sam
and I and other divers to hang out and clean up the environment. We hope to have them out here one of these times we did
extend the invitation to them so we’ll see how that goes. Brandyn, you think it’s gonna work? – Yeah. – [Jared] All right. I wouldn’t stand there though. – I’m just gonna get a little tension Then I’m out of the way man. I not standing nowhere close to this. – Is there a song that
goes like… pressure? – ♪ Dun dun dun dun dun dun ♪ – ♪ Under pressure ♪ – ♪Dun dun dun dun dun dun♪ – That’s right. – ♪ Pressure coming down on you ♪ – Yeah there you go. – Pressure. Oh yeah. You know a good plank of hard wood would fix this situation anytime. Oh, that muffler. – [Jared] All right, good luck. (motor revs) – [Brandyn] Oh, now
it’s not wanting to go. Oh, oh, oh, nevermind. – Keep going!
– It is going! Oh, then it stops. (motor revs) – [Man] Where’s the drone when we need it? – [Jared] I know. Hey, go ahead and get inside. – Yeah I will get right on that Jared. – [Jared] All right. – Safety maybe fourth
but still on the list. – [Jared] You know, there’s
nothing not safe about this. – No. – [Jared] As long as you
don’t go underneath of it. – As long as I’m over here, it’s cool. – [Sam] Are you ready? – [Jared] Yeah we’re ready. – Okay, so this can go either way. It’ll go left or right. So just be prepared. – That’s one way to get the mud out. (group exclaims) – [Tow Truck Driver] It’s
gonna come towards you Jared. – [Jared] All right. Don’t ruin my bag. All right we good. – [Tow Truck Driver] Forward towards you. (motor revs) (Tow truck driver drowned out by motor) – [Man] Yeah, I’m ready to jump. – [Man] Wait, ’cause that
thing’s coming today bro. – [Man] Yeah, it’s coming like right here. (motor drowns out people talking) – [Man] Look out! (motor whirs) – [Jared] Wait, I’m not ready! Whoo, yeah! (Shelly cheers) – [Jared] That’s one way to do it Brandyn. – The only way. – [Jared] Did you break your bed? – [Brandon] Oh no. – [Jared] All right. We better not show Max or Doug. Don’t worry they’ll never see this.
– They’ll be jealous. – [Brandon] All right, now
let me just pull outta here. – Hey, we’re gonna need
you to run a plate. – [Shelly] Stay here
while you say some stuff? – That’s crazy. Man Jared, it’s always, it’s always a blast when
I hang out with you man. – [Jared] I’m glad you came along. – Yeah, I appreciate the invite. – [Jared] You better jump in there. – Yeah we’ll see what he’s
needin’ when she’s free. – [Brandyn] First thing is
I gotta push it back in. All right, so Sam. – Yeah man. – We got your nephew here. – Yeah my nephew Godwin. – You know open up the trunk and why are we opening the truck? – Any idea? To make sure–
– Valuables and possible anything else. – Yeah we’re looking for bodies or evidence or anything
that might be shady. – It’s also required by the local PD before we actually put the vehicle on the tow truck and they take it. We actually have an officer
coming down in a bit Also to check out the
license plate on this one. See if the car stolen. (crowbar thuds) – We got keys keys. Keys are in it. – [Jared] Now is it a set of keys where like house keys as well or
is it just a single key? – Nah, it’s just a single key. Otherwise we go to their
house and visit them. – Give them their car back. – Give them yeah return their car. – [Jared] You better hurry. I had Chinese for lunch today, it’s not sitting well with me. – [Shelly] If you just let a girl in there we can get that done. – [Jared] There you go. – Maybe. – [Shelly] Jared, how
many vehicles you say you pulled out his year? – [Jared] 24 now. 24, a tractor, a motorcycle and two boats. – [Man] And some anchors. – [Jared] And some anchors,
6000 pound anchors. – [Man] That’s fun. – [Jared] We’ve never had
one take this long ever. Oh! – Here we go open it up. – [Jared] All right, hold on
wait, let me come over there and I get a closer angle on it. – Guys. Guys come on.
– All right. There it is. – Oh boy. – Fancy speakers. So you gotta feel around, make sure there’s no skull in there. And see if there’s any weapons in there. That’s what we’re looking for. Nice little explosive That’s a bomb. – That’s propane. – That’s…geez – Medical kit. – [Man] Right over here. – [Man] Bro, that’s an old– – This? We’ve got a bag of some kind? See what’s inside this bag. – [Shelly] A million dollars. – [Man] That looks like it. – [Sam] , yeah, we’re clear. – [Jared] She’s clean. Sam, PD says it’s clear. – Its good to know. I guess that means it’s yours. – [Jared] All right, I’m taking her home. (motor whirs) – It’s a ghost. It opened the door. – [Jared] Sam, you have a
fish swimming around in there. There’s a fish swimming around in there. – [Sam] Down here? – [Jared] Yeah, right, right,
yeah at the floorboard there. See if find him. To your right a little bit. There he is, see? – Right it’s a shark. – No no don’t just flip him out. I mean you gotta think about content here. – Oh no, I was trying to… – We wanna see the fish. – I was trying to limit the amount of
water he could swim in. – [Jared] Oh all right. – [Sam] That’s how you get him. Oh there he is. – [Jared] What kind did you
get, you got yourself a trout. – [Sam] Got myself a trout. – [Shelly] Oh no, did you
just rip the interior? Mom’s gonna be so mad. – Hey don’t tell her,
just blame that on Jared. – Right. Don’t we always? – [Jared] I’m so proud of you Sam. – Thanks. – [Jared] Oh, you better move. – When you found the vehicle, was the drivers window down or up? – We dint do anything to it. We haven’t touched it we haven’t moved it. – So its the way you found it? – Yes. – When we found it the door was open. – Okay, so the window was
up and the door was open. – That is correct. – Perfect. Thank you. – Yep. (engine revs) – [Brandon] I don’t tell
you finish it to the truck, it’d take me about an hour. Srub all this stuff off it. (motor drowns out people talking) – That wraps up another episode
of adventures with purpose. Were we couldn’t do this
without an incredible team. We got Shelly on camera
we got Sam as the diver. We got another, camera, I
can’t even pronounce your name. – Godwin. – Godwin, we got Godwin. And we got Brandyn over
there with the Elite Towing. That’s it for now, join us next time, later later. Bye bye.

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