Olight Baldr Pro weapon flashlight with a laser

hey, avery here with skip’s tactical solutions. I’m coming to you with a quick video on the O-light Baldr Pro in desert tan
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later on in this video I will be demo’ing this light for you. Really quick want to
let you know I am an O-light dealer so if you’re looking to grab any O-light
products make sure that you head over to my website which is skips tactical
solutions.com the price tag on this is $149.95 and it
comes in black and desert tan I’ve had mine for a little over a month. This light also has a green laser and is powered by two cr123 batteries. Alright so this light
comes with the laser only feature it also has laser and light and then the
flashlight only the output is 1350 lumens on high and 300 lumens on the low setting it has a 260 meter beam distance which
is also known as throw your run time is going to be 1 minute on high which is
1350 lumens then it’s going to drop down to the 500
lumens for 115 minutes with your laser on. Run time with your laser off it’s
going to be a hundred and twenty minutes on low it’s going to be 300 lumens 210
minutes with your laser on and 240 minutes with your laser off. This light
also has a strobe feature alright now I’m going to compare the O-
light Baldr pro with the surefire x300 so to the left is going to be my O-
light and over here to the right I’m going to have my surefire so I’m sure
that you can see the difference in the lumens and the throw but to the left
O-light, right surefire. Alright let’s talk about beam really quick if
you look to the left this is our O-light and it has a much wider flood and
over here on the right which is our surefire it has a much more condensed
flood. Now on to my thoughts on the Oh light Baldr Pro I personally feel like
this is a quality product it has a solid aluminum housing and the battery
compartment on this is very well sealed so you don’t have to worry about when
you’re at the range and you’re in the elements such as rain or snow
I can definitely vouch for this because I got rained on twice while I was trying
to shoot this video you got to love sunny Florida. When it comes to zero in
the laser I did not have any issues and O-light includes a hex key for making
adjustments which is much appreciated if you enjoyed this video make sure that
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6 thoughts on “Olight Baldr Pro weapon flashlight with a laser

  1. What do you think about this weapon flashlight? ? Comment below and let me know what you think! We appreciate you checking out this video! ?

  2. That is a very versatile light, not to mention it is very bright. Thank you for sharing the info.

  3. if it's for serious use. get an surefire or streamlight. proven track record, unless you dont want something reliable on your firearm. gotta pay for quality.

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