56 thoughts on “Oliver Nelson, Tobtok – 99 Red Balloons ft. River


    xoxo from brazil

  2. I love this song since it's release, finally a music video for it! It should become a huge hit, great work guys! 👍

  3. The visuals are amazing, but I've never understood covers of already great songs.

  4. When I hear your tunes I feel happy to be alive. Really makes me feel great about being a musician. Keep up the awesome work!

  5. sorry, but i prefer original. and you don't even credit Nena for lyrics…

  6. Nice to see other musicians already doing what they love in life. Your music makes me to keep at my own dream! 💔😊

  7. Your tunes always inspire me to make more! Great! 💓🥁

  8. i like this cover since it came out. you guys need to stop being ass wipes and enjoy !

  9. What an fantastic way to start the day! Fantastic post! Time to use all this inspiration to make some tunes. 💖❤️💔

  10. Not as dynamic as the original, this inane version seems to have forgotten that this is a song about War. It's supposed to be tense and scary, not a children's song literally about balloons FFS. There's no sense of drama or suspense here. No ups and downs, just a repetitive thud. No soul. Just corporate muzak to sell socks to. $$$ out of 10. Next time, can you get a singer who doesn't sound like a 6 year old with a runny nose?! Thanks!

  11. It's like whoever made this shit fuck of a video and version have absolutely no fucking clue about what was the original intent of the lyrics and song. Ever heard of Nena Hagen, the Berlin Wall or the fucking Cold War you yuppie maggots?

  12. Wtf 😖 what is it shi**!!!!!!!!😲😲😲😱😱😱😱😨😨😨

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