On PM’s Birthday, Villages in MP Submerged After Sardar Sarovar Dam Reaches Maximum Capacity

On 17th September 2019… Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrated… his 69th birthday at
Sardar Sarovar Dam. The reservoir was filled
with water at the time. They had permission to raise the
water level of the dam only on that day. But without waiting for
the day of the event… and disregarding all the rules… the reservoir was filled with
water on 15th September itself. They didn’t even let the people
get out of their homes. There was no proper rehabilitation. As a result the whole village along
with the farms got drowned. Is your village getting
submerged by the Narmada? Yes, all houses are submerged
with floodwaters. So have you been declared as a Khatedar? No we are not. Were you rehabilatated?
– No. And your house has been submerged? Yes, everything has been drowned. My land is also submerged
by the floodwaters. As the water in the dam was
filled to almost full capacity… many villages in Maharashtra and… 193 villages in Madhya Pradesh
were submerged. People couldn’t even take out their
possessions from their homes. Long stretches of land
in Madhya Pradesh… have turned into islands. Are also big buildings getting
submerged? – Yes. Had they informed you earlier about… the increase in the water level or
when to vacate your homes? They had informed us. But the rehabilitation process… didn’t happen according… to the rules. Now what will you do after
moving out of your homes? What can we do? We will continue living in despair… just like this. They haven’t given us
any plot of land. They didn’t even tell
us where to move. We were just dumped into
Manglik Bhavan and Panchayat Bhavan. Since how long are
you staying here? Since 25 days. What are you doing about food? Sometimes they send us khichadi… while they send roti… at other times. The food we get
is not at all good. The doctors had come
to visit 25 days back. Have the doctors visited again? No, not since 25 days. No one has come here. If you see this road… there is a Narmada temple here. People from the Kewat
tribe are staying there. They are living in a
very bad condition. Your home is getting submerged… and it is so nice and big. How are you feeling? All our childhood memories are… connected to this place. My sisters and I were
all married here. We have had many
happy moments here. We have to leave all of this behind. All the houses are
getting submerged. What will people do with land
and homes getting submerged? That’s why we are warning you… that you have to come and see. A demonstration took place at the… land acquisition office in Madhya Pradesh. There were no officers
there at the time… except the police. People took over the office… and proclaimed that just like
they were drowning their village… they would also drown their office. People filled the office
with water and mud. Just as the homes and villages… were destroyed by the water and mud… the land acquisition office was also… filled with water and mud. In Chota Barda village
in Madhya Pradesh… Narmada Bachao Andolan
staged a protest. Medha Patkar and her nine supporters… staged a hunger strike. On the ninth day, the protesters’
health started deteriorating. Seeing this, former
Secretary and Commissioner… arrived at the strike venue and… assured to work on all their conditions. Only then was the hunger strike
called off on the ninth day. All the land went into rehabilitation. What do we do? My family members are
working as labourers and…. I am participating in the hunger strike. So you lost your
land to rehabilitation. Yes, all of it. Nothing’s left with me now. Any compensation? We got a very small
compensation for it. That is why we have
staged a hunger strike.

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