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This video presented by the new movie Lazer Team! Get tickets now at LazerTeamTheMovie.com Stay tuned for more info after this video My first team comes to us from a galaxy far far away Where they were separated at birth as twins and were not reunited until they were fully grown adults and had already shared an awkward but seemingly passionate kiss together. Check out the size of their fores, its Michael Jones and Gavin Free! My second team tonight are what might some consider fierce, some might say they are uh, “crushing it” other would say they are “goals as fuck” you might even use another generic hip term that all the kids are using these days to hype them up Me, I just call them my OTP (One True Pairing). It’s Lindsey Jones and Meg Turney! I’m your host, Jon Risinger, and welcome to On The Spot Season Premiere! do do do doo New season, same old games Gavin, welcome to season 25 of On The Spot pleasure to be here. Oh Jon, you’re the host No, you’re doing good, you’re doing good We thought we’d switch teams, while you were doing the intro we came up with the idea to switch teams what, a week ago? And also, I, like right as he started, I was like “great, we’re in the same chair, on the outside, it’ll be easier”. So I was like “Gav,” and then you were like, looking at your phone like “alright, well”. I thought you guys were gonna trade to, and Michael was like “we’re going” Yeah. Alright, fine. Gavin ruined it. Really, I just wanted to see if you’d come up with a new intro ON THE SPOT No, he’ll just, uh, soldier on. You were like “Fuck you, not my job. I have the script. I got the words.” Jon doesn’t bring the funny, we bring the funny. I surround myself with the funny. Ok. That’s what I do. I let my theory assumes i’ve missed you
too gap it’s been to loan you want touch WE TALK LATER Welcome to the season premiere of season five! of On The Spot Only season five? xaxaxaxaxa i feel like I’ve heard “On the Spot is coming back” about 45 times in the Monday morning meeting Its like a really bad STI, it just keeps coming back Take the Penicillin We’ve got a sizeable audience I heard that thunderous applause earlier The thunderous applause It was mostly I think what it was, was that as you guys swapped and then I finished my intro, they didn’t know if they just, “do, do we still clap?” The show happened. it’s still real. Its still on And that’s all that matters. This episode of On The Spot is brought to you by SquareSpace and TrunkClub Um, so yeah, you guy are sponsored. If you win, um, you bring glory to your sponsor. Gimme the shirts, I want them. Trunk Club!! Um, ok. So we got a few order of business to get to before we go through games. Our first is team names. You guys, are a team. We are. What is your team name? Team: On The Spot. Yeah. Basically. So, if people wanna talk to you, they can use the hashtag: On The Spot. Fantastic. Two hashtags, yeah. Usually our team name is whatever we’re involved in, at the moment, so I feel like “On The Spot” is appropriate because we’re here right now. It could become Team Game Show, as we go along. And it WILL be Team Loser by the end of the show. Which bring us to OUR team name Team Winners. Yeah, Team Winners. Always. Cause Winners always win. It’s interesting because its been Team Winners for what like, 2 years now? And its never been wrong. So many wins. What’s the name of the first game? Haha, why? Cause that will be our team name for the first round. Ok.Uh, our first game “Sync About It.” Team Sync About It. Team Sync. Change the hashtag every time a new game comes for us. I feel like that’s gonna be the way Gav just gets the show going, is that when he’s tired of talking he just “Wha-what’s the next game?” Are- are you playing with your nipples right now, Gavin? Gavin does the weirdest shit when we’re filming! You have your jacket open and your fingers right where your nipples are I had like, an itchy side My nipple is over here No it’s not! Where is it? Nice strong nipple, right there. the nipples are a very Raja zone from it
I mean that i think i’m just too comfortable sure what do you think that’s the sign
of gavin free beam coming for you want you over take a seat in my apartment egg and I’m
and that’s how he bagged her um so our first ever think about a game
where I each team will be given a question you will answer the question
one word at a time back and forth between teammates you have sex in the
park to do it whenever the Bell is wrong the other team gets to interject with
the word to try to fuck you guys up and all you gotta do is just get your
question Gavin are you ready to play a game yet .
i love the enthusiasm michael has posted notes I don’t like
the guy loves you right now hard thing oh that’s why i am your
little flippy flippy who yeah ok so let’s find out with team on the
spot or sad about it Tim 66 together through the ability idea what their
question is how to get a divorce . this sit in this season yeah yeah done alright so how to get a divorce six o’clock one word at a time starting
with lindsay right ready set go first you must fist you
look neighbor’s dog until he vomits out everything that he has eaten
that evening take that dog and fist but him the
second place because mouths need toothpaste applied to it and higher then
then a divorce it is accepted proper fist yeah you made about 45 seconds to get
back to the divorce of you have got to start seizing for that she shouldn’t get
into that how did you show her go wasting a dog
like when it comes to the board how do we clean how quickly can you get someone to
divorce you miss the doll you never got back to the force we did at the end just sit I was going
to get to uh they like their my gmail been around is that are quick to it and
I say higher at one point yeah I’m sure which is a hand fire then why are you stressing the
higher divorce loyal i got a call yeah the I took it as we’re going higher
on the dog was like all the time you’re 50 how many places you miss things that
daughter is no idea of what question about how I was fisted and the dog was
fisted in the second spot ya gonna claim completely John Turner oh so that means
a bit like the places where the dog while I imagine it was like let’s make
it look at that was like a fist roast yeah you can go in and out with one of
the other way maybe you are just with my divorce is
final ya see words like by hell that’s how you get rid of all my fingers are
touching each other the cat’s cradle oh that when i came from yeah it came
from genius I’m let’s can we read that out first you
must fist your neighbor’s dog until he vomits out everything that he’s eaten
that evening take that dog in system the second place
because mouths need toothpaste applied to it and higher than divorce is
accepted proper for becoming a haiku and yeah it was like something you’d read
unlike the wall of a cave trying to figure it out i’m gonna turn it what did
they mean and just stick figure drawing us 150 dogs in the bathroom of a smack
then the proper this that’s fantastic um alright so that was
that was that was that was a way that the game can be played your answer team win LOL let’s find out what your
question is what to do when you win the powerball lottery lots of money so what do you do when you
win the powerball 60 second clock starting with meg ready set go when you when money’s you spend all of it
fast and buy lots of residue to apply to your Hooker’s for fun times also buy
lots of blow to do with the strippers children strippers then you can send the children to school don’t bang the old mill hill with your
car because die don’t think that’s gonna dogs missing
back in there yeah I came around and proper I kept trying to buy a jet and
kept storage organs and I was like gotta buy a jet that one when we will have
someone who don’t like damn it – hey that was pretty much it hello and dog fisting i just want to
point out that makes it I was trying to get the dog fisting back in there but
never came around to it yeah that’s just great she was on its
own place yeah you’re saying the first like in play I’m happy with it i’m going to add I feel better about the
dogs so in Morgan’s yeah i mean there was a divorce in their answer but I mean
I guess you guys all season and money on hookers and blow you did and is it you well and finding
Joe the regular was like I think that the fancy term for loom and moved up the
hookers hello school prescription i also tried
to lean towards easier access into the hookers after the residue and make forward from there sorry if I’m happy
with what we can’t be good and then there’s a safety tip about what
about hills and threw that in there at the last second it’s not like you’re
gonna say like something that sounded like that so it’s like he’ll use his
children and he said he said chillin you had hills with a little hill it’s a great what the children going
down yeah i was going to get out quick in that but grammatically it wasn’t
going exactly all you think he’ll sure i made we must create it out when you win
monies you spend all of it fast and buy lots of residue to apply to your
Hooker’s for fun times also buy lots of blow to do with the children strippers then you can send the children to school
don’t bring the hill with your car I think you got except it’s not too good
I feel like I’ve learned so much from that you don’t wish i was like Mark
Cuban was trying to tell the powerball winner right there Yeah right there um alright so I you
guys both were actually really good answers yeah well that’s a lie it is but I’m glad that you’re being are
you home he’s got to say that yeah calling you a liar just so you know
she’s calling you alive yeah but she’s got balls we have heard spot because we know where
right that’s when I have points to team winners yeah confidence get you . not make the
same we got to hold you have we have we lost
the our little soiree is there playing with your nipples , he went back and
nipple business it would have ended there your your hands are here like I’m gonna
grab one today once things start going south i’m gonna
grab that i’m going to be making the Wild West people like draw guns really
best get it ready round number do i don’t i don’t remember that part in the
good the bad and the ugly but you find the average the job in the bad nipples all right well before we move on to our
our points into our next game Gavin have you ever made a website
before yeah yeah the fun I was awful yeah because I don’t have
any you know you have any software in every website to get me make the lips
you know how to make a website i use dreamweaver yeah crap oh I remember Jim dreamweaver
that was held jim weaver street yeah and i remember my name and there was no
messages like Meg I so yes I also have you know build
websites from dream of letting its help but I’m you guys aren’t anymore you can use Squarespace Squarespace is
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you sign up for a year which is also fantastic Michael writes very good about
a domain name I have in John but i might now if you sent for free every year you
get a free one I mean why not I start your free trial
site today at squarespace.com when you decide to sign up for Squarespace make
sure to use the offer code spot to get ten percent off your first purchase Squarespace build it beautiful thank
Squarespace toss here there you go why is this gonna work on that yeah yeah
yeah I need some work – yeah do you think the jump I like team
winners oh man do you think it’s available i
think you said it and now someone else is what do you think if you don’t you
think i’ll buy it and give it to I love the office we have it was gonna buy it
out from under us and try and sell it back to us they can be part of team
winners oh yeah they’ll the honorary team when
they will win by getting the website that’s true then we all went together .
yeah that’s unfair what are you making faces for Gavin want
to make a face yeah you were was not get his face hey you got a face like a smack that ass
hey let’s find out what the one that year . . anger between something that’s
an inside reference pointing all right it’s a British thing we got to go yeah
you have a face like a bag of smashed crabs that’s because Gavin a mirror fell on did he take your wallet I don’t show you
I think he stole some of our . and then we still have three back points yes yeah yeah yeah I’m gonna see why you
don’t see any all right all right it’s an adult okay
we’re gonna get taken out you get back oh yeah all right so they’re rather we
can get through two games the show one possibility i can even night we can
do it um well let’s just go ahead and go to our second game men ok Michael we’re going to add a new
sticks and you know kind of the quiz game we went to urbandictionary.com we
found words or phrases each team’s going to get word or phrase there to come up
with two definitions for it if they get it right they get points if they don’t
the other team gets opportunity with one rebuttal definition they get right get
points if they don’t get it right my guess I just give it to a the winners
yeah no idea i mean it just seems like a logical just not a single team winners
interested in only a single new great like team sits on one of you here in our
government also it is it everyone hold on Gavin is going to come
up with new game from the spot again I mean I didn’t find this episode right
and it’s in rock games that’s good you’re on that you’re already on track what should we do given I was
blindfolded ok we have blindfolds yep right now it’s your turn making a
game out coming ok the game is we come up with a new game
for the show oh just crack on it so that i like how long that like and then she
just like fun what do you have to say you’re like shit was bullshit maybe shy also like nothing you know
what you know what I don’t know if you heard what he said but like this is real
life he called it a game type I got a game time he’s like you are no
new game types I’m on video games I know that life this is just a game and this map sucks
here and you are going to because he thinks their analog sticks yeah that must be it is running in
circles like when you run into service in Minecraft he’s looking everywhere to look for a
tempting i’m making your game 25 points yeah yeah yeah what you say no we don’t
even get to know your fucking ok we are team leader within with this one
no my voice team linguistics waiting area next to the dreams of your house
and go whenever you have something falls on you and you gonna run already they’re going to the team winners first
word is Lizzie did you do something happen I heard you yelling I’m just in
the kitchen ever – chicken chicken I read that is dick kitchen of how dick
chicken I got it it’s a thing that what is the thing
Maggie knows that the thing is I’m ready and what is the big dick chicken is a
guy as a game that really asshole guys play where it’s like they pick a girl at
a party that they’re like hey she’s ugly so I bet you won’t go for that girl not
but you won’t go for that girl bra and then they both see who can get the
unfortunate target of the game to go with him first yeah bro but then it’s like they have just like
in chicken you know where one person doesn’t turn away and then they crashed
their car they have to sleep with that girl that they thought that damn man but it’s a new number and let’s
leave it at that because right after smart call yeah i mean i haven’t we all
played together and that’s what makes no I am I was like I my experience that
like and once it happened to a friend of mine Susie Susie is real sad about it Susie
ferny mom oh yeah that’s actually the
definition of Michael got an option yeah well this is easy it’s something i
did you know when I was in high school dick chicken you know you have a couple of drinks
party and get into a parking lot to do to this robe dicks out you just run at
each other in the parking lot and it’s like whose dick is gonna smash the other
persons dick the first person to get everybody to take those questions that
people have somebody’s gotta turn out of the way and that’s their chick yeah I
guess he did you don’t want two dicks to smash so it’s like I don’t care dude you lock eyes and you just run right
towards the person is that right first person becomes erect during the game
because he was a good friend and pumping through me and it also intimidates my
opponent and they don’t want to get a stabbing get out of the way chickens I think we can meet up with our new on
the spot game dat that I like this takes place outside in the parking lot of well
I just imagine like lights are on like that given an area on like a
football field because you’re i have the the bleachers yeah you have like it like that the sexy
girl in the middle who like flags down for you to start yeah yeah yeah that’s
Josh Flanagan actually it is out there in the layout yeah that’s a girl mom that was a
fantastic definition you guys have number two you to come up with a
rebuttal I got one of you it’s a rooster good
luck I used as planned i’m gonna go ahead and
give you 35 points to Lindsay for not even blinking before she supports her
team name on that everybody definition seem like when I think I’ll take it like
a team of losers stick together they do they’re so used a low-down sure she’ll
be we haven’t made up yeah but then sometimes it’s it we don’t know if you don’t really
depending on Alex as Gavin stinking thinking she thinking and you did she
jumps in she doesn’t care shank with me I am it
sounded like Sean Connery’s and that make sure you have any money . it was
shot please oh all right let’s find out what the
real definition was that’s what a game between two guys and blah it’s time to stop him can I get it now with the practice were
a hundred percent on that game I grew up with the definition practice
right yeah so technically you’ve gotten what you sent me and competed you okay there Michael good message
there are a part of on the spot so I got a little excited I’m impressed that you don’t use it you
guys to play dick chicken all the time you just don’t call it that like you
guys run each other with your dinner guests don’t just my penis that is our
first day no that’s called sitting next to him well you’ve got a friendly hand touch –
today I didn’t touch your penis during lazer team interview he bumped it I hate
it I wanted to do like your pants your pants I wanted to like articulate how
like what relationship we had is like you guys known each other for a while I
was like yeah and then I hit him in the dick but it took two hits that any
development you’ve said your letter I don’t touch Gavin’s Dickie touching my
because one way to anyone Gavin Gavin punches a dick to black it’s either like to see that was looks
like a very like this you like a little scorpion yeah it’s like to get like me it looks at my dick like it’s a worm and
he’s like what I said the boy while he’s gentle into that good night trust me he was gentle long for God
doesn’t wait he’s been gentle with genitals ever said
exacts a bit yes gentle with genitals at a wonderful
phrase i got in press story yeah close the name of your
autobiography you can have it in school with Jennifer yes yeah its neighbor was already know that
don’t ya think I mean area die gentle gentle gentle with a little
consequence on Team linguistics find what your word is spreading shit that
sounds something like Gavin would say you’re just way harder what’s your vision really hard I’m its
way ratcheted adjustment device red sprinkles systems yeah i mean that’s that’s a possible on we thought that we were going to be on
the same team I’m so glad we came up with him 10 years Oh have you were doing
so well in the car so much I’m so glad Megan yeah seems like I was worried
about your brains being all my guard you where you have to you beforehand I was
like you’re good right you know what day it is like yeah yeah I’m like okay Michael’s got a flashlight around paired
hate you could play with lake cabins right what happened was like oh my god
is she gonna be okay for on the spot because i don’t want to fuck my stupid
okay Michael was worried about you more on the spot it was coming up and
the neighbors team is team winners and here we don’t know what we don’t pick up
that was that was a wonderful definition game I feel like I feel like we’ve been
boning slightly we have to take chicken and spatula to be had a better answer
for dick chicken integrator you all there in the water a pin it to my
attention don’t know I would have a big dick supporting you
you know that no I had a better definition ok maybe
you’re going to be online with support Gavin br2 is fucked what was your big chicken like I have
something and you’re like a rooster like her up in their shit i don’t know what i
just said yes and that’s right for me a dick chicken in my experience when a
package we’re gonna die clear it’s well it’s male or female who just
really want to dick in her mouth like no matter who they’re around so party so kind of go around like
they’re kind of employing they wanted but i’ll give you 10 like that moving for grain that’s really good can
I and I think I probably should have said that instead of gab yeah that’s a
big machine or yours had like she had a physical is right in your heart
remembers on the round is over yes let’s not writing any points that’s
you know what I really want to i want to be standing here and then she like to
trade your points already so if you don’t even like slide on over here like what do you mean 30 should remember
you want to get seven points haha seven points thank you Michael I don’t let say thank
you I would i want to point out stop a little complaint about getting that word
you guys fucking SWAT team so you could have been on Team dick chicken I was on this side like but you had the
opportunity who’s gonna swap nah right let you know when i see and
you say when i did this if you had actually gotten off your ass and come
over here you have been team dick chicken job yeah so that’s one definition of scratch
‘it that’s right let’s move on to our second
definition of scratches yes so girl what you got um a lot of valley
girls like to describe people as ratchet really looks pretty gross like that girl
is so ratchet right now writing but uh sometimes after
winter like women don’t like to shave sometimes after work during the winter .
the rain jeans lots of looking a little gross on their legs and their purpose oh
yeah when spring rolls around we got a spring
ratchet girl to scratch it every spring that girl is so ratchet that’s ratchet that’s fucking the
ratchet yeah like i see like i lose myself it she’s here for the sale she’s got the
definition and she just keeps going with that love it and I agree that a lot of
times people white girls valley girls will say things are ratchet and it’s
it’s offensive really because i don’t like it . moon
attaches to ratchet right don’t make a right to ratchets don’t
make a right when those valley girls sometimes you can’t go get a custom
spray tan you have to go in the stupid little
booth and you screw up your hands when they look dirty and they say oh my
answers of scratches that the dirty spray do mhm yeah great i don’t know what we got to
that definition I don’t I wasn’t following the whole way right yeah its
prey this is rich and ratchet got you I got
you that’s good that’s good let’s find out what the real definition
is the plastic piece that separates one provide groceries from the other on the
conveyor that’s a lie that’s not right what the fuck is that they have a game
of hairs well that’s a made-up name I order you can even use it if you like Bob loves the spreadsheet you get
punched in the great was that man what the fuck you home because this is a
tragic i spruced sprinkler system um because Gavin actually described a
device in his definition I’m gonna get points together oh my name cyril is what I guarantee
we’re getting one no I guess I’m better than these are you
busy here you’re right ok ok I dare anyone to go to a grocery
store and ask the cashier for the scratch it motherfucker they have no
idea what that’s called I have been to walmart and add six
people were to find the cheesecloth and they didn’t know what that was wait hey what’s the cheese clothes it’s
a clock it’s like that that fabric that likes trains yeah you straight up you can put molding
spices and make mulled wine which is keen on Skyrim when you can i love
magenta let’s leave the planet in addition to
make some cheese that’s used in other instances as well I call God cabin don’t
you watch the walking dead not that I made cheese 1 episode 3 good
up we have one more word that we’re gonna
go and each team will have one opportunity , definitions this is like
lightning round versions we like collaborate and then throw it if you
want to talk you can talk a little bit of conducting a test um let’s find out what our final word is Netflix and chill oh man please enjoy
did everyone say oh no I don’t know where that and something i didn’t know
what the fuck ratchet I just went over the ground you don’t write checks and
chill netflix we know but that’s–you know
left and chill no there there definitely is ok so we
have a lead we’re going to you guys first on this
one interesting Netflix and chill yeah I could it be alright if you feel
you’ve got something I don’t get all right to my face alright so we don’t
know Netflix and chill is when you hang out with someone you get a little
netflix and you chill Jack and Jill popular nursery rhyme
where Jack does something and jokes for tumbling after even though clearly not
what Joe wants to do so Netflix and chill is when a guy cums on to a girl
and she’s like I don’t really want to do it but i guess i’m following his lead so she goes tumbling after she cut him
ok I’m ok it’s just good glad you got to the
family not necessarily like like main game plan kind of thinking yeah it’s
like I actually want to see this movie I got like yeah yeah yeah opportunistic
see ya for me when I Netflix and chill i watch
Jack and Jill on netflix right now yes the atoms and that could have been
your definition if you hadn’t given it to make that’s fine i just wanted you to
know that wasn’t part of the game by looking really strong I contract I’ve
been looking at the whole time I made a point to not look at you the entire show
i don’t know if you noticed it no yeah it was very intentional and now I feel
like we’re having a conversation just a woman so yeah do you want to watch Jack
and Joe I don’t know if it’s still on that lends it wasn’t like I haven’t seen
it yet and it looks great yeah yeah okay quality we have a show to do okay I’m so netflix
and Jill got megs definition I’m gonna let me take care of all right
everyone everyone’s learning is lasts and the alright Lindsey I also thought
of Jack and Jill the amazing Adam Sandler movie but for me netflix and Jill is when you do set up a
Netflix and chill that is successful you’re gonna go through with it better
but during the event your girl or guy keeps switching out for what they say is
their sister or brother but it looks exactly like them and you’re like why
are you the same person and then you find out later that they are this way why i have a question go for it what I
got it let’s take a moment let’s take a moment and then later on
fire I did the reaction of teammates not getting into our definitions Gavin gives a shit definition lindsay
has aah Lindsey gives a definition that Gavin just fuck just brought him walk
over the other team right now I’m a yes man yeah I also would think that Netflix and
chill because they call jilling off right that’s what girls what is that jacket yeah you’re not good
so you never mix and then I judge a girl I’ve heard jack off jill which is also
the band name yeah yeah chillin off is like when girls
go at it so maybe it’s a new girls who are Netflix and chilling and actually
getting shit done got like three definitions on this side I don’t need to be confined to one
definition yeah that’s doing i get along oh yeah giggles can I details no matter what
great that we’re not on a team and we wouldn’t know any of the other words i
don’t know what the fuck just happened yeah i’m right by it I just blacked out you wanna see that even share do this um
let’s find out with the real definition was when you watch Netflix to love ya hey all right that was good meg is just like all about getting the
definitions after you guys have already given as
your answer I don’t get none of that matters to me everything I got ok what’s the : girls enlightened yeah
ok so that hey we could build it we got it and diddle diddle themselves and
bouquets or term you can say I’m just that there you go all right let’s just not in charge so
why don’t you watch yourself five years now but that’s not much better on the
only time we can flood themselves blood yeah that’s what I every time I say
something someone started by different I don’t judge you said all right all
right all right I i I’m not even though Meg got the
answer right afterwards we got a point oh I like make definition most in so
many give the food and water line for trial at 40 meters so that’s smart like
golf clap clap quietly for now um I’d say we clapped every time we got
. smiley just be surrounding area it hurts so bad it would be like mario
party is so strong over here cocky another one word answer from the
day when you stuck out her look at the hockey before we move on to our points and
redemption challenge everything like that we have a little something to say I 2016 is going to be a game changer I
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shipping both ways you only pay for the clothes that you keep to take advantage
of the trunk club com / on the spot that strong club.com / on the spot for a
trunk filled with clothes you love wearing let’s go giants it was good thank you I think they should plan for that we got
in bed with a proposed for a drink and a little bit of pieces that you can fuck
it up right now to talk about the third word is running really well yeah right
this is about the latest how does words good is just ninety
percent Ryan it’s him all right yeah it’s great i say that i completely agree
i think if close , a trunk that’s fancy I’ve never own clothes in
the trunk have you have on the trunk no that’s very like Pompeii my two
trunks you know I see I’d like Harry Potter
owns nothing but trunks every time I want to be there like 15 fucking trunk
see pull it up I don’t know where you get him maybe
i’ll get the clothes just to get the trunk didn’t have a dad went to school
like little british guy and I just making a actually in the wrong now you can talk to your stylist about
that in mind that you might do that yeah that’s what gets his fucking fancy
clothes I don’t fancy you guys has upgrade his style so fucking much like
the last year he’s a new man that was my favorite part about podcast 350 because
you look like shit on it he’s like a halt by an see Gus made over
a tree trunk like I got on my cousin want a t-shirt and what he is quite
fancy now I’m so we have points what are the points find out who we better have more oh yeah
why are winners are winning that time out of some kind of like the numbers
we’ve done so we have a Redemption challenge we are normally allow you guys
to make up some points we’ll fix it in post yeah so let’s bring
in some of our stuff we got some a few uh oh my props first we need to get you guys blindfold
you know my house this is my idea what you’re going to love it it’s a game where you get some blind
folds out oh my god you guys want to thinking we would lie 23 points oh shit I know what to do with you
there’s some items uh what do you hold my Uzi these are
condoms Honduran use that children who uses make
sure the baby’s own can I ask a question is anything going
to go into my mouth during this only if you wanted to I mean that’s up to you I don’t want to
okay it all then you won’t get the point the ideas blindfolds on all right and what you
guys are going to be doing is that inside of these boxes we have a few
items that you might be able to apply those condoms – we’re gonna put 30
seconds on the clock and you guys are going to try to put as many of those
condoms on the items as you can you get points for each condom get on you guys
are losing by 23 points i will give you five points each condom successfully do
we have to open the bog Tyler will do it ok so the box we open
it wasn’t ready to go to trial going to open the box time around the clock ready set go oh yeah relying on you
anywhere you go on the streets and fine finally God there are cabins got off on
the wall we go with me to reach out for the friendly when it’s on now you know
you got it you got it already died I want are you yes thank you he’s got one my god you guys are you when the Jonny that Gavin toys you should not get points for that what
I snapped you snap it back on you did it’s just a dick before I . for
this shit have you a lot of just begun i cried and
look at the spiral of losing you i know is that a lightsaber nice bro yeah I was
kind of turned on by how you’re like whoa see I thought that was a joystick and I
was like oh this is broken hey this isn’t mold or anything right no balls isn’t it yeah you gotta fuckin
marble in there guys on the last you could do with a napkin well done that’s class well why didn’t
you notice about they would be better to our heart our scientists we got blue
springs and we got it showed off makeup you have to fall on their the marble ah
oui oui we learned a lot on the spot and we learned some some things that I get a
close-up we all eat what you do what now you put the model on the thing we only
we know what’s in there tomorrow John what keeps it seal what you take the top
and you smash it not was in there in there in there it’s just fun that I’m
talking to your staples that is a so what is it like a japanese ramen a and
it’s a delicious japanese soda it tastes like sprite remix shows and it
comes with a horrible and it’s really hard to break the bottle because I tried
to do that to get them to get the marble and smashed at Gavin you could have seizures with all of all maybe we’ll take out so many mirrors
together oh yeah that’s where the line you find the line might have mounted and
you don’t want to cross over it you guys got to jail – I told her
graphic sexual organs only got 10 points do you yell where the Chinese black I lost it definitely one of the more you
can only be seen when I got a dime for every time she heard that i’m sure you
guys hold 10 points fantastic that catches you up and get you close enough
to actually win if you guys play it well enough in our third and final game which
is able to start telling know maybe see okay yeah we’ll see you this yes ABC
storytelling is the game where ET will give it a scenario and characters are
gonna act out that scene with the sex on the clock and like real improv actors
know you guys get to actually you know stretch out those acting you’ve acted
you have the exact taxing those acting’s acting mark and then what’s up you guys
out you will do that using the outfit so each layer dialog will start with the
next layer of the outfit and you guys can take your blindfold off anytime you
want but will sighs so if you get a point out
for each a letter you get through so the more you get the letters the more points
you get you can skip x and z you get extra
points for it to get negative points have used the wrong letter ok let’s not let’s not do that so I
don’t want negative they’re going to start we’re not going to take that risk
with the this team team ABC yeah let’s find out what your scenario
is since Gavin is the hostage negotiator in text number one number one number one
hostage ships are apologies and lindsey is
international criminal who has taken entire Bank hostage is an end is making
some very odd demand my side cast yeah uh so I was six o’clock where we
start with what letter I serve the letter uh Gavin is the
negotiations start him off on this ready set go on the number one hostage
negotiator in Texas let those people go just give me everything I want or
everyone gets a bullet in the head ok listen I need three stuffed animals
of all the original Care Bears monkey no not monkey Oh possibly the lion one if you can find
him I know he was kind of the original because he was different than everybody
else that’d be great Quinn me is the name of the wire right we need with the best one he was
fantastic sure the show was totally uvula in the back
of your throat how does it feel very sore right now I’ve been yelling a lot
of these people and at you i’m making a lot of demands to them another crying
right now why you know what yes yes yes um I don’t forget to go to think can you
wait why bullshit use quickie in the fucking door so i usedninety
in the pressure ok it is now the name of a dog and I was
right when he was the name of your dog in the branch you forget yeah yeah we know trying to what Quintin
was a huge the work you know I can’t get Quinn me never forget quit being a
mascot someone draw quindi we are meeting with me the team quickly i think we landed on
your property yeah i got this could take it home right
here um so yeah they got to quite a lot of letters good it’s up to you guys keep your lead
going let’s find out what your scenario is the meg and Michael are to
testosterone recharged muscley members of the hottest frat
house on campus and the night of heavy drinking by swapping stories of their
greatest female conquest – Barry well versed individuals for this
kind of scenario kind of typecasting let’s go with six o’clock what letter
you start off with tea meg into the the expert more so the two
will start you off ready set go check out so many chicks
tonight brah oh she sucked my dick they’re very cool watch me bang every chick here bro you are the best you are the man wait
what’s after one or two I’d skip ah I mean I gay your friend member demon
one so I muah damn i can’t fucking come up with the
answer your bank so many chicks bra come on dude I’m knee deep and put here
right Diggs all the time a you want to hop on my schlong forget it man just so many girls here
I’m not gonna have on your slugs I got got got so many benches I can’t
count them all many bitches yeah I feel like I fuck
that remember that so it went completely day
but it was ok didn’t it yeah yeah yeah that’s true it didn’t
show their stuff did you have you been to get you want
your dick and I was a dude I wasn’t talking to you know tonight was open to
the idea but how much pussy but there’s already shut me up to me hey you might
they were all I was going to bring everyone there that’s the problem yeah she got in the
way I might have to bang my bro to get to the gym like sometimes sometimes i
have to like go through the alphabet me I’m like a middle alphabet letter yeah but what’s up – why i thought yeah surely you’re in a serious she’s gonna
do what she sees the world class I think you should just in the middle of
it like what’s up to write me and I would have been the moment when you’re
more worried or want to do it there’s still time Michael there’s still time
Meg would you like to join Team claiming 0 2 winners I feel like even with that
that’s like we battle adversity we still come back do it like we battle the fact that I
don’t know the alphabets true and the wind take yeah that’s right the winners let’s find out what points
are and all that so you know so i got lube on my husband
yeah I bro not they could not a you snapped it so I can’t believe you even
got points for that points oh nothing a ride relations the winners one angry man who could have
seen that coming but the audience gets smaller somehow um yeah I don’t you well I want to thank our sponsors
Squarespace and trunk club for responses episode i want to thank my guests Kevin
Lindsay meg Michael thank you for joining us for
our season premiere join us next week for another episode
bye everybody yeah hey everybody I’m very happy to say that
our movie lazer team is headed in theaters this January so head over to
lazer team the movie . com to see if it’s playing in your city if it is by ticket and if it’s not we’ve
given you the ability to set up a screening in your town through a
partnership with tug for more details on that go to lazer team the movie . com thanks

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