One Dam Minute – Virtual Tribute to One Dam Dog

Hey, you got a minute? -I sure do! -Good cuz
it’s One Minute Wednesday. -Where are we going? -We’re going to see One Dam Cache!
-A Dam Cache! -Yeah, cuz this is the Hoover Dam! -Alright!
We’re gonna go see a Virtual about the Hoover Dam’s mascot dog who worked
and lived here, and unfortunately died at their making up the Hoover Dam. So it’s
one cache. -One minute. Cue the title. -And start the clock. -Go! The Dog of the Dam, a loyal friend to construction workers for years, was a
resourceful black shepherd born on the work site of Hoover Dam. He knew every
supervisor and would run to get a boss at the first sign of a man tumbling into
the cement, or a crane giving way. One day while taking a nap, a truck backed
over the sleeping mascot. A Memorial Plaque was installed on the site but was
later removed by the government which decided that the Dam Dog’s name was
offensive. A concerted effort on the part of veteran workers forced the
installation of a new Memorial. A slab with the single word, Nig. The slab is
still there though the word seems to have vanished. a plaque above the slab
tells the story but neglects to mention the dog’s name. The site is listed on the website
Roadside America. [loon call] [loon call] Well that was damn cool! -You’re so punny. [laughing] -I know. Well that was the Virtual. -That
was amazing! We got to see the Mascot Dog that helped building the dam.
-Yep, and we can’t leave you with just the Mascot Dog this is such a big dam. We want to leave you with some more. -Some more visuals of the area. Yeah. This
Hoover Dam is such a cool spot. Is it someplace that you’ve visited or you
want to visit. -It’s my first time here. -Yeah, it was on our bucket list. What
other places have you visited that are like this that are just such an awesome
tourist destination. Have you visited like the Pyramids, or the Leaning Tower
of Pisa. Let us know in the comments below. And where will Geocaching take you?

27 thoughts on “One Dam Minute – Virtual Tribute to One Dam Dog

  1. The more of your videos we watch just keeps adding to our bucket list. Need a bigger bucket.

  2. We visited the Hoover dam many years ago. The water looks really low compared to when we visited. Its amazing the size and beauty of the dam. The grand canyon was probably the most amazing place we visited out west.

  3. I've always wanted to visit Hoover Dam. I've watched a few documentaries on the building of it. I had never heard of the Dam Dog.

  4. The Hoover dam was at the top of my bucket list, so in 2011 I trecked across the country from Buffalo New York to the Arizona /Nevada border to see this man made wonder. Sadly, I learned about geocaching two months after I got back from the trip. Guess I’ll have to come back again.

  5. I'd love to see that Dam spot. It's a shame that Dam Dog's name was removed.

  6. Interesting story, I've never heard it before. But I also haven't been to the dam. This one reminds me of the Greyfriar's Bobby cache I visited in Edinburgh, Scotland. A guy's dog waited by his grave for 15 years after his death until the dog died too. The people loved the dog so much, he got a statue and grave at the entrance to the cemetery. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I have been to the Hoover Dam many times and went on the Dam tour. My parents used to take us on vacations to Las Vegas as a child and I have been back many times before and after 9/11. Before 9/11 you could travel by car over the dam and even went on the dam tour on the elevators located on top of the dam. Many great memories there and surrounding area. Lots to see. Thank you for sharing this video.

  8. That’s one Dam good dog! Very cool. I hope to visit the Hoover Dam one day and check out the Grand Canyon.

  9. Well, damn. That's a big damn dam! I bet it's even more damn impressive to be there in person. I have never been there, but wouldn't turn down the opportunity if it ever presented itself.

  10. We have been within a hour drive of the dam however we didn't make the time to drive over. After watching your video, we have decided, road trip. Thanks for sharing.

  11. We've yet to visit any major sites like that, but one day maybe.

  12. Unfortunately I did not have a chance at that virtual when we were at Hoover Dam the other night. We parked on the Arizona side, took some pictures then continued toward Kingman and Route 66.

  13. OMG it has always been our dream to go to the hoover dam since watching transformers. You know what?! The lady did a contiki across America and drove RIGHT PAST IT! Can you believe it?! And they wouldn't stop to go see it I was livid 😂

  14. Gerry and I visited Hoover Dam in 1967, and descended via elevator to see the gigantic turbines. It was an an awesome tour….

  15. I’m from Italy… yes… I visited the leaning tower!😂
    But I visited the piramids too… and the Eiffel tower, and nordkapp, and the Cremlino, and Santiago de Compostela… I travel all over the world thanks to my mum and dad…
    Unfortunately, I didn’t know what Geocaching was by then…
    I started all over again with my wife.. and yesterday I found my 900 cache!!!
    Anyway… nice channel! I really like it!

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