One more body retrieved, raising death toll to 65

It’s been more than five full days now since
Korea’s worst ferry disaster in two decades, with search-and-rescue operations continuing
through the day and into night. Unfortunately… no survivors have been found
since the first day and the death toll continues to rise.
Let’s go live to our Hwang Sung-hee and Ji Myung-kil standing by at Paengmok-hang harbor,…
which is just 20 kilometers from the accident scene.
Guys. One more body was recovered not long ago,
raising the confirmed death toll to 65. It has yet to be identified but it is suspected
to be a female student and was found on the fourth floor of the vessel.
That is where the cabins are and it is where most students were believed to have been at
the time of the accident. Rescue teams are currently focusing their
search on the third and fourth floors. Yes that’s right.
And nearly 2-hundred-40 people are still missing in the sunken Sewol-ho ferry and nearly 90
percent of those are from Danwon High School in Ansan.
Family members of the missing took a boat ride to the site of the sinking, just a few
hours ago, which must be a very heart-wrenching trip for them.
Now it’s getting dark out there…. but we presume search operations will continue. Yes… search-and-rescue operations will continue
throughout the night as the divers will be working around the clock.
Flares and fishing boats with powerful flood lights will help the divers operate in the
dark. In addition to the five guide ropes that have
been attached to the sunken vessel, they added one more, securing another route to the inside
of the ferry. More than 2-hundred coast guard ships and
navy vessels, 13 fishing boats, 35 aircraft and more than 5-hundred divers have been deployed
today. Two remotely controlled submersibles are also
searching inside the sunken ferry with the help of two U.S. experts. The weather conditions seem favorable tonight…
with winds reaching five meters per second and tidal waves reaching the one-meter level.
This has been Ji Myung-kil and Hwang Sung-hee, reporting from Paengmok-hang harbor.

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