One year after deadly earthquake and tsunami, UN pays tribute to Japan’s resilience

The first anniversary of
the earthquake and tsunami that struck
Japan last year was commemorated this week at the United Nations
Headquarters in New York. The concert, entitled “Overcoming the Disaster:
Gratitude from Japan to the World,” featured the Japanese taiko drum troupe Ondeko-za
and other musicians. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon spoke during the ceremony. When the earthquake stroke we immediately reached out to Japan a country that had
reached out so many times for the rest of the world. I met with school children, and I found that Japan, the land of the rising sun, had become the land of the rising youth. I will never forget the faces of the young Japanese I met. In an instant, the earthquake had destroyed their homes, but nothing could defeat their spirit. For more UN videos

3 thoughts on “One year after deadly earthquake and tsunami, UN pays tribute to Japan’s resilience

  1. We will not forget Japan. We will not forget Haiti. We will not forget Sumatra 2004. We shall never forget any victim of natural disaster nor man made calamity.

  2. Sharing, Justice and Peace will help control the elements of the environment.

  3. Dear Sir or Madam from UN,

    Now that LDP has officially become our government ( again ), as mentioned, they will try and restart all the remaining 50 nuclear power stations(=plants) which I do not think they will manage to handle.

    So, before they accidentally blow up the plants and pollute the air and sea water with radiation all over the world , please put some pressure on Japan ( my country ) to abandon all nuclear power. We could use our methane hydrates instead.

    Thank you so much.

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