Oneida County cleans up from flooding

THE TORRENTIAL RAIN OVERFLOWING CREEKS AND STREAMS IN HISTORICALLY FLOOD PRONE AREAS. NEW VIDEO TONIGHT OF A CAMP WASHED AWAY IN THE VILLAGE OF POLAND — SPOTTED FLOATING DOWN THE WEST CANADA CREEK. FIREFIGHTERS ALSO HAD TO PULL PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR HOMES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, SOME HAVING BEEN THROUGH THE SAME EVACUATIONS LAST YEAR AND THE YEAR BEFORE. NEWSCHANNEL NINE’S NICOLE SOMMAVILLA TAKES US TO THE NEIGHBORHOODS HARDEST HIT IN THE UTICA AREA. Nicole: “The Utica area seemingly the hardest hit community here in Oneida County and where I am right now in the Village of Whitesboro cleanup is still well underway. Down this road it’s not completely blocked off but it’s hard to get through but there’s a lot of flooding, a lot of trees down, debris down, National Grid here as well. There’s been crews working to get rid of this flooding going up and down this street.” “The high winds were bad enough, but flooding forcing entire neighborhoods to evacuate. Fire departments responding to around 50 homes, trying to bail water out as fast as they could. City and county leaders calling this some of worst flooding they’ve seen in places prone to this…like the Sauquoit creek which has been a trouble spot for years. Phase one of a mitigation project was completed before last night – and the town supervisor said in a press conference this afternoon that it’s working, and while this is rough, it could have been much worse.” Shaun Kaleta: “All that water retained at the park would have gone down into the village and believe it or not cause even more damage.” Nicole: “The flooding has been so bad in this area that the state has already stepped in to help the town with a mitigation project. Coming up at 6 – I’ll have more on what exactly the state and town are doing to try and help homeowners in the CNY town prevent repeat flooding and protect their homes. In the village of Whitesboro, Nicole Sommavilla, NewsChannel 9.” JEFF: THE GOVERNOR HAS DEPLOYED HUNDREDS OF MEMBERS OF THE NATIONAL GUARD TO COMMUNITIES AFFECTED BY THIS STORM. THEY’LL BE EQUIPPED WITH BOBCATS, DUMP TRUCKS AND FRONT-END LOADERS — TO HELP SPEED UP THE CLEAN-UP PROCESS. ROD:

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