OPEN We Are The Dragonets (Crystal Gems) WOF MAP CALL [15/18 TAKEN] [0/18 DONE]

If you’re evil and you’re on the rise, You can count on the four of us taking you down ‘Cause we’re good and evil never beats us… We’ll win the fight, and go out for pizzas! We… Are the dragonets! We’ll always save the day! And if you think we can’t… We’ll always find a way! That’s why the people, Of… this… world… Believe in! Glory, Tsunami, and.. Sunny– And Clay! I will fight for the place where I’m free, To live together and exist as me I will fight in the name of the prophecy! And everything that they believe in… I will fight for the world I was made in! Pyrrhia is everything I’ve ever known… I will fight to be everything– That everybody wants me to be when I’m grown! The odds are against us… This won’t be easy but we’re not going to do it alone! We are the dragon– –ets! We’ll always save the day! And if you think we can’t, we’ll.. Always find a way! That’s why the people, Of.. this.. world.. Believe in: Glory, Tsunami! And Sunny..– And Clay!

100 thoughts on “OPEN We Are The Dragonets (Crystal Gems) WOF MAP CALL [15/18 TAKEN] [0/18 DONE]

  1. When you wanna join a map but your still getting the hang of things.
    Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. Aaaa god id totally join but I said I wouldn’t join any more maps hecc, I wish you best of luck in completing this one though!

  3. Ahh this is gorgeous!! Could I possibly snag part 18 or backup please?^^

  4. okay i REALLY love this map idea!! SU and WoF are my two favorite things too and its awesome to see people combine that. Your character designs are so sweet, too!
    Sunny is such a happy bean in that picture ;w;
    Could i get part 1 or 6? I definetly need to work on my cave backgrounds but if you need more examples of art, my insta is Lisy.Lupikus 😀

  5. Part 1 pls? Tsunami srsly hates living in a cave animation examples:

  6. I’d love to be a part of this but I can’t draw let alone animate lol 😂

  7. (Password in this)Ok i love tsunami,its sad that starflight wasnt born outside the CAVE .he could've gotten powers
    Could i possibly get any of this in list of preferenc 1,3,5,7,8,17,18

  8. Can I have part 12. I think honestly I love all the dragonet, but tsunami is one of my favourites.

    could I have part 1 please? 😀 (if 1's taken, I'll take part 2 if that's open!)
    also sunny is the best and most aDOrAbLE dragonet in the cave xD
    here's an animation example, if needed!
    (it's not my best, but my most recent work ^^)
    eee I can't wait for this MAP!!

  10. Can I have part 8 ? ( Clay seem nice for him to fight kestrel in the cave uwu ) (+being save by tsunami xD ) ( is the flipaclip watermark ok ? :{ )

  11. part 17 and 18? gonna have to figure out how to draw CAVES for this,, also i love all the designs, especially Glory's !!

  12. Could I have a part? My favorite is star flight and the background could be the cave. If not can I be backup?

  13. May I snag intro, parts 1-5, or parts 10-18? If not, backup? There will be no watermarks on my part. My favourite dragonet is Tsunami, and caves are spooky •~• the designs are SOO good!

  14. Part 12 or backup? It takes place in a cave starflight loves his cave

    (I’m sorry idk how to fit him in XD)

  15. Backup? I love glory’s expression in the call! Also it takes place under the mountain in that cave they stayed in.

  16. I’m not here to ask for a part,
    But I’m excited to see when this gets done!
    Your really good at drawing dragons, I’m not -.-

  17. Omg Sunny is like the bomb in book 5 lol part 11 please here's an animation example BTW I have a different art style than this, this vid is old

  18. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH! OK THAT SETTLES IT! IM JOINING!!!!!!!
    the dragonets grew up in the caves under the mountain until they were set free to chose who they believed should be the queen of the desert. Starflight, don't try to stop the song, just stop. Part 8 please!

  19. I'll have part 7. Starflight probably loves learning so the part should take place in the history cave.

  20. Aww, poor Starlight doesn't even get any voice lines, why would you do that to my precious boi??
    Also it's kinda sad that they had to spend their entire childhood in a cave.
    I don't have Discord oof, but can I be a backup?
    Also yes, Amethyst's voice suits Tsunami perfectly XD

  21. Aww could I have part 7? Sunny is my favorite, although Dune teaching the dragonets about survival/hunting in the cave is a close 2nt

    You can watch my animation tests, and my animation meme/kinda vent that was posted a while ago

    If I don’t get the part, could I have a backup part?

  22. Clay is my favorite dragonet, this map takes place in the cave and could I please have any part? I’m not picky 😛 (also I just got rid of the FlipaClip watermark)

  23. poor starflight, he is just sitting in the back of the cave with no lines XD

    part 13 or 10? (prefer 13 please =) )

  24. Part 16? Clay is so adorable Xd animation example:
    I changed my art style so I have it on my channel also

  25. Ah this is such a cute idea!! Im straying away from wof map parts but I wish you all luck! 🙂

  26. Aweee this is such a cute idea!! Could I have part 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9? I’m okay with getting two parts, but would like to start with one. I can’t remember the last time I saw a WoF map that took place in the caves, and I love you design for Glory!!

    I'll take part 1, 5, 9 or just any of the instrumentals (and that's I'm order of preference)
    All your designs are gorgeous and yes Tsunami would definitely fit as Amethyst!! The entire thing takes place in the cave!

  28. Reading the script made me feel so bad for starlight. He's just so done with there singing when he's reading a good scroll in the dark cave. 😂
    I was hoping to get part 17 because webs is the best dragon parent ever.

    Here are animation examples
    Tweening (at the end sorry I didn't have any other tweening examples)

  29. im not used to pearl coming out of sunny oh lord-

    you have mixed the two things i love

  30. Can i have part 11 plz and why is starflight look so much like a sad boy

    And since my channel is ran by two people here are two of my animations

  31. Hey can I have part 7? I’ll have Starflight and Tsunami in scarlets arena

  32. Could I take part 6 OR backup????
    Tsunami is my fav! She's so fierce! Anyway, this MAP takes place Under the mountain!

  33. Part 10?
    I was wanting to get into a WoF map, and here we are!
    I love glory, she’s quite the character.
    It’s interesting how it’s all set in the cave.

  34. I’ll take any part! I love Sunny, but all the dragonets are amazing! The script takes place almost entirely in the cave! Here’s some of my best tweening/drawing/animation examples: (from newest to oldest). I have a discord, Pandi ! #6939 I’ll try my best on my part, I promise!

    in the cave,,,, Glory,,,, backup? :`)

  36. Holy crap the designs are so cute! Clays is so perfect. This m.a.p is such a great idea! Sadly I can’t join because I don’t have discord, but I look forward to the completed m.a.p

  37. Oh my god I love this so much
    Part 5, 12 or 18? (In order of preference)
    Tsunami! And I think they all just take place in the cave

  38. It takes place in a cave…
    Part 13, 14, or 15? Any other part is ok too!
    Starflight is me in my friend group ahhhh

  39. This is an absolutely awesome idea! Sunny is an absolute bean, I am currently working on something else but Backup pls? The beginning of this legendary adventure takes place in the cave

  40. Part 12,13 or 14? I love baby tsunami the most! All the parts take place in the cave.

  41. Awe poor dragonets. It's sad they were in their cave the whole time. And sunny is adorable in the thumbnail! Can I get part 10?

  42. OHhhh wow I wish I could join this, Clay would be such a happy little Steven. Can I maybe ask for a backup, since I'm busy rn, but I'll probably be more open later? This takes place in the caves.

  43. Awww I love the idea of this map, and I think steven’s voice fits well with clay! I don’t think there has ever been a map just about the dragonet’s early life in the cave before and i think it’s cool owo. Can I maybe grab part 3 or 2?

  44. Can I get part 5 pls? (I'm not the greatest animator here but it was worth a shot, and I can remove watermark now!) Clay would be proud 😉

  45. Could I have part 4 (preferably), part 8, or backup? oh my gosh dangit the adorable refs im screaming, though i think starflight just wants to get out of that cave where this takes place!


  47. part 1 Glory is probably my favorite out of the dragonets- the scene takes place in the cave!

  48. Part 3
    I wanna join this map since i never been in a huge wings of fire map. Glory is my favorite dragon she so sarcastic
    Poor starflight is in the background in the cave ( sounds like me in class;-; )

  49. Poor Starflight, he’s just sitting in the corner of the cave, silently watching everyone else sing.

    Any part or backup?

    My discord is Hazel Grunts #5009

  50. Part 6 and 9? Or one of those (preferably 9) Idk, I just love Su and the dragonets, especially Glory! She is my fav :3

  51. Hi! Could I take any of the instrumental parts? Everybody looks at Sunny like she’s the underdog, but honestly, she’s the most cheerful and positive, even being around the cave! She reminds me of me 🙂

    Anyhow, I’ll take whichever one I can!
    I am also making some more animations so if you need anymore examples just tell me and I can send more! 🙂

  52. THIS IS SOOO FLIPPING CUTE. Glory is my fave of the OG 5 dragonets, and this takes place in the cave under the mountains. Could I do part 14 or 10?

  53. I'd love to take a part but I cant even draw XD I'm really excited for this to be finished!

  54. Hey, part 12? I love Tsunami, and it would be a honor to be in one of your videos!

  55. !Reply to this comment when you have a WIP or a finished part!

    If I don't comment on your part, I haven't seen it! Sometimes my YouTube comments and notifications are weird. Even if you aren't sure, don't hesitate to let me know again that you have a WIP/finished part!

  56. I'm so excited!!!!! I wish i could join but I'm too busy. I'll see if i can get a backup after i get all my dues done.

  57. Ooo! May I have (in order of preference), part 14, 9 or 8?
    Tsunami is probably my favourite, I love their moments in the Cave!

  58. This is a really great map call, but why didn’t Starflight get the last part instead of Webs?

  59. I really want Part 5 but I'm in MAP hell rn ;-;

  60. Can I have part 16? I'm pretty sure Tsunami is the reason that Starflight is just back there with no lines XP

  61. I would love to get part 14, but in this order parts 12, 11 or 13 will be okay too. I am not joining maps for GLORY. It takes place in cave.

  62. Part 7 or 4 please! Sunny is happy in this cave. (I don’t know what else to put..)

  63. I really want someone to do a map of here we are in the future with the war being over

  64. aaahh oh gosh!! part 16 or 11? preferably the first but 11 is fine uwu
    glory as garnet is my total headcanon now, and poor starflight is just silently sitting in the cave lol

  65. oml……this idea is BALLER imma die
    any way i can cop part 13 of this?? i have some examples on my channel, but i can provide examples of wof art if you’d like that specifically. tysm for hosting this!! 😊

    yanno……considering that they lived in a cave with a running water stream, you think there’d be more mud for clay to vibe in. just sayin

    edit: also, just felt like i should mention, i do use flipaclip, BUT i don’t have a watermark, if that matters. and if you need my discord or anything for communication, lmk!

  66. heya, could i get either part 7 or 9? (preferably 7) i have animation examples on my channel and can also give some art examples since i dont have that many posted online.

    tsunami, each of the parts takes place somewhere in the cave, but it wasnt specified/ cant remember the exact names of the locations.

  67. Welp, just when I thought I could join a map, I don't have discord XD
    Anyways, hope you have fun with this map! And good luck! I know your part is going to be amazing!

  68. Could I have part 9? I Can just imagine how annoyed Starflight is in the cave with the other dragonets!

  69. Part 13 looks nice and simple. I think I’m still considered a beginner?? ( I mean, who am I to judge? It’s up to you. Hopefully I make the cut :> )
    but I’m attempting anyways.
    I frigging love how you drew clay he is bootiful :’).
    Hope to get the part! Drawing a cave should be fun.
    Sorry if I wasted your time!

  70. I'm notjoo ning this map BUT O MAI GOSH STARFLIGHT!!!!! XD I am 100% sure this will turn out AMAZING

  71. Poor Sunny stuck in the cave
    I’d love part 8 or a backup!
    (I really should be working on something else but god I have no restraint lmao)

  72. yO if I can could I take the intro (or a backup,,)
    Honestly Pearl's voice does not match Sunny at all, but I'm living for it.
    I really love the idea for this map. There really aren't enough maps about their life in the cave lmao

  73. Somehow I feel like baby steven fits so well with baby clay, as well as amethyst and tsunami

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