Operation Tomodachi: Marines Provide Humanitarian Aid to Japan

Marine: Fire! Reporter: “You’re seeing live footage of a
tsunami engulfing the port area of Kamaishi in Iwate prefecture.” Marine: “I am absolutely amazed about what
we were able to accomplish in such a very short amount of time.” VO: “Marines move toward the sounds of chaos
with the courage and compassion to silence it.”

26 thoughts on “Operation Tomodachi: Marines Provide Humanitarian Aid to Japan

  1. @chrisnunez619 Thank you for your Service Sir, I am in a process of enlisting as well and hoping to go out there and help out Japan with the disaster relief operations, how are things out there when you were there Sir?

  2. @chrisnunez619 Sounds good brutha, ever since I saw the news on what happened to Japan, I've been really wanting to join and go overseas and help out. Are they still sending Marines over for maybe like helping rebuild and good stuff like that? Thanks for your time.

  3. Wet or dry, cold or warm, rain or shine, the Marines are always there. Cant wait to join as an officer in 7 or 8 years.

  4. these people fight for our country,and protect us with our lives and your making fun of them?

  5. One of my Marine sons, a Gunnery Sgt went there. He's been to Iraq and Afghanistan but the devastation there shocked him.He spent a year long ago in Okinawa and he liked the Japanese people. He would have stayed longer but their mission was a short one. We are very proud the Marines and their dedication to any mission they always accomplish a job well done. Oohrah !

  6. To ashmedai6 …. You have made a comment of a video of a nanosecond of a few but the millions of Marines that have served since 1775 have not only served our country with honor and courage but have been all over the world on humanitarian missions saving countless of lives and some have gave their own lives . You obviously couldn't make the grade as a Marine and if you know anything you would know there is nothing as an ex-Marine… Just an inactive Marine .

    Missions, saving countless lives

  7. so waht rank is this marines so i can join the marines and do the same thing

  8. I wish I had something more to say, but I can't think of anything. I am so proud of our boys.

  9. Japan will never be alone, United States always will be there! Semper Fidelis!

  10. Brave men all. Sacrificed on the altar of Satan. As they get cancers and other severe health issues, dying before their time on the altar of Satan. Find Jesus the Savior before you get sacrificed on the deceiver's altar yourself. Wake up and open your eyes.

  11. And yet you make this about the good things we did, and each of these soldiers and sailors have been exposed to radiation.

  12. Good job. To the administration: I would love to see more operations like "Operation Tomodachi" and less operations like "Enduring Freedom". A powerful and well organized group of people like the US Marines could do much good in the world.

  13. Pretty sure the Navy did most of this and you crayon eaters were just along for the ride. But sure!

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