Oral Dam Demonstration

Hi my name is Lian my name is Keenan and we are from SHAPE which stands fro sexual health advocate peer education and today we are going to be talking about Oral dam and answering commonly asked qustions people have about them we will start off with what is an oral dam’ this is an oral dam so the first step to using an oral dam is no its not opening a package it is asking for consent and in missouri you not legally allowed to give consent if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol the second step is to check for tampering and also check for the expiration date with this all you have to do is take the oral dam out and then hold it to the light so you can kinda see if there are any holes in it if not you are probally good to go check for the expiration date, which is right here on the back this one expires in 2016 so you have plenty of time to use that when you are using an oral dam you use it during oral sex, to protect you and your partner from sti transmission. and you can either use it during vaginal oral sex or anal oral sex, so what you do is you put lube on the surface that is recieving oral sex. once you put your lube on your partner you bring out the oral dam put it over and then perform oral sex so one question that people have is, What would you do if you dont have an oral dam? for one thing you can do is you can go to some of the resources on campus, you have to student center you have the women’s resource center, LGBTQ resourece center and then you also can go to five residence halls around campus say im just flat out of time this has to happen now, i dont have an oral dam on me what do i do? well that person could be like “oh hey, i have a female condom or i have a male condom so you use either barrier method cut off the ends of the condom and there you have it you have an oral dam all made by you diy and if you have no condoms or oral dams whatesoever, there is actually another option the non porous plastic wrap that you can use. make sure that its non microwavable just because if it has pores in it then fluids can transfer through and you dont want that because there is a possibility of getting an sti from that so that is an overview of the oral dam, a wonderful thing that it is. be sure to check out our lovely website SHealth.missouri.edu S stands for sexual health not student health by the way there are many pictures and a box to ask questions in and just general information. and then there is also the student health center and if you were interested in setting up a program to learn more about it or to have it presentation in the res hall you can click programs tab and sign up there there is also just good information to have on that website like the sex word of the day miz gyt and there is also some shape files just in case you wanted to read information about us, and if you got inspired enough to become a peer like us you can also apply to become a shape peer Thanks for watching

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