Oroville Dam spillway collapses ? 2-11-17 inside the danger zone

this is Marty with the factual actual real news network we’re going to be broadcasting live from Oroville dam where there is chance or possibility that the dam may collapse. Stay tuned this is marty & Chris Sacramento’s reports we are on Oroville dam with a news update it is a flurry of activity here at the oral dam spectators and news media are swarming all over the blade also there are three different helicopters flying around at any given time they are in the process of removing power transmission lines and towers but there’s not enough time to do it before the emergency spillway starts to receive water helicopters are buzzing overhead while the meantime ground crews are cutting cable and dropping them the water in the spillway is still continuing to flow at 36,000 CFS but if you’ll notice now it’s no longer brown and dirty because all the dirt has been washed away leaving nothing but clean bedrock just the way the engineers described let’s go to the top of the dam this is Marty and Chris a news reporter we made it we made it to the top of the day of we are here look official be there as you can see here the water level is three feet from going over into the emergency spillway where there is uncontrolled releases there are engineers continuously monitoring the dam and the situation at hand thirty-six thousand cubic feet per second is what is currently flowing over the spillway there’s about one quarter miles to where the material is missing in the spillway they’re continuing the grouting process and adding riprap to the bottom of the emergency spillway to reduce the amount of energy that the water would produce when coming over the water is expected to crest over the dam at about 4am this has been a special report by Martin news and now stay tuned for the weather with our hot meteorologist tani alright Chris I don’t know what I had to sort it said Wehling Wow would you look at this back to the studio else Martin news if we reported it’s true

78 thoughts on “Oroville Dam spillway collapses ? 2-11-17 inside the danger zone

  1. What happened is there was a crack in the spillway that water was able to force it's way into. Once the water pressure got under the slab of the spillway it hydrologically lifted the slab. Lets say you have 50 PSI of pressure being applied to a 1 inch hole. The water goes under an area of the slab that is sealed and it can not escape from. Lets say that area is 20 foot by 20 foot. That makes 57,600 square inches of surface area the water can push on. That makes that 50 PSI pressure capable of lifting 2,880,000 pounds. Since the slab was 12 inches thick the concrete used was only 1,600,000 pounds for that 20 X 20 area. That leaves a difference of 1,280,000 pounds of uplifting force. That force must go somewhere. This is how the spillway was damaged. Any crack can allow water in. This is why they build them with drainage so the water has a place to escape and it can not build up pressure.

  2. The Fart-NN news has a Funny Smell..! This should be some wild overflow over the dam.. Fart NN Dam

  3. Whose bright idea was it to build "power lines" and other infrastructure in a dam's emergency FLOODWAY? Sorry, that is idiotic.

  4. I got to give you guys props, You made it to the top of the dam looking officiel. Good thing you were not muslims looking to blow up the infidel

  5. NEWS FLASH!!!!! If EVERYONE in Washington D.C. were to flush their toilets ALL at the Same Time – we'd loose Congress.. — Bob

  6. wow….not one national news channel reporting this. watching this i see a huge dry reservoir at the bottom, just waiting on the water. sounds to me this is planed, and a bunch of liberals dont want land flooded. Maybe pick your politicians a little better next time.Hay California i have an idea..
    send all your Muslims and illegal Mexicans down there with buckets. Good news this should end your drought.

  7. Doesnt matter, CA will have the lake drained in a weeks time and back to drought in 2 weeks.

  8. And where is our governor? Once again, unseen in the problems faced in California. When will people learn that to help the weak we must begin with strength. Our inability to plan for and overcome our weaknesses regarding our water issues makes us too weak to help others. Our problems in our water issues are our own fault, through a lack of focus on our future-no ability to have insight , or to make plans which will be sustainable. We did not provide dams and other containment of our water during drought. Yet we still allow the growth of our state, endangering the supply even more. Now with the rain needed, we did not see forward enough to safely contain the water we graciously were given by God this year. Something is totally wrong in the management of our state!!!! When will it be recognized and dealt with?? We are considered a joke to most other states in our nation. And rightly so!! Our ability to provide our entire globe with the food needed to sustain their lives is possible with the gifts we have been given in the spill d land formation needed for food production. We could be considered essential and respected by all. Would that not be better?? Our future relies on citizens knowledge and focus on this truth.

  9. why has there been no update today there seems to be a media blackout in progress and there is no live coverage. looks like things are getting bad and if nobody warns the public their blood will be on many people's hands.

  10. The DOT has special SONAR that can be towed by helicopter and scan under these so called spillways and inspect the Dam it's DHS that is hoarding the Life Jackets somewhere what's the hold up getting those out. By the way it's no longer to be called an EMERGENCY SPILLWAY the State has changed it to AUXILIARY SPILLWAY for what ever reason and it is clear that it is failing.

  11. Liberal Globalist will blame Trump for this and that will just trigger Brown to raise more and more Taxes on Californians….Brown will rip your wallet empty and continue his corruption for as long as his socialist agendas are accepted by brainwashed Californians, Democrats who vote and wanted to give more taxes to this crooks are just as evil and stupid as their politicians….

  12. Crest at 4 am and they are pouring concrete now. Seems like someone missed the boat …no pun intended

  13. they had to shut off the electric turbine generators, so they had to
    resort to the spillway…. seems that the bearings are seized up with
    some black plastic shards from the billions of black plastic balls they
    released a year or so ago in Nevada and California (gotta dump plastic
    somewhere in order to ("save
    water")…. go pick up your black plastic balls, grow a real set of
    real balls, and quit deliberately dumping plastic into our environment…in
    the next 5 days another severe rain and snow event is foretasted in your area.
    put a life jacket in your car for each person.

  14. Hey! The dam isn't going to fail, but the emergency spillway might. Big difference in the speed that the water will come down. Very important to get the facts right. Thanks for the video.

  15. http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/02/12/oroville-residents-told-to-evacuate-spillway-failure-imminent/

  16. how long ago have they known about the crack in the spillway. did they not fix it because of the "DROUGHT"…….UPDATE I knew it http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/02/12/oroville-dam-feds-and-state-officials-ignored-warnings-12-years-ago/


  18. truth is this Moonbeam stole the money to fix that dam give to the socialist projects to destroy dam ps I live in cali so I am telling the truth that drugged out brown it did I know personally

  19. I live in Ohio and this is the most informative video I've seen on the situation in northern California. one video I've seen said that this was a way if impeaching Trump Is the Pot that good out there?

  20. big foot family found dead 5. 3 adult males and 2 babies. 2 air force Helicopters swooped in along with 4 other men dressed in black with 3 black suvs with no plates the area was roped off . wtf.! my wife's cousin is a conservationist there for the government . also fish and game was there also. a gag order has been issued along with national security . any information post it on twitter or here at you tube . maybe this is why you never found a big foot . pictures were taken . this is crazy. kim zagaris chief of operations not telling the whole story . thank god we got president trump and fox news and alex jones ! (!!911alert

  21. As much as I was laughing at the "hey, look at us.  We're news reporters and we're on top of the dam…hehe…don't we look official," I actually found this video more informative than just about every other video out their being broadcast by the major news networks.

  22. All these videos and I haven't seen one with your fearless leader showing concern for the residents of Cali. He must be driving a van full of illegals from the border. Listen up Cali – you need to fire his ass.

  23. I've only had one person on here that knows what am talking about. i don't have time to teach a class. The guy that mentioned Resin, teach them, will you?.

  24. LOL. "Actual, Factual News" Than he said the dam might collapse. That's a load of crap.

  25. Withdraw Federal aid from countries unfriendly to the United States and fix these damn dams and the damn bridges too.

  26. NBC Nightly News just reported at there 5:30 news report as the leader, Oroville dam is Ready to blow!…lmao. How much news do we really watch that's just a lie..lol

  27. FYI, that's a hole in the apron, not the spill way. Had something similar happen about 20 years ago on Lake Tenkiller in Oklahoma. They just added more spillways and widened the Apron.

  28. I good lighthearted way to bring the news as it happens, I wish the Major stations would adopt this way, dreadful though what has happend no one can stop mother nature, I just hop no one was injured anywhere…. Keep it up guys…..

  29. This was so weird….and yet, probably the most informative video I've seen on the dam.


  30. 10 day weather forecasts and what not, there's no reason the water level should reach the spillway.. Open the gates ahead of time and lower the lake.. If I can figure that out, Why can't a State employed Engineer,? Now, $100 million mess.. Thank You Obama !

  31. Dammit,,I told Bobby to only go two turns on that valve,,but did Bobby listen?
    Nooooooooooo,,,,,,Bobby NEVER listens.

  32. There's so many bogus one man news youtube channels that are full of BS,
    This one actually has some substance and entertainment value. The dam report was very informative. Please do update one.

  33. weird I had a dream about this last month. I was repeatedly riding the emergency thing and something happened?? A ton of water let lose and I broke or cut my foot. It looked exactly like that beginning part. I never saw or heard of this dam

  34. 1:51 thats the machinery they could use at fukshima..a way of spraying concrete..

  35. We are news reporters, honestly!! 😉  These guys are so over dramatic lol  Wow, that weather report was so insitefull 😉

  36. There was pressure alright that blasted a hole right through the earth.

    Thanks FART-NN News, for passing this on?

  37. Break off the parts of California where the detestable, wicked and lost liberals live and leave the rest!

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