Oroville Dam spillway collapses update. 🔴 Is it going to fail? 2-13-17

This is Marty your Sacramento reporter with breaking news about the Oroville dam please stand by emergency evacuations have been ordered for the following areas Oroville Marysville Yuba City and points along the Feather River down to highway 99 and highway 20 here is what we can tell you so far the Dam continues to flow at least 36,000 cubic feet per second through the main spillway at 36,000 cubic feet per second it wasn’t going to do any more damage to the lower half of the spillway so what the idea was. Was to allow the secondary spillway to take up the slack of approximately 30,000 cubic feet per second. This is an image of the whole when it first appeared in the spillway as you can see by the size of the men in it that it would have taken huge amounts of concrete to fill that hole in an emergency situation the problem is getting that much material onto the damn that fast there was just no way to do it in the time span allowed. This is aerial footage of the secondary spillway in action with approximately 30,000 cubic feet per second going over as you can see it’s nice and clean everything was working just the way they had anticipated the problem arises later on when we start to get more erosion than anticipated down to the bedrock this footage shows the amount of erosion that has taken place since the spill has started on the emergency spillway you can see in the upper left-hand corner there is a large patch of erosion that work this way close to the spillway itself this is unacceptable this is what they’re worried about. Clean white water equals no erosion. Brown dirty water equals erosion and problems what hasn’t been talked about is how this is going to affect the Sacramento area it takes approximately 18 to 20 hours for the surge water from oroville damn to reach the I street bridge in Sacramento. Folsom dam has been spilling water at a faster rate than what has been going in it takes approximately 6 hours for Folsom dam water to reach the I Street bridge so the idea is they will close down Folsom dam and go to minimal flows and allow the damn to fill. This will allow the water flow from Oroville Dam to come down and pass through the Sacramento area safely at least that’s the idea will work we’ll find out stay tuned.. You know what just run for the fucking hills. This has been a special report by FART-NNews

29 thoughts on “Oroville Dam spillway collapses update. 🔴 Is it going to fail? 2-13-17

  1. Farty Farts! I love how any random can present good news coverage better than multibillion dollar networks. Fascinating stuff, and reminds me of the Brisbane floods here in Australia in 2011. Keep it real and factual and not too over dramatized and don't embellish information, and you could become a reasonably sized news source!

  2. "We'll see… stay tuned! Ya know what… just run for the f**king hills!" hahahahaha

  3. I saw no evidence of rebar usage in any of that concrete. It's really cheap compared to this fiasco.

  4. With the mass evacuations we're no longer getting live, raw, unedited footage from the local as we were prior to 24 hours ago.The only current news coverage we get now is the edited, sugar coated news provided by the lamestream media. Who knows how much erosion there is now.

  5. You guys are awesome Fart NN !!…good luck and god bless, Sacramento….Brooklyn, NYC prayin for you!!!

  6. Super awesome reporting. Thanks! News with respect for the viewer's intelligence… its a novel idea!

  7. Dynamite at higher higher elevations then toward Cherokee and Stringfield Road Road start at higher elevations and work your way down near the bridge it's the only thing you can do

  8. THE officials of the state are LYING TO YOU ABOUT THE DAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They knew of the Problem in 2005. Watch this video From the JEFF P. Channel on YouTube:
    I believe the damage was from an EARTHQUAKE. TRUMP needs to come in with the Army Corp. of Engineers and get this fix NOW or it WILL FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fist up, Fight for Truth.

  9. At least it hasn't turned out as bad as the West Virginia coal slurry pond damn collapse…

  10. Calm down people! The Federal Authorities will compensate for any damages. Weaponizing the weather has its pitfalls…..Do you see the planes now???

  11. Why can't I find any recent pictures or news on the Orville dam that is not a week old?  It 26 Feb. and the most recent info I can find on the internet is 7 days old.

  12. I have seen the job site and visited the grounds where the guys are doing an awesome job I commend these hardworkers that are keeping that damn from harming those that are living .and are wirking endlessly and hard to complete this job. Kiwi awesome job awesome employees you're doing a great job keep it going I pray for much success for you guys and keep my husband working.the people have no respect for those workers….yes they are getting paid ,and risking their lives on a daily….people of Oroville show some Love😊😊😊😊😊

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