Oroville Dam water hits Sacramento. 🔴 Train derailment Elk Grove

this is Marty your Sacramento news reporter we’re headed out into the local park district where we just heard there was a very bad accident to show you more in a minute but first here’s a very bad accident in Davis California where car has slid off the highway into a tree. and here we have another crash this is Marty your Sacramento reporter we are here at the local park district where we have a stuck lawn Mower it is extremely dangerous business that we’re going to attempt we’re going to pull this mower with this truck because they are stuck. there it is the lawn mower is now unstuck hey what’s up Marty this is Chris out in the field with a weather update I;m on a second-story roof in Elk Grove [wind noise] beautiful scenery something is coming so put on your harness it’s getting ready to get crazy You are definitely correct Chris once you get up on the roof the weather is completely different I never knew this? This is Marty your Sacramento reporter we are reporting to you from the Sacramento weir not we’re as you can see behind us all but 1 of the 48 gates are now open the Sacramento weir is opened at about 27.75 feet there’s one last gate that can be opened currently the water from Oroville damn is flowing down through the Sacramento river without any problems it seems that the system is able to handle it since the opening of the weir. you can see how far down the water levels have gone down approximately 2.5 feet this is the Yolo causeway in 1930 it stood this way until 1962 when it was changed upgraded to handle more traffic. As you can see there are three miles of water surrounding each side of the causeway this is Marty or Sacramento reporter we’re almost to the train derailment in elk grove because if we reported it must be true this is what you saw on the news media they said there was unknown red substance coming out of the rail cars and they showed this nice overview of all the cars stacked up but they didn’t talk about what actually caused the accident since the water has receded we’ve been able to proceed out to the crash site the train cars were carrying flower and tomato paste. This is how Union Pacific makes pizza. The news media speculated that the bridge washed away. This is some evidence of scouring under the bridge and the columns. Bridge scour happens when the water flowing under the bridge is accelerated by the columns trestle bridges use what they call a friction type support system they just drive pilings into the ground and the friction holds the train up what wasn’t described on the news was the cause of the accident this is one of two levees that failed in that area this is the upstream levy this was overtopped and gave way allowing water to flow into an area that was supposed to have been dry here you can see the other levy this levy is the one next to the train trestle bridge this is the one that caused the problem as you can see by this picture here the ground is nice and clean there’s no dirt that means the water is flowing very quickly through this area this is the area where the train goes from being a trestle bridge to dirt the dirt has been washed away it’s surprising the train even made it this far before it derailed If you would like to join our news crew please send us a message through facebook just go to facebook.com/FART-NN

40 thoughts on “Oroville Dam water hits Sacramento. 🔴 Train derailment Elk Grove

  1. many unsafe features to life in California….pilings….friction….levees…come on…then a locomotive and rail cars pass over this rube Goldberg contraption….weeee…into the muddy Oroville dam water!…another monstrosity that needs to be blown up in a safe area before it recks more havoc on our citizens!

  2. Who thought it was a good idea to run a train over a trestle that was surely compromised. Loved the report. subbed

  3. As lame and hokey as this is, it's still far more accurate and believable than CNN, PMSNBC, etc… Rock on!

  4. not bad at all…..I almost changed channels in the beginning, but when he towed the stuck mower, I knew he was an honest reporter.

  5. " Bridge Scour".   That's called " Sublimation".   It is often caused by a system of bidding for the lowest priced Contractor, for even important stuff, like a rubber O-Ring on the Space Shuttle, why not save a Dollar?   If you do not surround ever Bridge Support with Large Rocks, Preferably Granite, and nor Round, then the Water will not sublimate your Piers.   SOMETIMES….Land-Scape Contractors will charge quite a bit of money to add these kinds of Rocks to your Yard.   Do they Buy them?   NO!  They take them from the Base of all these Piers, what are Americans if  not generous to Foreigners!

  6. they know what caused it and and ducked up what the US is doing dame good to have a boat wow what's next

  7. I found this provided me with more real world information than FOX but then again I quit for BBC years ago

  8. haha you have a picture of that old causeway, I haven't seen that for over sixty years, used to travel on it, when water went on forever… then came the dams… what a great causeway trip that I recall on our way to Truckee!

  9. Finally a reporter with spirit and enthusiasm. I'll sleep better knowing your out there Mr Marty, keep-up the good work!

  10. OMG this California Government is not keeping any bridge, dam, highway etc. taken care of, how horrible for those who have lost every thing due to outrageous neglect.

  11. There are already too many amateurs "would be reporters" polluting the Internet and wasting people's time!

  12. Hahahaha right on!!! Love this real new!!! You're very entertaining!!! Hahahahahahaha love it!!!!

  13. Consumnes river is where the train wreck is. They are cuttin the cars apart to get them out.

  14. I don't understand why you provide facts and information. Did you now that with literally the same time spent, you can twist and guilt us into sending almost every dime we have? And our childrens as well, even though they are not born yet.

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