82 thoughts on “OSHO: My Only School Was that River

  1. Still loving you immensely..love and thanks as always..❤️❤️❤️

  2. شكرا لكم لترجمة المقطع الى اللغة العربية .

  3. He is great master n person bt his message is misinterpreted by people.

  4. Osho's Philosophy on life is Worthy but his alternate of Religion; Mediatation is not a Very nice alternate to a believer of any religion.

  5. Fabulous!
    I totally agree… as is my experience as a 52 year old, these days are passing so quickly.
    Was it his experience of uninterruptedly and blissfully being in the present moment that made him unable to drive a car as he here mentions?
    Would the uploader please provides a date for interviews, please?
    Thank you
    Sydney, Australia

  6. Danke für's Hochladen,und den Deutschen Untertiteln.Ich liebe Osho.

  7. appreciate every little moment in your life, appreciate every little thing in your life, every little thing is so precious…everything passes so quickly…

  8. His dressing senses is so perfect, even celebrity can’t come over, i just looking the way he speak beautiful!

  9. I love you OSHO, I love the water, the River, you are talking about, I have always loved you and I will always love you in eternity. <3

  10. This is hilarious! I can't just take that seriously even know i like his teachings…

  11. why do we have to repent for our sins when jesus died for our sins ?? would not repenting for our sins insult the entire existence and life goal of jesus ? we should sin more to justify the crucifixion of jesus for our sins. if we have no sins , then jesus sacrificed himself for futility

  12. please tell a follower of Nature the name of the song at the beginning 🙂
    Thank you

  13. I thought of it yesterday that osho must've practiced wim hof method and now i see 6:59

  14. Does anyone have any idea of where this river is he's talking about ? I'm in India in khajuraho and plan to drive to this river ? Also does anyone wanna come with me ?

  15. 感謝上帝、

  16. mein bester Meister, es gibt keinen so einfach verständlichen, unkompliziert, direkt……

  17. I hope the world starts enjoying meditation so one day we can laugh and live like free people

  18. @8:20 "I dont know why they love me, I have nothing to offer for them…" man this hit me

  19. He is my only inspiration who can guide me through the Light of Life! ❤️
    With due respect.. 🙏

  20. Osho never borned never borned only visited this planet for a particular period of time.

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