Our Favorite Duck Blind – River Hunting

so good morning fellas
yeah I’m trying to kill some honkers I’m trying to kill some ducks fetch it up we’ve had some epic mornings
in this blind I mean there hasn’t been a time yet knock on wood we’ve been
skunked in this blind this year we’ve shot several double and triple man
limits out of this blind this year the birds have decoyed really really well in
here better than I’ve ever seen that drake Mallard he was coming right in our
faces he fell right here on land next to the blind got us some northern the birds we
hunt lots of other places but this is our go to this is the spot that we can
get to quickly that’s produced really really well this year 18 degrees this
morning it’s actually pretty comfortable we have northwest wind kind of a west
wind so the birds are birds are working really really good yea he’s common kill ’em
that was great shooting nice job man
hey seriously awesome that was fun boom federal black cloud that thing crushed
him – yep 2 inbound 2 inbound hardest part of that was getting my lid back on my coffee boy younger the year
bird still got his spots on him but look at these big red feet man
yeah kill it the river is super fast right here you’re really limited to only
being able to shoot one maybe two birds at a time we’ve got two dogs but ace is
just a pup and he’s still learning so we girly can’t count on him when you only
have one dog you got to be careful tell me about the blind guys well this is
an old blind that we’ve had four we were in kind of
inherited this blind actually from a friend of ours who built this thing
years and years ago and it’s in a good spot it’s a great blind we are shooting
more birds out of this blind this year with fewer birds in the area because
we’re hidden better boy yeah good dog way to be a helping hand you probably want to help him up help that Bank man that bank
makes it trip makes it tricky you gotta get you got to even give your
dog a helping hand just get up that thing kill that bird on the water I’ll get max on the one another Bank yeah big flock screws yeah had a nice small
group working and big flock joined up and made them change their mind happens
on the part of it it’s fun working them oh yeah you guys so great on the calls
that’s for sure thank you do a crew later yeah pretty decent morning so far killed five ducks found a dead duck the other day there were six of us in
applying every gun was Benelli 2 factors that have played into it our
increased success in this wine this year number one we figured out where we need
to put the decoys we put the decoys close to the blind along the bank in
slack water like you would see real birds doing that’s how real birds will
be sitting in the spot they’d be in the slack water that’s where they would be
that’s a huge part we put a few birds out on the island they can see those
those decoys really really well and its really been sucking them in here it
looks realistic the other thing and what I think is
probably the most important part this blind grew up with grass this year so we
are hidden in this spot spent several days down here working on the blind and
grassing it in and building it up with more brush it’s an old blind Nick cactus
built this blind at least five years ago probably more and it’s settled then it’s
last year it was only up to our waist so we had a hard time hiding in it and
instead of taking the time during season to build it up we didn’t we shot birds
out of it but not like we have been this year and honestly it’s because we’re
hidden it’s because we’re concealed so that is a tip for you either have a very
well-constructed well-hidden blind or trust your camo and just hunker down and
hide in the grass one of the two you’re gonna have a blind take time and make it a
good one I love it when they lay it on the island
like that we’re in the duck blind here talking
about gender neutrality and we realize that we as wingman we’re missing an
opportunity here I’m missing an opportunity because the next time I have
more of those brown ducks instead of the green ones that I’m supposed to have I’m
just going to telling game warden hey man these Ducks identified themselves as
drakes they identified his drakes so Who am I to judge Todd is fluent with that call man he asked right there fetch it up good boy he kept diving that’s a good
example though on the river man you have to make sure
these birds are dead I took for granted he folded right up I thought he was dead
and he wasn’t and by the time the dog got on him I he was too tight too close
to shoot but we’ve got lots of room here to work
we got the bird that’s what matters but make sure your birds are dead if you’re
hunting rivers otherwise you’re gonna make a lot of headache for you and your
dog my buddy all right so get back in the blind and those are swans it’s not
something you see on the river very often nice shot that thing like bounce
and skip like 30 feet the impact on the ground kill that if the shot didn’t good
boy good man good boy his feet are his legs
and feet are pulverized that broken every duck line should have a handy
dandy hanging pole its like a buck pole but for ducks and another keep adding to the pile
this is actually better morning than we expect we’re up to four now we’ve been able to leave decoys down
here we haul them in early and lift left them here all year which has been nice
you know it’s 15 minutes from the office we meet at the office we jet down here
we set decoys up and we’ve had some good shoots in this blind this year it’s
always a bittersweet feeling when the season closes I’m gonna miss it that’s why we hull them down all at once

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  1. Hope you grabbed that deadhead on the bank to the right of the dog at 3:16!

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